EDITOR: when tuned electromagnetic waves intersect they sometimes seem to cancel out, but do they? Is a super potential scalar energy created? Could such a pressure wave be controlled--directed through a quantum universe? Has this happened for years now? Do rogue groups on and off planet wield strange new weapons? Do directed waves go beyond machine technology and actually reside within human potential?


Subj: Re: [KENT, PROPOSAL] Superpotential Theory and Scalar

Date: 12/27/00 3:32:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: cplyler@elfrad.com (Charlie Plyler)

To: BARDSQUILL@aol.com

Kent, the gif file EDD1225, shows the recorded result of the experiment with Shoo.

The next photo, edspect, is a spectrogram of the detected scalar potential corresponding to the same time frame.

The audio file was taken from the scalar data. The recorded frequency was 1.618 hertz and the rise in pitch of the audio indicates the relative amplitude.

Hope this helps.


Subj: Re: [KENT, PROPOSAL] Superpotential Theory and Scalar

Date: 12/27/00 2:16:55 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: cplyler@elfrad.com (Charlie Plyler)

To: BARDSQUILL@aol.com

Absolutely 100 percent correct in all categories. You hit the nail right on the head. Speaking of scalar potentials residing within  the human potential Bearden pointed out that the real functioning of mind, thought, memory, and personality occurs in the infolded Whittaker bi-directional EM wave structures of the overall body's scalar potential-called bio-potential. Scientists have already pointed out that mind and memory are not precise functions of physical locations in the brain.

Take Shoo for instance, during an experiment on Christmas this year, he concentrated energy towards Dr. Levengood who resides in Michigan. Dr. Levengood received the signal through a device which he designed for the purpose. The experiment was very positive. Interestingly, the Elfrad detectors also recorded this test. Our results were a  mirror image of Dr. Levengoods'. I suspect a scalar potential was generated mentally by Shoo, and our devices were able to record them.

I will experiment with converting the .9 hertz data to audio. Will send you a file if it pans out.


Charlie ELFRAD

Listened to your interview with enthusiasm, got a bunch of wild ideas for  presentations:  I heard you mention that in your study of precursors, you somehow had to  filter out the solar energy and then you heard...what? Whispery EM voices?  The sound of mind or MIND!

These sounds....er....got any? That is have you attempted to beef them up  into audio range?  Hmmmm. What do you think? Could this be done? Then go from there somehow?  Heck there might even be pictures hidden in these subtle waves.


My name is Edd L. Edwards and my friends call me Shoo. I am what is known as around here as a very warm hearted country boy that has many very special abilities that deal with the use of human bioelectric field energy. I have learned to use these abilities in many ways including very advanced healing and scientific research.


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EDITOR: the WV radar circles appeared on the 4th, 5th, 6th and the visible sat anomaly began to show on the 7th. This is consistent with many painstaking observations that indicate effects seem to follow the radar circle a day or so later. Why this is so? Theory pending...


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