Subj: Water power: let's buy a hydro-generator NOW!
Date: 2/6/02 8:23:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here are more links for your WATER section!
Have a few Orbit fans buy you a water generator like the one at, Kent?  Then you can show everyone: "Here!  I've got
a water-generator in my basement!  If ol' Kent can do it, you can too!"
I think it's time for someone to buy one of these generators and hook a
laptop up to it.  Or run a website from a computer plugged into the
generator.  That way, people would never forget that the web page
they're visiting is from a PC hooked up to a water generator!

Now these are links I like.  I'll buy you that generator if I could.
I'll keep counting pennies...

Take a peek at this Water generator page:

A Japanese site describes their visit to ES&D.  It's the 4th menu link
The menu choices translated in English go in order like this:
* In hydroelectric power being attached
* Size information
* Voice of employer
* Manufacturer visit description
* Price chart
* Instruction manual
* It is low the head pressure new product

Other sites that link to

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