Subj: Fireball
Date: 7/29/01 10:54:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, Kent.  Thought you may be interested.

The following are comments (corrected for spelling) sent to the Website of
WNEP-TV 16 in PA.

John D. Sabia writes:
Determination of the path of the July 23, 2001 meteor continues. The
American Meteor Society,, has the path in an East
to West direction. This is opposite the South to North direction as first
report indicated. The new path is a combination of more quality on the
ground observations and from IR satellite data. The IR satellite data is the
source I was waiting to see. That is USAF satellite. Reports of Fireball
detected by the satellite are published at the public web site, by Peter Brown. This new path
agrees well with Richard Weinstein from Wyomissing, PA chart on the AMS web
page. The coordinates show the meteor was detected some 15 to 20 miles North
of Scranton, PA close to Lenox at an altitude of 50 miles. More interesting
it's last detection is North of Lock Haven, near Salladasburg. This now
makes sense that the terminal burst occurred some 19 to 20 miles above the
Sallasdasburg region. Any meteorites that may have survived to the ground
would be to West. That would be in State Forrest land between Pine Creek and
the West Branch of the Susquehanna river. Topographic maps of that region
shows very steep inclines, rolling hills and extremely sparse population.
This makes chances of finding a single meteor or many fragments of a stony
meteor much more difficult task. More info at this web page