Date: 12/2/01 12:17:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

by Sherman H. Skolnick 12/02/01

In the often evil world of oil and natural gas, and other energy, they
became the seventh largest of the Fortune 500. What has happened to put
them as the largest of the No Fortune 100? How did they become, so far,
the biggest loser?

The real operators of Enron Corporation are, to some, great sorcerers.
They have waved their magic wand, and turned paper promises into black
gold and vice versa. Sort of latter day alchemists. Later in this series
we will explore the role of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. Now just
look at some of the other names.

A Director of Enron has been Wendy Gramm, wife of U.S. Senator Phil
Gramm [R., Texas]. A former Professor, supposedly adept in economics and
banking, Senator Gramm has been the Chairman of the Senate Banking,
Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, and  member of the Budget and the
Finance Committees. He has blocked laws against money laundering.
Convenient to the Enron mess, he decided ahead of time not to run for

For some twelve years during the Reagan/Daddy Bush Administrations,
Wendy was Chairperson of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. As a
highly corrupt federal regulatory agency, CFTC wields  great power and
influence over markets, often little understood by commonAmericans.

Spreading out in the 1980s worldwide was the Bank of Credit and Commerce
International, BCCI. Some called them, with their hundreds of branches
round the world, the Bank of Crooks and Criminals International. They
were actually a huge money laundry for political assassination and dirty
tricks funding, as well as espionage proprietaries, for the American
CIA, British MI-6, French CIA, and The Mossad of Israel.
BCCI had or were planning some five branches in the U.S. For their U.S.
agenda, they needed to put the arm on the U.S. government. Elsewhere in
the world, BCCI had already honed the real world specialty of buying and
bribing public officials.

BCCI as a foreign entity not only dealt in secret transactions in
banking but were a highly mostly covert player on the world markets,
particularly the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of
Trade, and on markets such as LIFFE in London. Through six La Salle
Street brokers, BCCI bribed and blackmailed its way into the U.S. House
of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Key law-makers were invited to
come to Chicago, all expenses paid, to supposedly give a speech for the
CME, or "Merc" as some call it, and the CBOT. While in the Windy City,
the law-makers were informed that their hosts, the market honchos, were
opening "courtesy" accounts for them. And, that they would be informed
of the good results that developed. In some instances, the so-called
"courtesy" account was not told to the Representatives and Senators, but
was set up in their name anyway as a blackmail device on the date of
their Chicago visit.

Through a hocus-pocus series of transactions, the Chicago accounts
showed a supposed loss while the London acounts showed a huge profit. In
the lingo of the markets, it was called a "straddle". The Senators and
Congressmen themselves, or most often their known agents, from time to
time personally picked up the huge profits in London. On other
occasions, someone identifying themselves with credentials as their
known agents, likewise picked up the heavy profits from the "courtesy"
accounts, in the British money center. It was either a direct provable
bribery payment to the law-makers or verifiable record-kept blackmail.
Either way, twenty five per cent of both houses of the American
legislature were "hooked".

By the time BCCI supposedly collapsed in the summer of 1991, some five
billion dollars had disappeared. It was used in great part to buy, that
is, to bribe, 28 U.S. Senators and 108 members of the U.S. House of
Representatives. The Bank of England, by a series of circumstances,
became the kingpin in supervising and overseeing the supposed demise of
BCCI. [BUT, see Foonote One, how BCCI rose from the ashes under another

Notice the strange happenings. For only thirty days, the Bank of England
had as an open record, the list of those bought and bribed, whether
directly or through the blackmail devices, of the legislative branch of
the U.S. Government. A major media correspondent got wind of this and
before secrecy was clamped on the records, got a copy of the entire list
of bribery/blackmail.

Part of one of the largest media operations worldwide, he went to his
media editor with the details. The editor was thunder-struck. Here was
documented proof that twenty five per cent of the House and Senate were
bribed. "We cannot publish the list and the details that go with it",
the journalist was told. The media mogul added the obvious, "It would
cause the scandal downfall of the American Government", as the
journalist later related the editor's statements to an
independent-minded confidant.

As a last resort, the journalist gave the list and the corroborating
details to our group. [This type of thing has happened again and again
during the forty years our group has operated to open up deeply censored
stories. I as head of the group have been jailed some eight times for
contempt of court, wheelchair and all, for refusing to divulge witnesses
and sources.]

Using the list and substantiating details, we began directly confronting
members of the House and Senate. We began receiving threats of great
harm to us after the time when we confronted Senator Phil Gramm, who was
on the list and we brought up about the apparent bribery cover up of his
wife Wendy, as head of the CFTC.

In going over the specifics, we discovered that BCCI was a sizeable
secret funder of Ted Turner, making possible his idea for a television
super-station via satellite from Atlanta, Georgia. And, that this was
done through  part-owner of Turner's empire, the then cable monster, TCI
of Denver. In an interview with the former chief accountant of one of
the La Salle Street brokers arranging the bribery, we learned that TCI
also owned part of the brokers fronting for BCCI in Chicago.

We learned plenty in the process of exploring the details. We found out,
for example, that BCCI, through their Chicago branch, greatly funded the
television campaign commercials for the 1988 Presidential campaign for
Democrat candidate Michael Dukakis. To cut off money for the badly
needed television ads for Dukakis, his opponent, GOP Presidential
candidate George Herbert Walker Bush, at the time Vice President,
arranged on a holiday, Columbus Day, right before the Election, to
mysteriously close up BCCI's Chicago branch, source of the tv money for
Dukakis, claiming "corruption" but not disclosing details.

In putting the complex matter together, we found out about the threat of
an internatinal scandal. GNP Commodities, headquartered in Chicago,
wanted to merge with French entity, Bank Indo-Suez. The merger was
opposed by CFTC Chairperson, Wendy Gramm, and the head of the Federal
Reserve, Alan Greenspan. At a hearing in Chicago as to the merger, an
attorney for GNP was heard hollaring outside the CFTC office, that if
Wendy Gramm and the Fed do not get off GNP's back, there would be an
"international incident". GNP, then headed by the former chieftain of
the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, was reportedly in a position to know
about the BCCI bribery of both houses of Congress covered up not only
reportedly by Wendy Gramm but by Alan Greenspan as well.

A watered down version of the GNP Commodities incident was published in
the Wall Street Journal in November, 1989.

>From long past experiences, I knew only one publication would run my
exclusive story about the BCCI bribery of Congress. I turned it over to
the populist paper, Spotlight, headquartered in the nation's Capitol. I
gave them the Bank of England BCCI bribery list. In October, 1991, they
ran my story minus the list which they had but the list nevertheless
began circulating elsewhere anyway.

Here are some of the names from the Bank of England's reported BCCI
bribery list, that included 108 members of the House and 28 U.S.
Ill.) [Two of his daughters supposedly worked in the Chicago markets
although apparently not doing much actual work. Rosty as he was called
for many years headed the House tax-writing committee and put through a
near-private law for the markets as a tax-loophole as to "straddles". He
has been a major owner of Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank of
Chicago, a reputed transit point for CIA dope money from Mena, Arkansas,
headed for laundering disguised as soybean and currency trading through
the Chicago markets. Rosty was later sent to federal prison for
defrauding the private bank of the House of Representatives.]

Cong. MARTY RUSSO (D., Ill.). Cong. THOMAS FOLEY (D., Wash.). Cong.
GLENN ENGLISH (D., Okla.) Cong. CARDISS COLLINS (D., Ill.) {As to her,
see our website series on the "Secret History of Airplane Sabotage". She
apparently went along with the cover up of the Watergate Plane Crash,
Chicago.] Cong. E (Kika) de la GARZA (D., Tex.) Cong. RICHARD GEPHARDT
(D., Mo.) [For 2004, is he planning to run for President? What does HE
know about the murder of Mel Carnahan on the eve of the year 2000
Election debate? Carnahan had records that would have scandalized
Presidential Candidate George W. Bush at a presidential candidate debate
in St. Louis.] Cong. JAMES WRIGHT (D., Texas) {He left Congress later in
another scandal.] Cong. DAN GLICKMAN (D., Kansas)[In the Clinton
administration he became head of the Department of Agriculture.
BCCI/Banca Nazionale del Lavoro were implicated in a huge Atlanta
scandal where billions of U.S. dollars disguised as "Agriculture" loans,
were used by Daddy Bush to supply weapons to Iraqi strongman Saddam
Hussein.Glickman was reportedly part of the cover
Cong. ROBERT MICHEL (R., Ill.)[When faced with an apparent Chicago U.S.
Bankruptcy scandal also involving his son, he left Congress.]
U.S. SENATE- Senator THOMAS DASCHLE (D., S.D.) [Does HE plan to run for
President in 2004?] Sen. JAMES JEFFORDS (R., Vt.) [In 2001, he changed
from Republican to Democrat, upsetting the GOP control of the U.S.
Senate.] Sen. LLOYD BENTSEN (D., Texas)[Big-time bank owner leading up
to Enron.] Sen. ALFONSE D'AMATO (R., N.Y.) [Law enforcement personnel
contended D'Amato was the mafia's man in the U.S. Senate.] Sen. JESSE
HELMS (R., N.C.) [Records seem to support the claim that Sen. Helms
receives funding from international terrorist groups.] Sen. RICHARD
LUGAR (R., Ind.) Sen. ROBERT BYRD (D., W. Va.) [There is strong reason
to believe that he and some of his staff members know a lot about the
murder in 1991 of Journalist/Author Danny Casalaro in West Virginia,
also about the apparent frame-up of computer wizard Michael
Riconosciuto.] Sen. DONALD RIEGLE (D., Mich.). Sen. PATRICK LEAHY (D.,
Vt.) {He has been the long-time Chairman of the Senate Agriculture
Committee. See BCCI/BNL details at listing of Cong. DAN GLICKMAN.] Sen.
ALAN DIXON (D., Ill.) {He previously had been Illinois Secretary of
State, issuing auto and drivers licenses. Some of his family members
reportedly ran stolen auto parts businesses, called "chop shops" which
he covered up by fake auto registrations and such. Dixon also arranged
for the mafia to slow down FBI investigations in that mafioso, through
Dixon, got untraceable auto

Reputed experts on covering up high crimes have been Federal Reserve
Commissar Alan Greenspan (we call him REDSPAN) and former CFTC
Chairperson Wendy Gramm, a Director of Enron. Through complicated
dealings, were billions sucked out of Enron to try to prop up the
failing U.S. Stock Markets?

[FOOTNOTE ONE- Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, did NOT
actually disappear despite monopoly press accounts stating so. BCCI
re-emerged as PINNACLE BANC GROUP, with their flagship the highly
corrupt, gangster-linked FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CICERO (Cicero being the
long-time mafia-enclave adjoining Chicago, known as Al Capone Land.)
Lots of details about this on our website in prior stories. For example,
dominating the bank in Cicero has been Bishop Paul Marcinkus, until
1991, head of the Vatican Bank, recently identified as a major criminal
money laundry for mafia/CIA and others. To confuse matters, the bank in
Cicero has changed their name several times since
More coming. Stay

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