Date: 12/12/01 10:11:40 PM Pacific Standard Time

Gee, seems like we went to war with England over less than this. One step closer . . .
One of you sent this link on mind control (thanks). To those of you who know my research on electronic mind control (RHIC EDOM - try plugging that into a search engine), I suggest taking a moment to read it.
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H. R. 2459 establishes the Office of "Secretary of Peace", with power to
fully collapse our constitutional government and transform it into a
socialist military government on a permanent basis.

*Establishment of "Department Of Peace" H.R. 2459 - Old legislation by
Vance Hartke, Reborn by 107th. Congress.

*Universal Public Service - A social army to replace Armed Forces -
Mandatory for Youth. Peace Academy - Sec. 106.

*Implementation of the Human Rights Treaties which replace "The Bill of
Rights" (See section 110 of H.R. 2459).  Further diminishment of
Constitutional Protections via laws (so called) to negate true liberty
such as "Patriot Act", "Military Tribunals", which will destroy our

*Plans to collapse constitutional government called "The Houlihan Plan"!
Objective is to replace with International Regions controlled by
'Appointive' not elected representatives who can not be voted out.

*No Army! No Navy! No Air Force! Public Law 87-297- United States
Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a peaceful world. No
Guns for citizens, Secretary and Assistant's duties: Section 108.

*Soviet-American Police Exchange. Hiring of Hong Kong Police.

*Page 3. State Dept. Pub. 7277 "Homeland Security."

*The Public Safety Agency: It merges the Civilian Law Enforcement
Systems with the Military Under One Head. Meanwhile, California
Specialized Training Institute, instructs Attendees on How to Convert
Government Into Martial Law.

*Expect House to House Searches for all Guns. Planned Many years ago.
Now a Domestic Responsibility of the Secretary of Peace to do something
about the overwhelming presence of handguns. (section 102-b.)

*No individual ownership of Land to be allowed in the U.S.A.

*E.O. 12803. To sell off counties signed by George H. Bush on April 30,

*Established: World-Wide Military Command and Control Systems.

*Manual for Operation of Nation's Courts: Under Martial Law-Complete.

*Peace (By Force) solidarity, and democracy: (Communist's cover-up

*Neighborhood watch and other people programs to propagandize the
public. (see sec.104)


*Sec. 103 PPBS! The mind Control System already installed operating in
Gov't and schools.

*Already drafted and signed by members of U.S. Congress is a declaration
of Interdependence that nulls and voids American 'Declaration of
Independence': World Government Constitutions already written. Several
versions available,

*Mal-distribution of Wealth and various Resources. Dept. of
Peace-Legislation to correct (section 102 and Section 110)

*Rep. Dennis Kucinich, (D. - 10 - OH) (Much to my dismay~ Virginia~) Lets get the word out and give him Hell!!!

January 1970 The Educator Mechanism Set up for Transferring U.S. Govt.
Powers By Jim Towsend - editor of the Educator Legislation is pending to
merge the executive branch of the Federal government with the United
Nations through an all powerful cabinet post to be known as the Dept. of

This scheme to loot and plunder this nation came to light recently when
two bills were proposed by senator Vance Hartke and Congressman Halpern.
The Charter of the UN indicated clearly that it was NEVER intended to be
a peacekeeping body. Its one and only reason for existence was to bring
about a world supergovernment to be sustained by military force.
Establishing regional agencies, the UN set up such organizations as
SEATO under that rule which has already involved this nation in wars in
Korea, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic and the Congo. This nation is
committed to fight in 40 other countries if called upon under the
UN-SEATO agreement.

The theory is that the US will be involved in war after war until we bow
meekly to One World tyranny as a way out. We would long since have been
involved in a UN war against South Africa (and possibly Rhodesia) if the
Congress had not been made aware of the UN plan in advance. Now the
Middle East is a ferment, and for the same reasons.

The Proposed Department of Peace would absorb the Agency for
International Development (AID): The arms Control and Disarmament
Agency; The Peace Corps; the International Agricultural Development
Service and others. Recommended for absorption later are the
Export-Import bank; the Atomic Energy Commission and the Space Program.
Under the proposed legislation, the functions, powers and duties of the
Secretary of State and the department of State, will be transferred to
the Department of Peace. Further, within 180 days of adoption, the
President may transfer to the Secretary of Peace ANY FUNCTION of any
other agency or office or part of any agency or office in the EXECUTIVE
BRANCH. A world-minded administration-and the Nixon Administration is
world minded-could transfer all or any part of the Executive Branch to
the Department of Peace.

Under the Secretary of Peace there would be an International Peace
Institute-coeducation-that will prepare students for nonviolent
solutions to international problems and in the promotion of
international understanding. The Peace Institute will parallel West
Point and Annapolis and the Air Force Academy. The so-called Department
of Peace would clearly take over all the supposed duties of the UN and
inevitably come into conflict with the UN over the treaty obligations
conferred on the UN when the United States signed the UN Charter. There
upon, it would result in a merger of the UN and the Department of Peace
as a solution. The Council for Statehood, North Miami, Fla. has been a
lone voice in the wilderness, warning about this ominous and imminent

While this was written many years ago, when the Dept. of Peace was first
brought out into the open, it still is a good source of information,
since this legislation has just been re-introduced again by Mr.
Kucinich. Not only Kucinich has signed on supporting this res. but also
from Ohio Rep. Sherrod Brown, Mrs. Jones also has. As has. Mr. Conyers,
Mr. Lewis of Georgia, Mr. Hinchey, Mr. Rahall, Ms. Lee, Mr. Clay, Ms.
Woolsey, Mrs. Maloney of N.Y, Mr. Udall of Colorado, Mr. Stark, Ms.
McKinney, Mr. Jackson of Illinois, Mr. Payne, Mr. Sanders, Ms.
Jackson-Lee of Tx. Ms. Watson, Mr. Filner, Mr. Davis of Ill. Ms.
Valazquez, Mr. Towns, Ms. Carson of Ind. Mr. Serrano, Mr. Baird, Mr.
Holt, Mr. McGovern, Ms. Waters, and Mr. Scott. Ms. Solis, Mr. Farr, of
Ca., So far these are the socialist that have signed on to this bill.

Sunday, Nov. 11, 2001


It appears that the federal administration is getting even more close to
the final collapse of our system of government ~ just as Mary Davison
(she headed the "Council for Statehood" in Florida, and was an expert on
the United Nations. She died many years ago.) had predicted in 1970, and
exposed many things way in advance of everyone else. The Homeland
Defense appears to be an excuse for quietly building the "internal
security system" spoken of in State dept. Document 7277. Now it's the
Department of Peace"! The relationship of the pieces to dissolve the
United States and replace it with a full military government becomes
more easily apparent as more bold legislation comes into view.

The terrorism scare has gotten everybody's attention while all these
other devious things are being put over on us. Bush, Ashcroft, and
Cheney are all moving us under "The New World Order" covering it up with
gentleness. They are clever totalitarians whose goal is to crash the
Constitutional Government System.

Keep in mind that there are no withdrawal rights in the United Nations
Charter, It is an "in perpetuity" arrangement. The only way we can get
out is if the legislation that was written in 1945 (added to in 1947)
were to be rescinded. The federal government would never do that! The
states could meet and override the federal government by rescinding that
act (It is called the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 &
amendment of 1947).

If the Dept. of Peace merges the whole federal government in with the
United Nations, and the eventual military government (Homeland Security)
takes hold, the states very possibly would be synchronized to collapse
at the same time. (The Houlihan Plan has been working for some time on
various facets of the effort to collapse the states!)

We know the intentions of the socialists have been to collapse our
government for a "new world order". With this legislation, and all of
the other alterations that they have made previously in the system, the
capacity is there to overthrow the constitutional system!

Bernadine Smith of Ca. (the Second Amendment Committee) has done all the
work on this analysis of Dept. of Peace.

Please pass on what I have sent so far. Virginia Brooks