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10/16/2004 1:31:19 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent wrote,
'My interface with some of the Native American Elders makes me think the planet is in crises-emergency with "purifications" coming soon. For instance, I was told that Nov 2004 is anticipated by some traditional Elders to be a time of change and happenings. Is this Cosmic and inevitable? Can something be done?'
Osiyo, Kent. The Purifications are inevitable. There are things that can be done. The Cherokee Elder Rolling Thunder taught me that the Purifications consist of three related elements: The Cosmic (asteroid and comet impacts), The Earthly (volcanic eruptions, field reversals and earthquake/tsunamis), and the Human (pollution, war, and greed). A combination of these three elements reduced the previous Age to planet-bound barbarism. The Cosmic element is now well known by all: . We can, like the Maya, detect, track, and catalog near-earth-objects (NEO's), Earth-crossing comets and interlopers. We can, like the civilization of the previous age, attempt to build a system to physically alter the orbits of these objects and establish 'seedbank' outposts on the planets and moons. This requires we survive the Earthly and Human elements.
The Earthly elements are driven, like all thermodynamic processes, by a heat engine. What is the source of the incredible, enduring heat engine within our mother the Earth? A simple, obvious question most forget to ask. RT lived on top of a volcanic caldera with live hot springs at Carlin, Nevada. I had to walk on it many times before I understood that vast heat loss has been going on worldwide for billions of years. Mars and Earth differ in that Mars is smaller and almost dead volcanically. There is a new, little-known theory that explains the long term, cyclical release of heat from the Earth: . The georeactor goes through cycles of heat rise and heat loss, driving continental subduction, remelt and re-extrusion at varying rates. This is why we observe cyclic behaviour in volcanoes such as St. Helens and supervolcanoes such as Yellowstone. Circulation of the reactive core also drives the magnetosphere that protects the planet from the radiation of the solar wind. As the reactor cycles, the magnetic field weakens, reverses, and is re-established periodically. During magnetic nulls, the Earth is subjected to the full impact of the solar wind for a period of years, resulting in mass extinctions and mutation of surviving life forms. What can we do about supervolcanoes on the one hand, and magnetic nulls ? Perhaps pressure from caldera can be vented underground using tunnel boring machine technology (see the Medicine Wheel for a schematic. There is always area evacuation. Magnetic nulls might be combatted by use of a constellation of M2P2 Satellites to produce an artificial magnetosphere. RT described to me great underground coils of copper wire encircling ancient cities- for what he didn't say, except he knew it wasn't to generate power. They had 'ways of generating power the modern people know nothing about' (1994).
The Human elements are spiritual. We must adopt values of caring for each other and the Earth. Stop polluting. Stop fighting over land, oil, race, religion. Stop greed. Live each man in his own country, without invading others. Make medicine. Grow corn. Protect plants and animals, because we are parts of one Earth that need each other to survive and thrive. Work together on the megaprojects that can protect us from Cosmic and Earthly destruction, and allow our children to Return to the Stars from whence we came: .
When RT taught me these things, Kent, I didn't believe him. In the years since, I've worked at NASA and I have studied his words, and have found them all to be true. The evidence is there in the archaeology, in our DNA, in mesopotamian word-roots, in the physics. The ancient civilization was technical, coastal and was subducted long ago, remelted. No trace. We are the survivors of a People who came from the Stars. We will have to return someday- in pieces or ships. The choice is ours as a collective civilization, and time is running out. Thanks for your site, and the info on Agenda 21. Will contribute when I can. Am out of work now.
s./ 'Chakotay'


10/16/2004 4:49:21 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent,

I no longer feel safe posting, but have had a very disturbing vision. Agenda 21 hits close to home. My grandfather was a 33rd degree Freemason, buried with his solid gold ankh, member of the good ole boys club. While I loved him very much, but he was a very bigoted, classist, greedy man. I never saw this aspect of him until after his death. He fully supported this movement. They co-opted it from the environmental groups again causing in-fighting and division between those waking up to the events who still harbor 'anti-tree hugger mentality. Here is another thing I know about, and others who read up on this do to, but I have not seen anyone put this together....part of the population reduction.

Everyone keeps harping (haha) about the draft. here is what I know and maybe others too. They already have a standing 2million man army, conscripted without their knowledge. they will not need to draft anyone right away. Have your fans read FEMA again, especially the part where the army can use inmate labor......and then count how many are behind bars in the US. With the new drugs being developed, the lure of free H, Crack, xtc, and other un-named monstrosities...its really easy to get those boys 'pumped to kill some rag heads'. With Asscroft in charge of designating who the next enemy combatant/US citizen against BushCo, voila....a never-ending source. And just another darn good way to get rid of those undesirable masses. Just some musings....ciao

Navajo Song

Walk on a rainbow trail;

walk on a trail of song,

and all about you will be beauty.

There is a way out of every dark mist,

over a rainbow trail.


10/16/2004 7:41:04 PM Pacific Standard Time

During the Reagan Administration, I wrote a letter to James Baker III about devaluation of the dollar. Mr. Baker replied that he liked it, showed it to President Reagan, but he didn't believe in a quick fix.

I got the idea from reading about Solon in the Athens age. He saved his country from an economic doom by devaluating the currency and wiping out the debt for everyone. Today we could do the same and it would benefit everyone from the poor to the very rich, the only ones hurt by it are foreign countries and the NWO.

1. Devalue the dollar against all foreign currencies, but do not recall the dollar. Lets say for example in this letter we use a simple 100 to 1 devaluation. For all American's we wake up and find out the dollar is worth 100 times less, but it has no affect on American's, unless you are going to travel overseas; that would now cost 100 times more, but everything in the nation remains the same price.

2. There is a debt bomb about to go off in this country. To end the crisis, the government recalls the debts of everyone: The rich and poor a like, corporations and even all governments, from local, state and federal. All this debt is thrown on the national debt. We go on the gold standard, and devalue the dollar to the national debt. We may be talking 1,000 to 1 or more, more likely more.

3. Imported oil would cost the nation a fortune, however, our Alaskan pipe line has

been flowing at ½ capacity, open it up to full, and build a natural gas pipeline on top

of it as planned. A dying executive of Atlantic Richfield said there is a 200-year

supply of oil there, and top grade; why were we buying Arab oil?

4. It will be impossible to maintain all our troops overseas, therefore, the troops will

have to be brought home from around the world, and then place them across the

Mexican border to stop immigrants. Discharge the reservist and national guard, but

maintain a large military. Where in the U.S. Constitution does it state that we are to

be the world's police force?

5. The American people can no longer afford to buy foreign imports, we will have to

manufacture all items here within the United States; having no debts, the economy

will boom; everyone will then have a job.

6. Drug addicts will have a problem, they can't afford the imports, so they will have to

break the habit, which also means less crime.

7. If Canada and Mexico would devalue with us, we would have a common market.

8. We could export our products overseas, by pricing the items just under world prices, The profits can be used to pay off the national debt.

9. Pass a law prohibiting foreign nations, companies or individuals from buying American property, or businesses; only American citizens can buy American. Prevent companies from exported needed goods we need in America.

10. The big losers in this are countries like France, Germany, Japan and China; they don't like us anyway. Russia will come out okay, as they have an oil reserve larger than Saudi Arabia, and can supply those who once needed Arab oil, why buy Arab, they support the terrorist.

11. Gold doesn't have to soar to make the holders rich. It can remain at $400 an ounce, and in a 100 to 1 devaluation, the gold is worth $40,000. In foreign countries it remains $400 an ounce. Foreigners don't care about America, many hate us, so why should we care about them? They never paid their debt owed to us for WWII.

12. Terrorism is a major threat, and we seem helpless, all we are doing is protecting ourselves, and fighting a stupid war, the Bush plan isn't working. If there was a devaluation, the troops have to leave foreign countries, which they want us to do anyway. What I propose, it would be for their safety. Mecca lies about 30 miles Inland from the Red Sea, and is one of the two most holy sites of Islam. If they destroy anything in American, we blow up Mecca. If they attack an American City to defy us, then blow up the Mosque in Medina, where Muhammad lays, to show we mean business. We could use troops to raid Mecca, to steal that black stone, hold it in Washington until the Islamic people stop their terrorist; in the mean time they would have to bow to Washington instead of Mecca. All this will prove Allah is weak. I'd bet they would end terrorism to save Mecca and that black stone, which is probably just a meteor. How can Allah be great, if he allows murder of innocent people? Look into the eyes of their religious leaders, they reflect dead souls.

America will prevail, because we are of all nationalities, and religions; including Muslim; we do not harm in anyway, Muslim American's. Our forefathers didn't want us to waste our substance on foreign soil, they wanted state government, not federal, have we had enough of federal government? It's time to mine our own business, and stop foreign aid. We can have peace, and this plan would wipe out the number one cause of war and hate, the NWO. Thomas Jefferson said he feared banking institutions more than standing armies; war is profitable for these international bankers. I would therefore, nationalize the banking institutions, and put credit card interest rates to 3%. Get rid of the Federal Reserve System, it's not federal anyway, it is a privately held stock holding company of the extreme rich, who have been robbing the people for years; confiscate the FRS.

Taxes will be a flat rate tax, no loop holes for the rich, and no taxes for the poor. We then become the government of the people, not the government of the rich, for the rich and by the rich.

When Solon of the Athena Age devalued the currency and wiped out the debt, they ruled the Mediterranean for 200 years. We will maintain a large military, we will carry a large stick.


10/16/2004 11:07:47 PM Pacific Standard Time


A friend gave me your site, your awareness is right on, but just in case you do not know this, here it is : the powers in charges, do not give a hoot about anyones welfare, as a fact, the systemic elimination of the majority of the people is well under way, those "controlling parasite" desire a dry and almost non habited planet, of course real truth about all of this would be looked upon with derision.It is a very sad state of affair, since all of your rights are now nonexistent, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel (and it is not a train) look at I think you may find there a way to fight a war that used to be hopeless.

be well


10/17/2004 9:46:33 AM Pacific Standard Time

Was that Hurtak article real or bogus?

well not sure if this helps, but I just opened to this page, as I feel a push pull with my heart and mind, trying so hard to work them more in sync. Where is Brook Medicine Eagle these days...I went on a work shop 9 years ago, that spelled out steps & How to Get ready for the Golden Age....the Mayan predicted Catacylsim to come and the children who will be like reptiles...the ones I teach..... was eating lots of flax even back then...& learning how to drum...;)

In JJ Hurtak's Keys of Enoch

Key 301 1-15

All about "Divine Light"

Hooking up with the higher powers

"the mind" as the power to hook-up with the Source of this power

seems very very complex, multidimensional.

As we shift, I could go to the hills of Vermont and vibrate with my clan, safely....or

stay in an inner city Texas school, trying to hold ground, as a tiny tiny beacon

of light...among a vast array of scattered and dark energy.

my mind says go now, my heart says to stay. I await more signs, as I feel more sense of urgency, as if the Wizard of Oz hourglass has been turned over and those mean old monkey people are scattered in place.

We spoke about 3 years ago, tracing an incoming whole family works for gov, ..I am the one who wandered away...."the different one"

Thanks for all you do to bring that beacon of truth,

Send your address so I can send a small teacher size check.


One of my favorite books, has tons of underlining and post-its, page 241, Barbara Marciniak's Teachings of the Pleadians,

"You cannot run and hide, because you are needed to weave thru the communities to bring alternative ways of being..........First time I met Damion Brinkley, he whispered in my ear, "welcome to the family" as I guess I have had life altering experiences.

Kind of humbling

As soon as I sent that last message, I opened up to page 182 in Bringers of the Dawn, and the whole chapter The Languages of Light" pretty much is parallel with that last keys ref. from Keys of Enoch. I have been praying for my coincidences to come back to guide me....and give me a message, this may be it...not sure if it helps you. Some higher power I believe tries to speak to me thru my collection of over 1,000 books. I just close my eyes pick one and open. Usually 3 at a time and they all open to the same topic.

In this instance, I pulled both books subconsciously, but opened to those random pages, both about MERKABAH..I am sure the native americans have another language for leaving the body to other dimensions...I believe this is where earthlings are trying to evolve to.

My grandmother was 1/2 Native American; Miracle, the white buffalo was born 8/20, my birthday, I have been so blown away by coincidences, I keep them logged in crates, why I don't know, but someone is trying to get my attention, not sure why. I had a hard time leaving Chaco Canyon upon my last visit there, as well as Janesville, Miracle's home and Aztalan as well. Its as if these places hold a frequecy, very the Ocean, and tears come to my eyes when I have to leave...and go back to some "mission" that I believe I sent myself on...way back beyond the womb. If we have been sent back from the future, I believe we have been sent back to try to get ALL on the same page....yeah right. Kind of like Ground Hog Day, we keep going back til we get it right....

DNA SPIRALS, all components of the geometric system innate to us connected to those other universes and I had a very special vision once of the future with showers of beautiful geometric shapes falling into the planet from the sky in brilliances of light color I have never known and I was just looking out the kitchen window...but it was a wonderful relief symbols...our planets language...frequency the language of the future...I also do touch therapy..Reiki...we def. need to stay away from Doctors right now. Yikes.

may the Great Spirit in the Sky keep your heart pure,


10/17/2004 12:46:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

Numbers of US national parks have been turned over to the United Nations. It is kept quiet, but can be found with Google searches.One in Alaska is on the list, Wrangle-St Elias. I know a prospector who checked out Denali National Park 50 years ago. He says there are a lot of valuable minerals there besides the gold which has been mined there historically. But it is not on the list, at least not openly, or not yet

Have you noticed some US Mayors complaining about home land security funding and not getting their share. NYC mayor complained that Alaska got too much money. Earlier in the year the Anchorage mayor complained that the city did not get enough. Lot's of fighting over funding.

As Hoagland says "something wicked this way comes," or home land security is just a federal jobs program.

UNITED NATIONS SYSTEM-WIDE EARTHWATCH  Peacekeeping? Photos  UN and US National Parks 2 3   1972 Treaty Grants the United Nations Control Over American Historical Landmarks Seventy One More United Nation's Heritage Sites Planned This park is no longer your land  Much more in Search, keywords UN owns national parks


10/17/2004 11:44:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

About the 21. Spent some time in Montana in the company of a few individuals who were 'in the know'. The stories and 'documents' about the u.n. (national park takeovers etc gag ptooie) that sprang up on the internet in the late '90s were a concerted effort by NeoCons to throw the scent (and attention) from themselves. As a long time kenton reader ... let me assure you that it is a garbage story... developed (in part) to keep people from looking at things like the PNAC. What we need to worry about is right in our own house. If anything, the UN has been a source of sanity in a world gone mad. They may end up helping save our asses.


10/17/2004 11:56:37 PM Pacific Standard Time

The man you are interested in is Henry Lamb- owner of ''. and etc. He is running his own server so this isn't a little operation. Mr. Lamb is indeed one of the far far rightwing chumps that is either propagating or starting U.N. rumors. Part of the reason is to take our federal lands out of OUR hands (we are the government, remember?) and sell it out to petrol, mining and timber groups. GW was these guys darling in 2000- their 'savior' so to speak, but many of them now hate him. You probably could get a good interview with Mr. Lamb.. From a google on his name he does not appear to be shy about publicity. But he definitely is one of the real crackpots.


10/17/2004 7:02:33 PM Pacific Standard Time


Nowhere where it talks about children does it discuss:

1. How profoundly "manners" affect societies.

2. Accountability for behavior within the family.

3. Accountability of children for their elderly and aging parents.

4. Acknowledgment of the wisdom and experience that aging brings to the Life process.

5. Essentially the writers of Agenda 21 are all about discriminating against older people simply because they are carriers of culture, morality and pre-existing Law.

They are creating a "Lost Boys" syndrome among constituents whom they want to cut loose from all sense of ethical behavior, save civil laws--which are profligate and mutually contradictory.

Predation RULES!!! Process precedes Outcome in importance, with these bureaucratic serpents. "Just follow the rules and don't worry who gets hurt."

"Choices" RULE [no matter the outcome] "Preferences" RULE [no matter what suffering these cause].

If you want to see Good Law, check out my url . THAT's good law. And so it the 1689 Bill of Rights by which the British Monarchy rules. So is Cherokee Law, which covers 16 of 20 of the basic commandments given and developed four thousand years ago in Israel [many mitzvot" of which are discarded or contradicted by the later Talmu


10/18/2004 12:13:23 AM Pacific Standard Time

Here is how mr lamb REALY feels about the environment- he is trying to use the attempted re- introduction of the Fla Panther to


By Henry Lamb

June 21, 2004 -

This is on every land developers, timber cutters, petroleum pumpers and mine owners greatest wish list. It's already underway in Fla where the manatee and gopher tortoise have been removed- opening up once pristene waterways to land developers. And they are taking advantage by 'pumping and dumping' every square inch of coastline for hotels and resorts.


10/18/2004 5:15:21 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent

I read with interest your recent 'cover article' on the alleged secret agenda of the UN. Frankly I am surprised at how often this oh-so transparent reactionary right wing nonsense is circulated on the web. Given your current POTUS's clear disregard for the long-term welfare of this planet and his can't-do-enough for his corporate buddies agenda, the UN would seem an obvious target for these ideological cultists.

In Europe, no one would seriously entertain the idea that UN, a body which attempts, despite the very best efforts of the US and its allies, to get nations to work together for the benefit of everyone. If thats a bad thing, then we all need to pack our bags and go home.

I only remain baffled as to why the UN is still located in the USA, a country which currently seems at polar opposites to the UN agenda.


10/18/2004 8:52:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

This is some more information on another part of the same agenda:



READER: This, Agenda 21, extremely important info ! Thanks Kent, for posting it !..

READER: I've sent it off to everyone i know ..

READER: So far, tho' i can't tell if UN evil or good .. have to read more.

READER: All so very scary .


10/19/2004 10:36:14 AM Pacific Standard Time

The UN is the biggest criminal organization in the world. You can look up how many parks have been given to the UN. The are called world heritage sites. Sorry you publish dis-information about this subject on the front page of your web site. The email you posted simply is not true and takes a moronic liberal twist by name-calling.


Hi Kent,
here from Everett. I just wanted to bring to your attention the
so called land grab here in King County, and apparently all over the

"SEATTLE -- In a session that lasted until midnight, the King County
Council approved an ordinance to restrict development in rural areas.
The 7-6 vote went along party lines with majority Democrats saying it
would prevent sprawl and protect streams, wetlands and wildlife.
Republicans and other opponents call it a land grab that takes away
property rights. Several lawsuits are planned to prevent the Critical
Areas Ordinance from taking effect.
It would allow rural landowners to clear only one-third to one-half of
their land."   It passed folks,by one vote. But, not by the vote of the

Here are the reccommendations for land owners:
"My recommendation to any concerned local property owner is to dash down
to the court house and get their “exhaustive chain-of-title” completed!
I would also recommend that anybody testifying remind the county that
the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution applies to all subdivisions of
government. A taking is reached when a government entity destroys the
NET income from prohibiting some of the rights to USE the property. A
couple of things to remember about title: an exhaustive chain-of-title
creates FULL title, not color of title. A title company only provides
“color of title”. Once you trace the property back to the patent or
treaty of origin and collect all property transfer documents in between,
you have obtained full title. Then a property owner can, if they want to
push the matter that far, tell the governing authority that they are not
required to get their permits, etc., because they have full title. If
the governing body still wants to push the matter, the property owner
can tell the entity to show up with their checkbook and expect to pay
highest and best use value for the property. In these battles, full
title is your big stick." - Ramona Hage Morrison, daughter of Wayne and
Jean Hage, Nevada ranchers. July 26, 2004"
It seems the New World Order is now being called, The Global Union. Then
I found this about the UN Earth Charter:
Are UN policies being adopted by local governments regarding land? And if
so, is the below part of it?
What does this mean folks?
"It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to
which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance. -
President George Herbert Walker Bush addressing the General Assembly of
the U.N., February 1, 1992."
My thoughts:
SO not only can the UN buy? and control public lands etc. but push their
agendas thru local bodies regarding private lands, with no distinction
between the two.


10/24/2004 8:55:13 PM Pacific Standard Time

Under a 132-year-old federal law, foreign companies have gained control of an estimated 1.2 million acres of federal lands containing gold, silver and other minerals -- an area roughly six times the size of Mount Rainier National Park, a new analysis shows.

Together with U.S. citizens and companies, the foreign companies have been able to convert 9.2 million acres of public land to private use, according to a report released yesterday by the non-profit Environmental Working Group.

When Congress passed the General Mining Law of 1872, it said the privilege of carting away minerals dug from public land -- and in some cases, buying the land for $5 an acre or less -- was for "citizens of the United States and those who have declared their intention to become such."

But an 1898 Supreme Court ruling that gave corporations legal treatment as "persons" effectively overruled that, leaving public lands in the West open to non-American mining companies.


"The system through which we give away land to these multinational corporations amounts to a large public subsidy," said Jane Houlihan, the group's vice president for research. "Under our current regulatory system, companies can get billions of dollars of gold and other precious metals for just a fraction of that. ... It shortchanges the public."

She cited as an example the 1994 purchase of Nevada gold-mining land worth an estimated $10 billion by Barrick Gold Corp., a Canadian company, for less than $10,000.

(Barrick Gold Corp., formerly known as Barrick Goldstrike, is headed in part by George Bush I)

Since the late 1980s, a number of efforts to reform the law have run aground in Congress. After President Clinton vetoed a version heavily influenced by the industry, his administration put regulations into effect to curb mining companies' power under the law.

And, in 2001, the Bush administration called for reforming the law, too. But it said the Clinton administration reforms went further than the law allows and overturned them. Since then, little has been done by the Bush administration or Congress to push reform.

Our investigation also uncovered numerous cases in which the government gave foreign-owned companies the property deed to public land through outdated "patenting" provisions in the Mining Law. Federal data show that:

Since 1980 the federal government has given to foreign-owned corporations the property deed to public land totaling 792 acres to Kinross of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Two of the top ten recent mine operators in Idaho are foreign-owned corporations, including: Kinross of Canada, and Beartooth Platinum Corp. of Canada. Collectively, these companies are listed on mine plans that cover an estimated 9,540 acres of public land.

Ultimately, the control of Idaho mining lands by foreign-owned and out-of-state corporations leads to money flowing out of Idaho. When mines open up on public lands, profits from the sale of Idaho minerals can go overseas or across the border.


10/24/2004 8:17:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

A Rebuttal:

Four years ago these '21' people were saying that it was Bill Clinton conspiring with the U.N., various environmental groups and Mikhail Gorbachev to take over the National Parklands. You know.. first Yellowstone and then the WORLD.

I was online then and I know you were too- I was reading you. Two years ago I watched a group in Montana that had followed this line- hook and sinker. They had supported this current administration against the nefarious group of evil environmentalists headed by the dastardly Bill Clinton and his partner-in-arms 'Gorby'.

I was wondering how long it would take them to get past the head shaking and horrified confusion as they came to the realization that they had been going after the wrong people. And listened and watched them while they attempted to make what they believed true fit the new schema. This is the same group- recycled and repackaged - and of course they have changed the subjects in the story to fit the world as it is now politically. Must have been a real bitch to change all of those websites, but their stuff is still cached out there- starring Bill Clinton as the Head Evil-Doer with Gorby playing the part of Mini-Me.

You see, people are hard-headed and stubborn- "don't let the facts get in the way- nothing to see here ma'am, move right along". Especially when they have an agenda. In this case the agenda is to wrest control of our National Parks away from us and place them in the oh-so gentle hands of the Timber and Mining Industries. The Big guys mind you- not the American Owned mom and pops operations.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is a group that is out to turn this country into a Fascist State. None whatsoever. But disseminating recycled garbage as to who it is only clouds the truth.

And those who know the truth will never speak it.


10/20/2004 3:11:24 PM Pacific Standard Time

Are you familiar with Amma from India? Meaning Amritandamayi from Kerala, India. Her website is

Last year during the summer tour of 2003, Amma shared that during the year 2005 the earth would go through some natural and man made

disasters. Her devotees were rather disturbed and worried. Amma allowed for a celebration of her birthday on Sept 27,2003

in order to help mitigate some of these coming disasters. She had people from all over the earth gather water from the major

rivers of the earth and bring them to India for the healing ceremony. She poured the waters together in a ceremony of peace and

love for mother earth and her inhabitants. Thousands upon thousand of people attended. She then personally hugged each person

there. It took her over 24 hours ---non stop. I truly believe Amma has come not only to help heal the earth but each person she

meets. This summer she would not talk about the earth changes very much. She only said she no longer saw the sun being blacked

out but said ----Perhaps we will get some much needed rain.


10/21/2004 6:20:22 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Chapter 26 of Agenda 21 deals with the indigenous people, but how deep does real concern run for these unique tribal societies?

And what are the full ramifications of human resource development?



Closeup on Ultimate UN Tyranny - Agenda 21 - Sustainable Development Scheme - Camouflaged Global Control of Natural Resources, Humans being "Resources" in "global funding streams", slaves, you own nothing, the corporate state owns and manages your life, your children ....  "services" are NOT voluntary ! 

In a message dated 10/31/2004 2:35:05 AM US ANON writes:

This is to fill in a few of the blanks for Daniel Beckett. The beginnings of this revolution go back at least as far as Professor Adam Weishaupt, May first, 1776, when he established the Order of The Illuminati in Bavaria. Hi financers happened to be the Rothschilds and Max and Felix Warburg. Many others were involved, but we shall leave that up to the Historians.
One of the first things that these people did after commandeering the Federal Reserve System, with the help of the Rockefellers and brother Paul Warburg, was to establish the Tax-free Foundation Act. This theoretically checked them out of the tax system in perpetuity. They are the net receivers of all of the taxes.
But more importantly, they sent Trotsky from New York City with 20 million in gold by boat to Russia. Trotsky was stopped in Nova Scotia and thrown in jail. The British government who had been trying to destroy the USA since the US escaped from their clutches, put pressure on the Canadian government and forced them to let Trotsky go.
While all of this was going on, the Rothschild's and their buddies who already owned a number of Central Banks, sent Lenin with another 20 million in gold, all the way across Europe in a sealed train in time of way to join up with Trotsky. With the 40 million in gold, they were able to buy up enough revolutionaries to overthrow the Tsar. What they had really done was buy a whole country with plenty of slaves and a lot of tremendous real-estate with billions of dollars worth of natural resources.
By looking at the records and the many books written about it, the United States and Canada have been financing that country since 1918. Some interesting books along this line would be, National Suicide - Military Aid To The Soviet Union, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, by professor Antony C. Sutton. Another goof read is,  Vodka Cola by Professor Charles Levinson.
All of the big corporations, most of them thought of as being USA corporations, have been operating in the Soviet Union since at least 1918. These same Corporations are also in Canada, Germany, China, and many other countries. Can you imagine how the servicemen felt when the were told that the could not bomb the Ford factory in Germany;General Motors Opel Factory; Rockefeller's IG Farben Chemical Corporation. How are they supposed to win a war? They weren't. They were aiding in the Population Control Agenda that is presently being run under the Rockefeller-Carnegie, United Nations Corporation, founded in 1944, before the war was even over.
One interesting revelation along these lines is that while Max and Felix Warburg were financing the Germans with their side of the war, brother Paul, a very generous patriot was, with the Rockefellers and other Council on foreign Relations elitists, financing the American side. And good old Paul was doing this out of the goodness of his heart for only one dollar per year for a salary. He should surely have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize or some other distinction.
The World-wide Media Cartel, owned by these same people long before any of us living today were ever born, also happens to control the so-called 'EDUCATION' dished our by the Government (read Marxist) Schools. In the land of the free and the home of the brave - all ten planks of Karl Marx Communist Manifesto, are in effect and working their magic upon the American Public. Sadly, they are in effect in all of the countries of the so-called free world. Just read the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto is it is your desire to just save yourself some time, and you will then realize that most of us have been living under Communism without ever having noticed that we were.
We should be feeling quite badly that we were conned in this way, and that we have been fighting wars and revolutions that were financed on both sides by the same elitist bankers. They want communism, but usually they just call it socialism. That makes it more respectable and believable by the boob-geoisie. No matter how you cut it, all forms of socialism, be it International Socialism or National Socialism - they all require theft by government to operate. Democracy, described by the US Founding Fathers as the worst form of government possible, always evolves into a brutal tyranny
Almost all of the wealth generated by all people of the world has been stolen or confiscated by the privately owned Marxist Central Bankers of the world; get it through your heads, they are not Capitalists, they are straight-out communists and they want us to think of them as being capitalists. That is just one more out-and-out fraud.
No one can ever be free as long as the operate under a controlled currency of any kind, be it government, or government crooks, or just the crooks that already own all of the Central Banks of the world. The only thing that can save all of these crooked Central Marxist Banks is a one-world brutal tyranny such as the one that has been in the building stages since Mayday 1776. If you take the time to look at the back of the Federal Reserve Note, beneath the pyramid is the inscription in Latin: NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, meaning the New World Order, just as Hitler spoke of it, Just as Rockefeller spoke of it on Canada AM with Pamela Wallin; just as George Bush spoke of it on TV after a ride in his boat on the Kennebunkport Lake. Many other criminals have been uttering these words for may years. Think of it a jargon - incoherent talk you are not supposed to understand. 
The destruction of the USA is almost essential before a New World Order can be ushered in. That has been the purpose of every Presidency since Woodrow Wilson; Clinton and Bush have been the best at this since the game began, but it all boils down to acts of treason from the highest office in the land.
Yours truly,
Cliff Hume


From:    ANON

Agenda 21: Agenda 21 -- the blueprint to advance Sustainable Development by Daniel Beckett

Posted Jun 15, 2004 - 04:34 PM
CORRALITOS, Calif. -- In this straightforward expose of Agenda 21 -- the blueprint to advance Sustainable Development -- Daniel Beckett examines the notion of "sustainability".
His conclusion: The American people need to be better informed so they understand that Sustainable Development is a pseudonym for centralized control over human life -- sweet words camouflaging tyranny.

Full text:
The policies of Sustainable Development are changing the very fabric of America.

Sustainable Development entered the world officially in 1987 in a report of the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development entitled, "Our Common Future". This commission was chaired by Gro Harlem Bruntland, Prime minister of Norway and Vice-President of the World Socialist Party. A well known mantra that originated from that report is "meeting today's need's without compromising future generations to meet their own needs". If one is to look, this mission statement has been incorporated into many government and non-government organizations. Is it a surprise that it was also reflected in the old Soviet constitution?

Then in 1992 the United Nations conference on "Environment and Development" was held in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. This summit is commonly referred to as the "Earth Summit". Then-President George H. Bush signed what is commonly referred to as the "Rio Accords". Out of this conference came the "Agenda 21" document. Agenda 21 was adopted as a work plan to implement Sustainable Development by 179 nations including our own.

The following year, newly-elected President Bill Clinton created "The Presidents Council on Sustainable Development" through executive order. This order created the framework for the federal government to begin implementing sustainable development programs nationwide. All of this has been moving forward with virtually no legislative debate.

I first became aware of Agenda 21 in the summer of 2000 when I was given a copy of the Santa Cruz Local Agenda 21 document, a regurgitated version of the global document. This local plan was endorsed by our esteemed Congressman Sam Farr on June 3rd, 1997. Is it any coincidence that Mr. Farr flies the United Nations flag at his Congressional office in Washington, DC?

So what could be wrong with the idea of being sustainable? We don't want to be unsustainable, do we? The problem with Sustainable Development is that it flies in the face of man's will to advance. America is the greatest country in the world. Why? Because its citizens were allowed the use of its bountiful resources. There was no king or dictator to control man's creative action.

The idea behind Sustainable Development is to foster a mentality of guilt in people over the use of natural resources. Every time one starts their car... Every time one turns on a water faucet... Remember, be sustainable! Don't exceed your allotment of resources... Big Brother is watching you. We all must learn to live the same, think the same and most importantly... be sustainable!

America was not created using this mindset. America was created with the mindset of full speed ahead!!! I don't think NASA was concerned about being sustainable when they were going to the moon.

You see, the real agenda behind Sustainable Development has nothing to do with protecting the environment. It is about controlling the natural resources. If the resources are controlled, the people are controlled. The screws are already tightening on us. Why is it a requirement to have low-flow plumbing fixtures in our houses? Why must we use fluorescent lighting in kitchens now? These things should be a personal choice. No doubt in time the use of all natural resources will be highly regulated.

Of course, as in the old Soviet Union, not everyone will be required to live the peasant lifestyle. Those who play along will be rewarded. But the reward will only be a temporary one. It comes down to "the end justifies the means". The "useful idiots" will be in for a big surprise when they realize the noose they helped to tie will be placed around their own necks.

Problem is, most of the Think Global, Act Local socialists realize that most adults are smart enough to see through their utopian pipe dreams. Their solution? Brainwash the school children. It's not education anymore. It's indoctrination. That's why it's so important to have good teachers in the system. The local Packard Foundation (billions of dollars in assets at last check) funds a great many projects related to Sustainable Development. The next generation is being prepared to live in a new controlled society where people are discouraged from reaching their personal best. All this is being done with the help of our tax money.

Indicators of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 are everywhere. The city of Watsonville is busy implementing its own Agenda 21 Plan, called ACTION Pajaro Valley. The county is neck-deep with valley and village plans, such as in Corralitos and Aptos. Then there is the City of Marina redevelopment plan. The name of this type of planning is "community planning", "comprehensive planning", "growth management planning", or "smart growth". They all mean the same thing. Oh, then let's not forget about Highway 1. The plan on that is to stall long enough, until we all give up on our cars due to unbearable congestion. We are being molded into complying with a more controlled and less independent form of transportation, such as the proposed rail line. Then there won't be a need to widen the highway. We have become guinea pigs in a social experiment.

Getting back to community planning, it is based on the creation of councils called "visioning councils". These councils are manipulated in such a way as to come to a pre-determined outcome. The professional facilitators of the meeting work hard to make sure all those involved are easily swayed into being agreeable. The process utilizes group manipulation tactics. Most people fear the thought of looking foolish in front of others and tend to keep quiet. If one is vocal, and unwilling to go along, a wily facilitator will pick up on this and use mockery to shut the person up. I have seen this demonstrated on numerous occasions. These so-called "visioning councils" are based on a very similar method of government such as that which was used in the Soviet Union. It is a top down form of governance where the local representatives blindly follow along behind their higher ups. The infrastructure for the brave new world of tomorrow is being created today right in front of our eyes. It's not about free enterprise providing the type of housing people want anymore. It's about government dictating the type of housing it will allow people to live in. I guess the government has forgotten the fact that it is not its role to control the housing market.

In fact, there is a lot of so-called public land in this county. But activities for outdoor sports and recreation are becoming increasingly restricted. There is big demand for activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc., but these activities are often considered to be unsustainable and therefore not allowed. A lot of this so-called open space is just plain closed off to all human use. More and more regulation is being placed on the use of public lands. I am not a big proponent of the government acquiring any more land, either directly or through "funnel" agencies such as Land Trusts -- who usually sell back to the government at a profit and then repeat the cycle.

If one is willing to take the time and do the research, you will come to realize -- as I did -- that we are in big trouble in this country. It doesn't seem to make much difference who is in power, be it Democrat or Republican, the Agenda 21 beat goes on. It is a very troubling and discouraging to realize that our own government is implementing a program that would make the Marxists proud. Did all those brave American soldiers die in Korea and Vietnam fighting communism for this? The American people need to be informed so they have a chance to voice their opposition to this form of tyranny. Forget about any major media willing to discuss this issue. I would suggest Freedom 21 Santa Cruz as a good start.

If America is to remain the land of the free and home of the brave the truth must get out. All patriotic Americans need to take the time to understand what is happening. I assure you, you will not like what you find. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but necessary if we are to stand a chance in saving our country. Take the time to be informed and speak out against those who wish to change America from the land of the free to the home of the regulated and controlled. Do it now -- before it's too late.