I'm slowly drawing those EarthStar lines... 


10/29/02 7:10:24 PM Pacific Standard Time

Remember those EarthStar lines that I overlaid on top of the U.S. with
Pine Ridge shown?  Well I've been finding the proper coordinates to use
with XPLANET so that I can permanently draw those EarthStar lines in
black.  I've kept this language simple so people won't get too lost in
all the numbers.

Here's my ongoing diary of EarthStar lines.  I've covered much of the
USA already.
I've been trying to figure out why "Tikaboo Peak" and "Black Mailbox" in
Nevada (two spots near Area 51) are both right along that 19.64 degree
EarthStar line near grid node 17 (see attached photo: it's the
light-pink circle in the center). 

See? I mean, other than plotting points on the earth to prove that these points are near the line there,
I'm still trying to figure out why this line is better than the other
lines for building Area 51.

Also, note how many of the radar rings we see keep happening along
several interections of those EarthStar lines.  I don't have an exact
idea of what their motive is, other than perhaps trying to make use of
the earth's energy.

That point in Canada of (44:44:16.1N, 119:05:04.4W) from your
whwolf.htm link is in the neighborhood of
the 08-17 grid line, but it's really far away from that line.  It's also
not even close to an EarthStar line (the black lines I drew in my above
link), but the nearest one is the 37.76 degree angle.  That point is
about 10 degrees away, which means this point doesn't have much to do
with this earth grid, as far as I can tell.

Places in India and Sri Lanka along the earth grid, with map:

I was just curious what ancient places in India are along the grid
lines, so the above link gives a map and easy to read lists of places
either along the main grid lines, or along the black EarthStar lines.

A-ha! HAARP runs right through the 22.24 EarthStar line near 07-61! 

0/29/02 8:00:22 PM Pacific Standard Time

A-ha!  So THAT'S their secret, perhaps?  Take a gander at the attached photo, showing where the HAARP antenna is, and where that QUAKE happened.

I don't have the EarthStar lines drawn over Alaska yet, so everyone will just have to rely on my accurate heading comparisons to prove my point. Let me try to explain this without flying over everyone's head:

The HAARP antenna is located at about 62.39 degrees Latitude North, and
145.15 degrees Longitude West.  When you run this point through my
handy-dandy gaia2000b demo database (link:
http://www.megspace.com/science/earthgrid/db/gaia2000b.mdb), you'll find
that HAARP is located almost EXACTLY along an EarthStar line of 22.24
degrees that would connect with the 08-61 grid line.  The difference is
only .09 degrees, which is very small.

And that quake?  That happened along the 07-61 grid line, but the
quake's epicenter is about 3.62 degrees away from that 07-61 grid line.
That's still somewhat close to the grid line.

So what does this mean?  Well we're allowed to guess, aren't we?  Let me
see: MAYBE when the people at HAARP try to be dastardly and abuse the
Earth, there are these higher dimensional people causing a quake along a
nearby grid line to offset the HAARP abuse along the 22.24 EarthStar
line.  Quakes happen in somewhat remote areas when those angels know the
earth's grid energy has to be protected from abuse like this.

OR: let me guess: maybe HAARP's playing around with the earth grid
energy caused that quake along the grid line.  But, guessing again: I'm
kind of doubting that the dastardly HAARP people would cause a quake in
their own area, just for kicks.

So it seems to be one of those angelic moments, where those dark souls
at HAARP are still allowed to do their business, but the angels offset
their negative energy by causing relatively small quakes.  Some people
might ask the angels: "But how can you sit up there in sixth-dimensional
land and allow all this negativity to happen and give us migraines and
other illnesses?"  I still think we should hang on 'til next year, when
eventually Light wins out over Dark.

If I said something smart, then I must be learning something.  It's
definitely time for people to comprehend this EarthStar stuff.  Really!

More about the EarthStar triangle is here:
UVG triangle points numbered:

EarthStar diamond from Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics page:

You'll have to take Buckminster Fuller's word for it that the 22.24
degree line is correctly calculated.  That same 22.24 degree line is
also drawn over the Europe grid triangle, where at least one dowser
verified that the 22.24 line is an actual ley line.

Date: 10/23/02 9:57:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent --Just heard from a source that is usually right about things that the Alaska earthquake was near Haarp -- that certainly puts a spin on it! Think it could be sabotage to take harrp down??? SEE ANALYSIS