I will tell you what killed that circulation

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Project Dyn-O-Storm

According to Dyn-O-Mat®, the company and "its team of experts have developed a proprietary blend of formulated polymers that have undergone intense laboratory study and actual testing. They believe that if they deliver their formulated polymer via jet aircraft into the outer bank of a hurricane working their way into the eye cutting a pie shape piece out of the storm it should cause the winds and the strength of the storm to diminish. The polymers will be delivered into storms via jet aircraft with specialized disbursement systems.

"In early 2001 Dyn-O-Mat®, utilizing a Canberra Jet, dispersed a nominal amount of its formulated polymer into a building thunderstorm off the coast of Florida. The result was that the thunderstorm was removed from Doppler radar. This was verified by the Palm Beach International Airport traffic controllers and local media weather stations.

"Additionally, Dyn-O-Mat® holds a U. S. Patent for the disbursement of their formulated polymers into clouds thereby giving them the opportunity to alter weather."

Some of the goo washed up on the coast

Beach Closed

Posted August 23, 2006 at 06:16 AM

A stretch of shoreline in Manatee County is off-limits to swimmers this morning.

County workers closed the coast between Manatee Public Beach and Coquina overnight because they say an unknown substance may pose a health hazard.

Public Safety Director Karen Windon described the puzzling goop as something that feels like petroleum jelly. It has “left a burning sensation on the skin of local officials on scene,” she said.