Date: 5/3/02 3:54:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time


Do you know what this photo is depicting, Kent?

The coordinates for the circles are:

Lat: 39.6736111

Lon: -115.9735000

A couple businesses close to the area are:

BUSINESS: Eureka Enterprises

ADDRESS: P. O. Box 307, Eureka, Nevada 89316

LOCATION: Indian 101, Diamond Valley

OWNER: Floyd Klindt

SERVICE: Electrical Services

TELEPHONE: 775-237-5520

BUSINESS: Eureka Producers Co-Op

ADDRESS: P. O. Box 462, Eureka, Nevada 89316

LOCATION: Hwy 278 & 9th Street, Diamond Valley

OWNER: Co-Op Member Owned

SERVICE: Agricultural Products, Hay Marketing &

Certified Scales

TELEPHONE: 775-237-5400

EDITOR: I've seen those below from travel by commercial airline towards SLC. Wondered what they were at the time.


Date: 5/4/02 6:05:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time

It hase a very prosaic explanation: Those are real "crop circles"!

What they are is crops planted in circular patterns with a long irrigation  armature attached to a pole in the center. The armature pivots on the center  pole has a carraige with wheels on the outer point, and propels itself in a circle, watering the crop underneath.

They are all over the place in the western states.

Frankly, I think the "deactivated" and still powered-up Minuteman missle silos make a better story. SLEUTHS?

EDITOR: the only element that might require continued watch here would be the possibility that these farming methods might mask something else.  Rumors exist that several underground facilities are covered over by agriculture. Had a student once that said he was a medic flown into China Lake to retrieve a heart-attack patient. Zooming in on the chopper he saw a farm, tractors, farmers with M-16s. Then the ground opened up like the Iris lens on a camera.  He went down the the seventh level to retieve his patient.