ELFRAD: (06 08 98 UTC) at precisely 00:00:01







Subj: EMPs

Date: 98-06-07 22:32:35 EDT

From: cplyler@i-america.net (Charlie Plyler)

To: Phikent@aol.com

Hello Kent,

Saw your post about the 8.4 quake. Can't help you on that one however I have a question.

We are engaged in the research of transients and electromagnetic pulses traveling through the earth using an underground detection method. Tonight (06 08 98 UTC) at precisely 00:00:01 we detected a very unusual signal. It looked like a very strong EMP and repeated itself every 15.5 seconds. Preliminary analysis shows that it is not a naturally occurring phenomena. The signals were transmitted for a duration of 10 minutes.

Here is my question. Do you know or have heard of anyone that may be conducting experiments that would cause this type of pulse.

If you desire, I would be glad to send to you a .gif shot of  this ten minute segment and a pic of the expanded pulse.

Thanks much,

Charlie Plyler


North Carolina