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Yes, he and I have talked about this several times.  Here was his latest reply.
Well, with so many nations (10 or so) having longitudinal EM wave weapons, I would not be surprised.  Longitudinal EM waves can deeply penetrate right through the earth -- or deep into the sun.  With all the banging that's going on in weather control etc., God only knows how many LW antennas get pointed in the direction of the sun, pour out their back-feed in that direction, etc.
Cohen already confirmed the weapons could stir volcanoes into eruption, generate earthquakes, etc.  Tickle deep underneath the sun's surface, and one can be stirring quite a brew.  Don't know how the dickens one would estimate it, etc. unless one was on a project which used the interferometer technique to examine the interior of the sun, etc.
 Isn't it coincidental that it's also synchronized with conflict in the MidEast, etc!  In short, when conflicts and "planning for conflicts" are ongoing, the troops are stirring and burning the midnight oil, and manning the weaponry.
 May be some of that is causing or helping stimulate more solar activity of that sort.
 Cheers, Tom
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Question for Dr. Tom:

Under what "superpotential" conditions can the sun be triggered from earth?