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From Hidden Meanings

4/11/00 2:55:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Before you run for the stones, consider what the ancient
writers meant by the word God and then consider what
Eta Carina is.

The proposal here is so startling and of such deep consideration
that I will open a new web page titled Is Eta Carina - God ?  I will
need a little time but I will do this to document every bit of evidence
so you can see why I make such a rather startling proposition.

Here I do not have the time to provide all of the scientific documentation
so I will bring the points to you and you may proceed to the web site when
the page is up ( I will advise you) and check the scientific documentation.

So here we go with the quick version IS ETA CARINA GOD ?

What did the ancients refer to when they spoke of God.?
They pinpointed God as light and the location of God as heaven.
They said that the light of God was so bright no one could approach it
No one had ever seen God and God was covered by a cloud.
They said God could heal or destroy. What were they speaking of ?

Try not to think of what you consider to be God. Try to think of what
they were referring to when they spoke of this great light in the heavens.

Could we consider a light that in the heavens (universe) is so bright that
no one could look upon it. A light that is brighter then all the others
in the known universe but one that has never been seen. A light
that has the potential for destruction and healing.

Could we find such a light in the sky that also fits the scripture that
says, "The Sun of righteousness will descend with healing in its wings".

Numerous sources from NASA, Goddard Space Flight, also Explorezone
web site
These will all be specified on the new page.

Eta Carina is light. In fact light coming from it is invisible laser which
has never been seen before. It is sending forth highly structured clouds of molecular
gas which is DNA. It is getting brighter and brighter which suggests a cataclysmic explosion
that suggests it could be considered the most dangerous star in the sky.

Keep in mind. Of the 6,000 visible stars in the universe, only one
is not understood at all. that one is Eta Carina.

So it is capable of sending forth healing or destruction. To heal disease,
to destroy the cause of disease?

Eta Carina is considered impossibly bright. One million times brighter then our sun.

Yet. Though it is by far the brightest light in our known universe, no one has
ever seen it. It has hidden its face in a cloud. In an orange shroud. The
cloud of the Key Hole Nebula which has the form of an angels wing. An angel
guarding the Holy Place ?

And if it is 1 million times brighter then the sun. Could Eta Carina be the
father and the Sun be the Son.?

Jesus whose life duplicates the trajectory of the Sun. Is he the Son and Eta
Carina the father who is about to bring forth healing of the mutant DNA and
correct the course of life upon the earth.

Jesus according to scriptures provided the Key to the Kingdom. Eta Carina
is the Keyhole Nebula in which the Key unlocks the secrets of life. DNA

Eta Carina. The brightest light in the heavens that no one has ever seen or
can see. Hiding itself in the cloud of the Angels Wing.

Fulfilling the scripture that says, "the SUN of righteousness will descend
with healing in its wings."

Is this light that can destroy or heal. That is so bright that no one can
look upon it. That hides within the clouds guarded by the angel. Is this what the
ancients were referring to when they spoke of God.? The God of this universe.

If it is. Then the supreme light being is about to touch the earth in
a wondrous way in a very short time and all things will become new

Remember what the scriptures say. Let the stars be for signs, and look
up for your redemption is at hand.

I will provide every bit of documentation when I launch the new web page
titled Is Eta Carina God?