Subj: RE: Most important...thanks!
Date: 9/15/01 9:30:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

My head's been spinning with all this news and it's been hard to read and read and read.  You have an amazing bunch of contacts who can analyze video... My dinosaur laptop can't do the video editing news you've posted.  I quickly tried to put together the Wisest-Of-The-Wise list of links, similar to what you've already done.  The one link that really caught my eye was ...I must have hit the bullseye with one of these links...I'll try to sleuth as intuitively as possible to help you and keep praying.  All my links are posted here, in RumorMillNews's Jr. Agents Forum:
=== WTC: Which links are the best?
Today's links are copied below.  Yesterday's are after that.  Hopefully one of these links will be useful to you!
MD-90 thread from 11-30-2000 about planes crashing into the WTC:
Few people in the world got to take photos of grounded planes.  Check this out:
Sailor Warned Family From Aircraft Carrier:
CLUES galore!
Check out discussions about WTC implosion; Church of $cientology
Witness saw the WTC ground-level explosions that toppled buildings:
Attack on World Trade Center Prophesied Day Before:
Chemtrails over Montana during plane grounding?  Any explanation, smarty-pants?
Analysis of the EGG response to the terrorist attacks on WTC and Pentagon September 11, 2001:
Prayer/poem Postcard - "I said a prayer for you today":
Spiritual Message: Power Play - Matrix Meditation
New York Wake-Up Call---7 Day Warning to the First Rapture?
Something is happening Sept. 17th, 2001.  Will we become more spiritual?
===== 09/14/2001 links:
How Could This Happen - What Must Be Done
TopView on 911 (WTC):
Bill Foreman, Former FL Flight Mechanic Says More Kamikaze Pilots on U.S. Soil:
Huffman Aviation and those eerie WTC smoke shapes!
Star Trek episode "Day of the Dove":
The usual news command centers:
In the Probably-Related-To-This-Subject, goes FarShores' new forum: message says: remember the UFO blip idea?  The planes were driven like toys?
In the Not-Sure-Where-To-File-It category:
   Note here: the chop-off trick works great in two places:
In the server world: it's called leaving virtual directories turned on.