4/19/2006 7:27:28 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Great Bear

It is obvious that you love orbit - as we your faithful readers do. Your view of happenings in the world are - intelligent, insightful and artfully expressed. Also, you have a unique Celtic magical view that appeals to many of us.

Perhaps, like myself, people believe that you are probably just too busy to read a bunch of emails.

I recently sold my business and have been kind of in lost land. Having had health problems, I could no longer carry the weight of all those employees and the business itself. I like investing as a trustee and decided that I would just do that. I know that that part will work well for me, but I get lonely and need input also. So I need to get out there circulating a little.

If I could make a suggestion, maybe you could do a little of both (work on orbit and do a little teaching) as much for yourself and the stimulation that young people can give - as for the money. Used to own health food store and loved helping people but it burnt me out and had to go into the business world instead. Yep, conquered all that - now what --------- maybe it is to incorporate all the areas that I have loved into one unique path or is mine already a unique path????? uhmmmmmm YES! so is yours!

There are kindred souls Kento watching your progress along the next ridge and keeping pace. We pick along each step also but are encouraged to see you there. Whatever you decide, may the Lady bless and keep you.



Thanks, great suggestions.  The thing that is most obsessive to me with ORBIT is that powerful things seem to know ... just over the ridge! I'm afraid I'll miss the big one! Something Cosmic!

Traveling might be kindred to a health food interest.  I'd like to go to the jungles in search of amazing new herbs!  See what is happening out at the edge of research.  Why do I keep dreaming of Costa Rica?


4/19/2006 6:46:35 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time


Please keep up your good work. I try to help you out from time to time. I really think that we still need you doing what you do. Helps to keep the powers that be somewhat in check. If you can, please keep the site going. However, if you can’t I understand about family commitments. Let me know how I can help.



Any help most appreciated. Main challenge here, children and college!


4/19/2006 8:29:26 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent:

I have been reading your website from about 2 years now. In that time I have become very thankfull for your effort to keep it going.

I wish I could have some more money to lend you a hand from time to time, I see that you are needing it, but being just another poor and full of dreams Chilean (I live in Chile, South America), I have troubles to keep my own stuff going. Anyway, if by any chance I would win a lotto price, I would remember you and many other folks in very interesting truth seeking web places, as STA and RMN.

I wanted to let you know how far and wide you are known. I also from time to time see you on GLP, Emperor Kenton. Although I tend to avoid GLP as the debate level rarely keeps at good and soon falls to childish name calling and emoticons wars.

I am perfectly aware of the 9/11 truth seeking movement, and the recent Charlie Sheen coming forward. As happy as one could be to see the possibility of a ray of light shining trough the fog, deeply inside of me a bitter doubt remains about the true intentions of the 9/11 perpetrators. When Sheen recommends people to concentrate in the two facts that are by far the most rock solid evidences of 9/11 (WTC7 and the 5 frames of video released), my paranoic sense tells me that those clues were purposely left by the perpetrators, because are by far too obvious and self evident, and the current stream of 9/11 truth is something not only expected, but planned and promoted to happen, in order to get something else done as a result. I think Sheen is just another face of the same conspiracy, whose ultimate purpose is beyond my grasp by now, but is far more sinister than anyone has been able to foresee.

Making an effort to give those feelings a shape, I could say that the current events may be part of the plan to pavement the road for the antichrist appearance. He will appear in a time of chaos, and Bush is here to provoke that chaos, he es the equivalent of Jhon the baptist to the antichrist. Too paranoid? I hope so. I have to say that between my interests is the research of Bible Code, and, beyond all the fight for its validity or not, I have been able to watch many Codes come true. The Code says Bush is the "Beast of War", and the "Prophet of the antichrist". Apocalipsis has the same words for one of the characters described.

Well, enough doom and gloom by now.

I see with interest your nemo alerts, and I think that I found a link that would be just ideal to be included in that section of your website.

It is

It is an study for the production of charcoal gas, also known as producer gas, from charcoal or any carbon rich burning fuel otherwise known as wood. It serves even to power cars (obviously requires a better design to be completely useful) for a really low cost. Is not solution for global warming, but is solution for empty pockets.



Here is a  mainstream article Bush/AntiChrist thesis  Another from the Edge

Great comments. I put your Nemo link over here


4/19/2006 10:43:09 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent,

Peace be with you.

I've written numerous times in the past to you and cyberspaceorbit in an attempt to paint a bigger picture. Some you published, some you did not. The latest stuff I've been sending relates to planetwide solutions to planetwide problems.

In short, little will change until the global capitalist economic system is reformed. Planetization YOUtopia does this with a viable simple easy to implement alternative economic system designed to facilitate growth for the good of all our relations and could use more exposure at a grass roots level.

There is clearly an evil agenda being implemented generationally against all peoples of the world. This agenda is monied and is designed to control you, me, us, and them totally. The wars that western monied ocCULTure are engaged in are designed to hide the larger picture hidden in plain sight of the bio-robotization devolution of humanity and all we hold dear.

If you need clarification of this assertion please email me back. I would be happy to help get the ball rolling towards REAL economic reform aimed to solve ALL problems facing us.



Nice website.  Reading through the material now.  The most happy I've been in my life was living in an art colony out in the countryside.  All we had was each other.


Just received these links

Dr. Guy Consolmagno, Curator of Meteorites, Vatican Observatory, Rome

Pluto and Planets X: Is Pluto a Planet? And Why Does It Matter?

Halliburton's Immigrant Detention Centers


4/19/2006 12:18:08 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Are you ole koot ! LOL

You are always welcome to join us in live chat at Full Disklosure...during the day.

(Evenings we're usually in

register and go to 'live chat'...its a flash chat. Firefox works best.

Love and Hugs,



Aye, even though it drove me crazy I do sometimes miss my old forum which has now mutated twice at least


Date: 4/19/2006 1:57:37 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time


I find myself visiting your website frequently, discovering new things and getting a chuckle or two. It is fun to peruse each new avenue you provide, whether it be some interesting tidbits about the ruling monarchy, space oddities or other controversial subjects.

As a believer of God and his Son, Jesus, I am dismayed at the blinkered body of believers who look at me as if I have sprouted antennae when I tell them that the world is not what they think it is, just about everything is NOT what they think it is, that clouds don't come in straight lines, squares or ripples, that the weather and world affairs is scripted by people who have no interest in their welfare, that hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are made to order, that when space-ships and 'extra-terrestrials' begin showing themselves, their collective faith is going to take a mighty blow to the gut, and yes, there IS a conspiracy to dispatch the great majority of us, and enslave the small remnant. *sigh*

Keep up the good work. For as few folks that will donate or communicate with you, vast numbers more are reading your offerings and waking up, and in turn, waking up others.



In my mind the truly faithful have to be really careful of leaders that claim to be of  faith too in order to snare power. War and bloodshed in the name of that which is holy is a tell-tale sign that something is terribly askew. It is not easy: there is a battlefield in mind, spirit, earth. I am trying to secure a tether to my "quiet Creator" realizing that when my time comes this personal reach will be all I have.


4/19/2006 8:35:38 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent

"Be" here, only in a different time and place (from home). Can
identify with college $$$, but am FINALLY hitting the end of my
'trail' there. April 28th my daughter graduates from Michigan, and
May 12th my son graduates from U of C. YEA! After 6 years of self
imposed poverty can say they got out the other side without any
school debt  (I'm not responsible for any cell phone bills <G>) and
are on their way to doing whatever it is that they want to do with
the rest of their lives! YEA!!!!

Meanwhile, in the 6 years we've all been 'part of the system' alot
has changed. We gather during the holidays to talk about the Y2K like
it was grandma's turkey. Kids in SW Michigan were not concerned as
they gathered around a New Year's campfire to talk about the survival
skills they had learned at camp or a relatives cottage. "No big deal"
and 'It's all good" are the mantras of the New Day.

So, I'm here to attest that there IS light at the end of tunnel.
Meanwhile, at the tail end of the 'luciferian experiment' we are
rounding up the stragglers of disbelief and sneaking in the backdoor
of this new day ourselves.

Many thanks for all you do to shed light into those crevacies of
darkness! And to the wild dance of such previously unexpressed energy



Light at the end I agree, but I'm gettin too old to astral project.  The shock might give me a one-way trip.


4/21/2006 1:31:35 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Hey Kent,

nice remake of the Beatles' I am the Walrus here:



4/23/2006 1:32:34 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Geez Kent... Absolutely incredible work on your site... You must be experiencing an info overload though!!! How could you NOT take all this stuff to heart???

Thank you for all the hours (and hours and hours) of research!

Look forward to hearing you guys on Monday....


4/24/2006 9:07:31 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Kenton- From a long time supporter and reader:

Two notes:

The 'divine strike' is actually Divine Strake. Strake is a beam that  runs from end to end- stem to stern of a ship. Beginning to End. Very  apocalyptic I would say.

Your link on the front page on this:

We are about 30 miles from where it will happen.

Also there is a story related to 'Amaruca' that was told by Sorcha Fal  here: Mysterious ‘Ritual’ Performed By United States Military Forces In Babylon Raises Concerns Of Muslim And Russian Orthodox Religious Leaders

You should also give the link to one of the oldest sites about 'Amaruca' on the net., as it is deeply involved in this story and many other things relating to what is happening now on earth It has the best related resources on this:


4/25/2006 7:40:32 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

RadiOrbit - Monday April 24, 2006

I am often tempted to ignore these open discussion programs in the archives as just the depository of out of date comments and other trivia. As this show demonstrates, one should think twice before passing over them. This show is a little gem in itself as it contains some great sections well worth listening to.

This show highlights the singing talents of Lizzie West and The White Buffalo. Mike plays samples, as well as the title track, from her latest album, I Pledge Allegiance to Myself. Lizzie’s incredible voice and unique vocal styling must be heard to be believed. Her material is incisive, playful, erotic and deep. She discusses the diversity and depth of her musical and intellectual influences (Nina Simone, Walt Whitman, Joseph Campbell, Leonard Cohen and the Beat poets!) as well as her special project, The Anti-Fear Movement Agency which would develop a unique support network for iterant artists and performers traveling the country. This network would allow them to avoid the hectic tour mentality that burns out so many musicians, allowing performers to take time to just hang with local artists exchanging ideas and material and getting to meaningfully interactions with a community before moving on. As the man said it is an idea whose time certainly has come.

Other highlights not to be missed on the show includes my favorite, Kent Steadman who reminds me of some sort of home spun Teiresias whom one runs into on one of those magical evenings in some run down desert bar telling stories that even Ray Bradbury would kill for.

The Steadman interview easily segways into Mike’s reading from an open letter to the president signed by 1800 prominent scientists urging Bush not to nuke Iran. It is a moving plea for sanity in staying the terrible swift sword of the atom in smiting another of Bush’s bogy men. Would that Truman had listened to some of his scientists before he gratuitously unleashed the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Finally everyone should definitely hear President Eisenhower’s prescient farewell address to the nation. Mike plays this famous speech where he warns the nation to beware the military-industrial complex. It is a speech that I think school children should be taught to recite before they even think of learning the Gettysburg Address. Even though it lacks Lincoln’s eloquence, Ike’s material far outweighs Lincoln’s in importance to the future survival of our world.



Mike Hagan is a rising star! And check web design by L.Clifford Norager

RADIORBIT Check out Islands Multimedia

SNAILMAIL: Kent Steadman; 425 S. 156th Street; #119A; Seattle, WA; 98148

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