Date: 11/7/02 10:43:13 AM Pacific Standard Time

You asked for it, so here's our take on the election as found further down on the attached page:


AT LAST, MORAL IS AS MORAL DOES! It has taken a lot of hard work and incredible allegiance to individual Conscience all across America to finally free the Freedom Light Force and give them the tools to free the world from the tyranny of the Dark Force which lurks imbedded deep within all government agencies around the world. We have predicted this, beginning with our page on George Washington. We have often said to watch the Rule of Law, along with Freedom's Forces, establish our Earth in Peace based upon the masses aligning with individual Conscience, the real "god" restored. Now we will see great advances and successes producing many more exposures of double agents within our government. All this urgently needed progress has been held back by selfish politics of a few. Reorganization of all agencies can now move forward.

Read Ann Coulter's interesting column summing up the election of 11/05/02:


Date: 11/7/02 10:24:43 AM Pacific Standard Time

Massive voter fraud in Florida?

Uh, bullshit. The Dems had 14,000 lawyers (their numbers, not mine) down there to deal with such a problem if it were to exist. They filed no lawsuits and Jeb won with a 17% landslide margin. With those kinds of numbers, fraud is simply not an issue. The Democrats lost because they failed to ignite the passions of their core constituencies, the minorities, strident women, lazy ass union members, gays, lesbians, welfare recipients, the halt and the lame.

Whenever that happens, the perrenially motivated GOP will win. It's simple. The traitorous sonsabitches lost fair and square . . . and there will be more to follow . . . Gore the Snore in 2004? We Republicans sure hope so. Better still, maybe they'll run Gray Davis or the criminal bitch Hillary? Oh, I forgot, the President said no gloating, but, hey, as a private citizen, I didn't get the memo.

Subj: As for James Carville . . .

He is a vile, lying, irresponsible son of a bitch who should be taken out and beaten until dead. His perfidy is exceeded only by those other fine pillars of Democratic principles, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Terry McAuliffe, Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton - what a rogue's gallery. May they all die in dishonor. Shame on you for running his quote on your front page! Carville is a lying bastard who could only tell the truth by accident.

Date: 11/7/02 12:36:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

I voted in Hillsborough County Florida on Tuesday at a pleasant church 4 blocks from home.

Here is the step by step process which in my opinion has absolutely no way of being verified for proof.

First, Present your Drivers license to the nice lady at the fold up table. She looks up your name in a preprinted folder and has you sign it.

Your voter# is programmed into a plain white card with a chip on it.

You then walk to a screen, slide your card into the slot and go through the paces on a sophisticated touch screen.

when you are finished you pull the now programmed plastic chip card out and drop it in a cardboard shoebox by the door.

The possibility for manipulation is unbelievable.

The card has nothing on it other than what is programmed on the chip and the machine could program anything. How do you prove anything?

Absolutely nothing I voted for except for the "poor pregnant pigs needing good places to have babies" amendment won for me in this election.

For the 30 minutes I was there I saw nothing but folks over the age of 50+ and several of them needed step by step help as they have never played with a touch screen before. Does this mean our entire old folk population in Florida is Republican?

I have to congratulate the regime for sticking it up our ass once again but this time they used lubrication.

11/7/02 8:57:12 PM Pacific Standard Time

There have been many opinion pieces published in the past couple of days analyzing the
disastrous crash of our democracy.  The near-unanimous opinion has been that it was
due in large part to the "spinelessness" of the Democratic Organization.  After
spending two near-sleepless nights reviewing hundreds of articles and pondering the
fate of the so-called "free" world, along with the rest of humanity, I have to admit
that my own conclusions were heading in the same direction as Dave's here, below,
though this newsletter doesn't go into an analysis of the election debacle.  That will
surely come soon.

In light of the HUGE credibility holes in the results of this oh-so-important
election, the most DAMNING evidence I've noted is the deafening SILENCE of the Dems as
far as questioning what happened, and their meek surrender.  What was probably most
shocking to me on Wednesday was the complete IGNORANCE (as in "not a clue") of most
everyone around me on the election results or what it meant!  To give them some small
credit, they were at least aware of who got elected Governor in the state (Illinois)
and wondering if they'd ever be able to learn to pronounce his name (Blegojevich).  I
live in Wisconsin (formerly of Illinois, and still work there), which was not one of
the contentious states in this election.  I voted a straight dem ticket all the way,
nonetheless, though it still left a sour taste in my mouth.  This was the first time I
ever voted straight party in my entire life, and (if given the chance again) will
definitely be my last.

Despite that ignorance, however, in the MANY conversations I've had with anybody and
everybody I could talk to, not ONE believed that we should be attacking Iraq.  In my
own little informal "poll", the results were 100% AGAINST this so-called "war".  And
100% felt that Bush was running the country's economy down the toilet.  Where is this
huge number of folks who "agree" with Bush, reportedly around 60% currently?  I have
yet to meet one of them...

Those who actually (and really) voted for these monsters just have no clue what kind
of beast they've unleashed.  I sure have no idea what they think this administration
will do for them.  In the past two years, I haven't seen ONE good thing they've done
for the American PEOPLE, your average Joe on the street.  The way things are going,
there will be alot of average Joe's on the street - as in out of work and out of
luck.  Of course, there's always enlistment.  Maybe they like to travel to exotic
locations, like Iraq maybe?  Or, once we're all done demolishing that country and
stealing their oil, the next country on the long laundry list of nations to conquer...

Folks are now making plans on how to tackle the elections of 2004.  Frankly, at this
point, I'll be real surprised if we HAVE elections in 2004.  I do hope I'm wrong about
this.  Of course, who can say our votes are being counted the way we intended, if at
all anymore?  It's all a mess...

There was much debate and argument over whether Wellstone's death would benefit the
Republicans or not (as to motive for eliminating him "with prejudice" as they say in
the military).  Some folks posited that if he was, in fact, murdered, it could have
been the Democrats hoping to slide in on a "sympathy" ballot.  According to Dave, who
pulls no punches (even with Wellstone), it's more likely both (or at least some of the
Dems - I do believe there are still some good folks on the Hill, but they are being
manipulated as much as we are) had motive, though a sympathy vote would not have been
one of the motives, considering that he was gaining strength in the polls.

Sure wish I could find a ray of hope in all of this mess.  Despite the bleak
prospects, though, I REFUSE to give up.  How does that saying go?  Ah yes - it's
always the darkest before the dawn...

11/8/02 12:38:26 AM Pacific Standard Time

Guess whos hitting the news network feature segments
in the beginning of the Republican takeover? No, not a
respected ex politico, or anyone of any crediblity
really... none other then G. Gordon Liddy, Ex convict.
Featured by Fox (of course) and CNN last night on
Dobbs Journal, Liddy is now pushing his latest book of
wisdoms and wise cracks.  To see Dobbs fawning over
him was enough to make anyone puke but the message
being pushed and rammed down americas throat is the
revenge the Republican party has waited for now for
decades.  Nixon, the Vietnam war, the ousting of both
the President and Vice President was not the rightous
taking control and correcting a corrupt and out of
control political system but of terrorists and evil
doers who sucessfully manipulated the poor
unsuspecting public into a unwanted, unnecessary and
negligent political purge.  Wake up America. Your in
the process of having history re-written which turns
selfish, immoral rogue thugs into patriotic heros.
Instead of honored PHD's and respected members of
their fields you are now being advised by ex convicts
such as North and Liddy to so obviously corrupt
political hacks such as D'Amato.  To re- history to
the degree they are attempting , turning black to
white, works if you let them because to quote Mr
dobbs, you would have had to been there at the time to
know how it was.  I was there, I remember and no
matter which Network wants to portray these convicted
felons as heros and statesmen, they are and will
always be sumple, ignorant evil thugs only out for
their own.