Subj: Today's Events
Date: 9/11/01 9:45:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time


I will offer my opinions as a former Aviation Consultant:

1.    The hijackers would have had to had their own pilots on board. More
than likely control of the aircraft(s) was taken by force (or death) of
the Company pilots, and the terrorist pilots took over for the final
suicide runs.
    a) There is a chance that the terrorist pilots could have boarded the
flights as Deadhead pilots. This would mean a massive "sleeper" agent
operation with people in place for years, waiting for the day.

    b) There have been 4 flights - two United, two American. This would
tend to indicate  people in the two Airlines "System"

2.    All flights involved were scheduled from East Coast to West Coast.
This indicates they were selected for high fuel load.

3.    All four aircraft are of the 757/767 family. All four are considered
"heavies" maximizing damage that can be done.

4.    Timing with early flights means airports involved were very busy.
This adds to the ability to get aboard flights due to confusion. It also
allows for maximum impact on targets.

5.    United 93 went down short of Pittsburgh. It originated in Newark.
It was not bound for East Coast. Possible target - Chicago? Sears Tower?

6.    Who benefits?  Lets see: Islamic Jihad, Isreal (because we will blame
the Arabs and this helps Isreal in their latest problems); China?
Russia? The list could go on.

Update: Bush diverted to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.