Subject: Fascinating night light

Date: 2/24/2005 7:02:49 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent,
Have enjoyed your sight for several years now.  When you get to burning cds again I would like to get one.  Now, the reason for this email.  I work at a  dam on the Columbia river near Bridgeport, Washington.  Last night I was making rounds when I observed the most intruiging sight!  It was about 10 PM; the full moon had already risen and was about 35 to 40 degrees above the apparent horizon.  The sky was clear, no clouds, no fog, and the ambient temperature was about 32 degrees.  Pretty much all of the snow we have had this winter has melted.  As I was looking at the night sky, noticed the outline of the hills adjacent and in the distance outlined by a light that one would observe at the breaking (earliest) of dawn.  I mean you could see the outline of said hills and mountains across all the compass (360 degrees) points.  Very interesting to say the least!  I was a lookout in the Navy and Merchant Marine in the 60's and will be retiring from the Hydro generation field next year.  By the way would you happen to know which planet is following the moon in the night sky now?