Subj: Heh-heh-hehhh: The F-19 fighter
Date: 8/10/01 8:57:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time

My 10-minute Zippy-Sleuth search for F-19 turned up these:
FAS list of military aircraft:
The Yikes-You-Sure-Know-Planes Forum:
Link that you wish would work but doesn't:
The Aww-Gee-I-Wish-It-Was-Still-Active-But-the-Cached-Version'll-Do site:
Neato-search term to get JUST planes:
In short, it's a jaw-dropping moment at the ezboard link: ... it's like you have to salute these guys or something: "Sir YES Sir!"  Yikes!!! I ignored the rest of the internet after finding these dudes discuss the F-19.  Woo-boy.  Ask these folks about the F-19 or YF-26 as it may be called.
Sometimes it's possible to blow us away with the truth like this.  Your intuition smacks you upside the head.  This should help the sleuths!