Date: 6/6/03 10:50:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I brought the brightness down, and contrast and color up. I took the lense out of a welding helmet and put it in front of the shutter. Don't know anything about photography. Maybe nothing, but these pictures were taken at totally different angles and all three things show up. I took pics at 3:15 on 6/5/03 from florida w/cannon 2.1 pixel camera.


Subj: 20030605_2230_c2.gif

Date: 6/6/03 9:52:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The area in the attached at 2 o'clock about 1/2 way out the streamer should be examined carefully with high res and appropriate software (which I don't have) to see if whatever is deflecting the stream can be identified. ---Larry---