5/7/00 11:56:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

In answer to your question, I believe we detected more than expected. Am sending a graph indicating an unusual signal from 2.05 to 2.2 hertz during the time in question. The signal was of the largest amplitude from 01:49 until 02:10. If you look closely, you will see that at exactly 02:00 UTC there is a very intense spike. Could this be a collision indication?

The second graph shows an interesting item. This data was taken from another array which is designed to detect longitudinal waveforms. Nine minutes and 54 seconds from the 02:00 burst, a longitudinal wave was detected with a frequency from .015 to .027 hertz. This waveform did not appear on the standard array.

Thanks for the heads up,

Charlie Plyler

Elfrad Group


BARDSQUILL@aol.com wrote:

Howdy, Charlie:

Seeing weird radar over Brookhaven RHIC accelerator.

Anything there?