Subj: Financial meltdown=National emergency???
Date: 1/30/02 1:33:55 PM Pacific Standard Time

Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 6:47 PM
Subject: Financial meltdown=National emergency???

I thought maybe todays bad financial news would be bad for Bush's speech tonight, but maybe not. Could be a trigger to put this 'national emergency' agenda over on us. Read below and see what it looks like to you. Gave me the creeps.
These idiots have the power(hope not) to destroy our lives. Just declare a 'Financial National Emergency'. Check out that list of executive orders below.


# 01/29/02 Enron's primary holders
# 01/29/02 J. P. Morgan's Primary Holders
# 01/29/02

The above charts (and many more just like them) show that the major financial players in the United States are all shareholders in each other. That means each and every major banking house has been hit by the staggering losses of the ENRON collapse. At the very least, this means that no matter who you do your banking business with, you will be paying higher fees to cover the shortfall from the disaster.

But the results from the ENRON collapse may be more far reaching, as the next article illustrates.
# 01/29/02 ENRON triggered K-Mart's Bankruptcy Ripples from ENRON collapse hit companies with thin margins

As draconian as the US Government has already become, conditions for citizens would be far worse in the event of a declared National Emergency. Through numerous Executive Orders already in existence, the President could, in the event of an emergency, activate all of the following.

Executive Orders:

Among the various National Emergencies under which the above laws may be activated by the President is a economic crisis such as the collapse of the equities markets and the banking system.

If ENRON were to force the major banking houses, which were major holders of the stock, into bankruptcy, as happened with K-Mart, the stage would be set for the "legal" transformation of the United States into the greatest dictatorship the world has ever known.