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I had originally predicted 02/02/02 way back in 1996.

Bill anon wrote:


THANKS - I like you "heads-up" comment - I will pass this on to some other folks


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No, I didn't.  Thanks for the heads-up (literally!)....KH.

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>Dear EUVE GOs,
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>It is looking like re-entry might be this month -- a couple months sooner
>than we all thought.
>We are no longer relying on FDF for info on the orbit decay.
> shows it at 302 km altitude today (this is down from
>the original ~527 km).  Apparently, once it gets down to about 300 km it
>will be fall very quickly.... and death is imminent at 200 km.  It has
>been losing at least a km every day now for the last couple weeks.
>Former EUVE scheduler Bryce Roberts found a website with reentry predicts
>at This isn't always up to
>date, but the guy provides a script
>( that takes realtime NORAD
>data ( and comes up with
>re-entry predicts. Using the script with the more recent numbers, the
>latest is January 21!!!!
>NORAD's data is *usually* only good for the next 24 hours.  Because of the
>way they measure the drag component for orbits the data is very unrelaible
>for reentry predictions.  So, the above can never be very accurate...
>Soon, the Aerospace Corporation will be following the EUVE reentry at
> They will start predictions once they
>think we are about a month before the reentry.
>I will likely email you all again before burn-up, but these sites will be
>the best way for you to keep on top of it.
>Happy New Year!
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