Subj: Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Date: 11/25/01 11:25:42 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,
Today's Solar Terrestrial Activity Report reports that solar windspeed
increased to 1000Km/sec.  Even at that speed it should have added about
10 hours to the 30 hrs. they report that it took for the CME to reach
SOHO.  My speculation is that the flares happened in three steps leading
up to the M9 final blast with its massive proton outburst which might
have accelerated the final CME like the train in BACK TO THE FUTURE III.

By the way, have you noticed that they haven't updated the earthquake
report since the 5.9 in NW Afghanistan two days ago?  Seems like that
one happened pretty darn close to 'ol Miasma bean laden.  Somebody must
have detonated about 6 Daisycutters simultaneously.  Mushrooms anyone?