12/15/02 7:30:12 PM Pacific Standard Time


I managed to finish a VisualBasic/Envelop version of my database, and
there's good news and bad news.  I'm hoping you can find someone to get
this thing to run under Envelop just to see how it looks.  The good news
The EarthStar.EXE file I generated is only 57KB.
The BAD news is: most of the DLLs in ENVELOP 1.4 are required to be
installed to make the program work.  It's my fault because I didn't
realize that ahead of time.

Because of the BAD news, I was forced to hunt down a copy of Visual
Basic 5.0, and install it.  Now I have to re-create everything, which is
a pain.  But in VB 5.0, there shouldn't be as many DLLs required.

I attached my EarthStar.EXE file in a 20K ZIP file.
If you want to make my Envelop program work, you'll have to install
After installing Envelop, simply running my EXE file will show you my

Maybe someone you know out there has a machine where they can safely
install this old program, just to see what I've made so far.  This is
all I have to show people until I make the VB5.0 version in the next few
days.  It's not like I died or anything.  Hopefully somebody will be
able to run this so at least they'll have a working version of what I'm
trying to make...

My website is down, and in fact I the entire domain seems to be down.
Hopefully someone can take a peek at this EXE file, until I get a chance
to convert this to VB5.0.  Maybe I'll have to look at HostUltra.com for
a free site.