Subj: NEW SUN curves IAW Global Warming
Date: 5/31/01 3:18:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time

  Patricia, apparently BUSH is an ignoramus of the first
water and has NOT been kept abreast of what is going on
inside and outside of our DYING SUN (Half life & loss of
Polarity circa Jan 12th resulting in: 1962/skylab etc.
etc. thru HELIUM Variable status in 1991 and the
AMELIORATION by the GALACTICS in late Nov of 1997 and
regaining of Polarity on Sept 11th? 1998)

I am presently getting a scan made of comparative curves
that show looking into the SUN will fry one's eyes tout de
suite! Even in Jan 2000 the RED low side of the Suns'
radiation exceeded the once fairly low UV section of same.
EVEN then..JAN 2000, the RED had become the HIGHEST part
of the curve..It had been gradually sliding from yellow
down through blue and UV bands..but NO infra REDS as yet
are dominant with the NOW curve sliding down twd UV. ALL
are about 3 to 5 times higher than previous to 1962 and
the subsequent "30" yrs of "UNSUSUAL" Solar Warming that
has caused our problems atmospherically! The curve, BTW,
is from "NASA Tech Briefs" Jan 2000 as printed from SOHO

  I hope NASA reprints a NEW curve soon as Summer (HADEES)
is soon to be upon us.

I have noted that the wild flowers in TEXAS have changed
their seasons completely..Blue bonnets now in Feb (usedd
to be MAY) the Yellow daisy families that used to bloom in
SEPT are now GONE..the Indian Blankets that followed the
daisies are now about gone..and the red corn flowers that
were the last vestiges of FALL in Nov. are even now about
to go..this has been gradually happening since about 1991.
(after the SUN went helium) Some new PURPLE flowers are
even about to see their last days. I have renamed the
SUMMER that has just almost passed a 5th season and is
called "HADEES". It starts about June 1st and ends about
Oct 30th. The OLD seasons seem to vie for places in between..LOL!

  The "spray-overs" to COOL our soon to be fried
atmosphere are causing strange weather patterns as well.
MANY small cells extant with no apparent driving natural

  My SUN Glasses are always coated overnight with fine
particles and must be cleaned before using them..I think
POPOCATAPETL may also have something to do with this and,
IAW Cayce, may soon explode and make a 4 week night for
the entire WEST U.S. (or more). Just think what may happen
to the 21 million residents of MEXICO city??? I hate even
to think about it.

  Apparntly BUSH is so ignorant that he feels the call of
OIL profits to the detriment of ALL the WORLD! SHEEEESH!
Blessings to all..OB1

Subject: Fwd: FW: Bush & the Kyoto Agreement
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 08:45:49 -0700 (PDT)

Sent: 5/29/01 3:37:45 PM

Subject: Bush   the Kyoto

Bush   Kyoto Original message:

President Bush recently announced that the United
States Government

will not honor its commitments under the 1997 Kyoto
Protocol to

greenhouse gases. The United States produce 25% of
the world's carbon

dioxide, a gas that is believed to be the main
contributor to global


Rising global temperatures are known to raise sea
levels, and change

precipitation and other climate conditions. Changing
climates alter

forests, crop yields, and water supplies. It could
also threaten

health, and harm birds, fish, and many types of
ecosystems. An

in weather-related disasters will occur, deserts may
expand into

Existing rang lands, densely populated coastal areas
will flood and

numbers of people will have to move.

Show you disagree with the Bush Administration's
decision to withdraw

from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on Global Warming. Urge
President Bush

review his policy in this matter and devise a
comprehensive plan to

reduce US emissions of so-called greenhouse gases.

PLEASE Sign your name, town and country of residence
at the bottom of

this e-mail, copy the entire text of this e-mail (do
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Thank you.