Date: 6/9/04 4:14:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, something hit the ocean , near Central America. It looks like it was hit by star wars system, right before it hit? SLEUTH FORUM

2004/06/10 09:00:01 11.52N 87.69W 61.8 6.2 NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA


The lens saturation [black spot] repeated on the 6/10 loop, although not as obviously and with so much scattered and brilliant reflection as on 6/9. Light saturation suspected.


Mysterious blast rocks Wairoa: Police called several people around the district. "They report hearing a loud explosion and seeing the whole sky light up. Everyone heard it," Mr Flood said. He thought it might have been a meteor.

Date: 6/10/04 10:00:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Rijeka, Croatia (EUROPE).

During the night 09.06.2004. hardware firewall that protects 24/7/365 link of server of my company to internet burned up. One of local employees told that there was a large flash that was followed by thunder during the night, but earth did not shake. EMP. A huge one.


[left, Surveillance cameras at the Silver Reef Casino in Ferndale, Wash., show the meteor flash light up the entire nighttime sky.]

SEATTLE LOCAL NEWS: [look at slideshow and video] MORE

Date: 6/11/04 7:06:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

[last] Wednesday night in Lugano Switerland sometime after midnight, there were two bright flashes and cracks. I assumed lightning, but the skies were clear when I stepped outside. Related or unrelated, yesterday's newspaper detailed catastrophe exercises this month in the canton by a military special force composed only of individuals from this canton. New electrical relay towers seemed to spring up in numbers beside the autostrada on side of a major mountain here almost overnight. Swiss weather is warning of violent weather north and south of the alpine range.CNN strangely commented on European airport delays---that's rather a first. At this time of night I've never heard any mention of airports or of anything signifcant in European weather period.

CLUE? Brilliant Pebbles is a space-based, kinetic-energy weapon concept under development in the United States by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. Approximately 4,600 small interceptors would be deployed in orbit, each capable of homing in on and destroying incoming hostile warheads.