Subj: Military experts work on smell of fear
Date: 7/5/01 5:08:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From:  (Newmill)

19:02 Wednesday 4th July 2001

Military experts work on smell of fear

US Army scientists are working on the ultimate stink bomb.

The terrible smell it produces wouldn't kill or injure
anyone but would trigger fear, panic and an overwhelming
urge to run away.

It could be used in battle, peace-keeping and even by police
attending potentially dangerous siege incidents.

Experts in the Pentagon's Nonlethal Weapons Programme are
working on the project.

They have been using brain scans to analyse what smells
trigger fear in volunteers.

Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel George Rhynedance told
New Scientist: "It would give us an offensive capability
against large and unruly groups of people, if they are
unwilling to move or are openly hostile."