Subject: Gravity wave

Date: 2/23/2005 8:50:17 PM Pacific Standard Time

On the day of the tsunami I was to take a trip into the back country here in Arizona. I got up at about 6:00 AM and went out to see what the weather was like. When I looked into the western sky, from my back yard, I got the shock of my life. The moon was about 30 degrees above the horizion but so far north that I couldn't believe my eyes. I had been following reports on the internet that indicated that the sun and moon had from time to time had been off their course and I had noticed this also. That day the moon was so far north that I was shocked, I have never seen it in that location in all of the 23 years I have lived here at my address.
        When I met with my friend I told him about what I saw but it was several hours later and he had not seen it and just shrugged it off to my imagination. I am a trained photographer/observer and I have been interested in what goes on in the sky since I was a kid. I have been following forums for about 8 years and am keen to keep an eye out for suspicious events.
          No one else had mentioned the moon being out of wack that day and I was curious as to why. I would have put the moon at about 45 degrees on an arc west of north that morning. The other thing that I was concerned about is that if the earth had been out of wack that much many people would have seen this and the after effects would have been dramatic. It wasn't till that evening when I got home that my wife told me of the tsunami. So that morning I hadn't a clue as to what had happened over in the Orient.
           Now that the mention of the cosmic bombardment 44 hours later and the speculation of a magnetic/gravitational event that may have hit at the time of the tsunami I am now considering the idea that the moons trip north was an effect of the gravitational/magnetic event. Since a tilt of the earth was out of the question then why not a bending of the light as an explaination. I remember that Eiensein had discovered that the gravity of the sun bent light rays that came close to it as they passed by on their journey to our earth. Perhaps the light bending capacity of the gravatational event needs to be examined. Had there been other people who saw what I saw??


Subject: false full moon

Date: 2/24/2005 12:25:40 AM Pacific Standard Time

In the mid to late sixties there were a series of ufo sightings and reports that took place in and around Palm Springs CA, one of which wound up investigated by the infamous USAF Blue Book group of debunkers. Of the number that occured during this time I and my family were to observe three of them. Of these three, two of the events began exactly in this fashion as outlined below. At first we didnt think anything unusual about it until we realized that the full moon we were looking at was first, suppose to be a new moon and second that it was in the wrong part of the sky. Once our full attention was on this false moon it then began to change shapes and perform very strange gyrations. According to the Blue Book investigation the object apparently chased some poor slobs down the mountain on the tramway which conveys folks from the top of the mountain to the desert valley floor and radiation burns were noted on the roof of the building they were in at the top.


2/13/2005 11:11:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

I asked my husband what phase the moon is in right now...he said 'waxing crescent'...I asked him if it was anywhere near full - he said 'no.'   So,'s some pics from yesterday between 9:00 - 10:30ish p.m...what looks to be a bright full moon setting in the west with a fellow traveler...any ideas???  SLEUTHS?


Date: 2/24/2005 4:06:12 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Anyone pointing a camera directly at a light source is likely to get a total internal reflection within the lens system of the camera which will end up creating a secondary, but somewhat paler ghost image of the original, on the film.

To prove the point you need to examine the entire original photo.

Edited clips are useless. That only confuses the issue!

You cannot prove anything without the complete original photo.

If it has been edited, then you can bet that the damning evidence has been removed!

Capitol Hill is a prime example !! (check it out)

The camera lens is part of a perfect sphere curvature.

It has a centre point around which everything else revolves.

The exact centre of the lens is the point found at the dead centre of the image.

You can find this point by drawing lines from corner to corner on the original image.

This does not work if the image has been cropped. (obviously) Only work with originals.

If you take a photograph of the Moon with a handheld camera, the chances of you getting it dead centre is ZILCH!!!

When you click that shutter the Moon might be 8° to the left and slightly up from that central point.

What you will not see with the naked eye looking at the sky, is the reflected image within your camera lens which will produce a slightly fainter image 8° to the right and slightly down from the central point.

That is what you are seeing here!

To check if an image is a reflection, find the centre point in the photo.

Mark it!

Draw a line from the brightest image to the second image.

If your line passes through the centre of focus and the distance from the centre of focus to each of the images is the same length, then you are looking at a total internal reflection of the main target.

A reflected internal image within a lens system will be equidistant from the centre of focus and diametrically opposite.

i.e. a straight line through the centre of focus. (the dead centre of the original image)

Check it out! Eliminate the fakes!

There are from 30 to 50 pieces of glass in a camera lens, believe it or not.

Each lens has two surfaces. That means two reflections per lens are possible. 60 reflections or more are possible!

Golden Rule Number One.

If you did not see it with your own eyes when you took the photo, then it WAS NOT THERE !!

You are fooling yourself with photographic anomalies that were proven to be wrong 50 years ago!!

Buy a book on photography !!! You will find it has all been done before, decades ago.

Lens flares and total internal reflection were well known in the days of queen Victoria.

So where has everyone been since then?? Listen up people! Do you never learn?

There are things that can appear on film after you have clicked the shutter.

You are falling for the same old tricks from 1850.

Golden Rule Number Two.

Do not criticise the authenticity of another person’s images unless…

You have a university degree in advanced lens theory to enable you to interpret what you see in images.(i.e. validate info)

A lifetime experience in photography and photo analysis. (50 years would be good!)

A fully comprehensive knowledge of the UFO status to date.(another 50 years) (i.e. be aware)

Participate, by all means, but do not dictate unless you know what you are talking about, perchance you may mislead.

Many thanks Kent,

Anonymously available for support,

I don't always agree with the "you have to be an expert idea" and would like to encourage diverse reports from many people. Also I don't rule out automated webcams, but realize they seldem will satisfy towards any final proof.  To substantiate one's sighting whether it be moon or UFO, I would seriously encourage more handheld video, scope and camera data. TRY TO TAKE A PICTURE! If you don't have a camera go pound on your neighbor's door...also pay attention to details in any given report: equipment, time, date, location, witnesses.  No picture? Report anyway because someone else might have what we need.