Subj: EW : Mars 'Sphinx' Debate Resumes
Date: 1/23/02 10:24:44 PM Pacific Standard Time


The Electric Warrior : Web Log January 23, 2002

Mars 'Sphinx' Debate Resumes
NASA's Mars Odyssey to Study 'Face on Mars'
Peer-to-Peer PC Network Seeks Cure for Anthrax


» image The Great Sphinx at Giza vs. the Martian Sphinx

22-Jan-02 In Search of The Martian Sphinx
(The Enterprise Mission) I equated the object and some
surrounding geometric features to the Great Sphinx at Giza, a
conclusion for which I naturally was lambasted by our steady
supply of harsh critics, one even going so far as to call my
conclusions "delusional."...But the truth is we are fighting an
even more difficult uphill battle than that. We are battling the
limits of human perception.

23-Jan-02 Tonnies - The Martian "Sphinx"...Again
(The Cydonian Imperative) The "sphinx" might very well be two
(or more) distinct objects, but I see no compelling reason to
think they are anything than large boulders. (And no, my
reticence is not due to an aversion to the implications of such
a discovery, as Bara maintains.)

31-Jul-01 A Mystery at Sagan Memorial Station
(Mars Online Gazette) Is there a monument resembling an
ancient Egyptian sphinx a short distance away from NASA's
Mars Pathfinder lander? Mac Tonnies doesn't think so, but says
the feature in question is vague enough to entice--and confuse.


22-Jan-02 Tonnies - Mars Odyssey Spacecraft to Examine Face
(The Cydonian Imperative) NASA project scientist Steve Saunders
has released a list of targets for the Mars Odyssey spacecraft,
which includes the controversial Face...The GRS's prospects for
examining the Face are interesting to consider. The Face, if
artificial, may be a sculpture utilizing indigenous Martian rock, in
which case its chemical signature will not differ from that of the
Cydonia desert. But if the Face's composition is more exotic,
perhaps the Odyssey will uncover evidence pointing toward an
artificial origin...

23-Jan-02 Mars Odyssey Set to Image Cydonia Region
(Cosmiverse/Paranormal) One of the greatest topics of interest
on the itinerary for many people is the study it will conduct on
the so-called "Face" of Mars...If indeed the Face is artificial as
some maintain, it is possible that it's a sculpture made from
indigenous Martian rock. If that's true, then the chemical
signature of the Face will not differ from that of the Cydonia
desert. If it's composed of anything else, then the GRS will help
the Odyssey to recognize the structure as being of artificial origin.


21-Jan-02 PCs linked to seek cure for anthrax
( Technology leaders and medical researchers
are asking computer users to donate their unused processing
power to help find a cure for anthrax...It's the newest twist to
show off the power of distributed computing, the technology
that relies on an ad-hoc volunteer network of many personal-
computer users to accomplish the work that would otherwise
require expensive supercomputers...Distributed computing is not
new. It was pioneered in 1999 by SETI@home, the popular, non-
profit Web-based search for extraterrestrial life.

21-Jan-02 Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program
(Intel) You can take part in this ground-breaking Internet-based
project by lending your PC's unused resources to the greater good.
There's no cost to download and run the program, and no
noticeable impact on your computer's performance, because the
medical research programs take advantage only of processing
power you're not using.

08-Oct-01 ew» SETI Project Sets Number-Crunching Milestone
(The Electric Warrior) The data processing power managed by
SETI@home is so successful that the project plans to increase
its data gathering capacity.

January 23, 2002
Silicon Valley, CA