I wrote the following to Tom Bearden and have yet to receive a response.


Mr. Bearden,

Are you aware that compelling information clearly indicates that the
atrocities of 9/11/01 were actually perpetrated by the Bush administration?

You can deny the complicity of the Bush administration in the events of
9/11/01 all you want, however, you can not dismiss out of hand the
overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence in support thereof. I challenge you
to do so in the spirit of a juror in a (mass) murder case to fairly and open
mindedly consider all of the evidence before arbitrarily passing judgment.

For a man of your inestimable brilliance I find it difficult to believe you
would be unaware of who the powers that be are that ultimately control this
world. Antony Sutton in his exhaustive research clearly proves that the
Soviet Union was a creation of the Western Establishment based upon the
Hegelian dialectic wherein a conflict is created and manipulated by the same
power base to keep the general population of the world under control.

I have studied this subject for going on 30 years now and there is no
reasonable doubt in my mind as to who controls planet earth. Yes there are
factions within this socioeconomic political power block and that is where
many serious researches go astray. Despite the infighting, this group has
one intention and that is the establishment of a Global Government with
they, the plutocratic elite on the one hand and  the rest of humanity, the
indentured servants on the other.

Mr. Bearden, the enemy is most definitely within! That is why there is no
movement on new energy sources or putting into use the same technology for
medical uses, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

In your latest paper I wonder who the "little nation" is that intervened on
our behalf to prevent the former Soviet Union from bringing great harm to
the United States. I suspect it was Sweden or perhaps Norway. It most
definitely was not Israel, which strong evidence indicates has mined the
U.S. with nuclear devices in order to blackmail this nation into supporting
it. With the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the Russians drove out the
Bolsheviks who wound-up here in the U.S. as neocons and in the state of
Israel as represented by the rabid Zionists who a great many Israelis

If you would apply just a portion of your researching skills to this subject
you will soon realize what so many others who have diligently studied the
situation have learned...the enemy is [D]omesti[C]!!!!!!

We most certainly are in the final stages. In accordance with the Hegelian
dialectic, all terrorist groups and organized crime are under control of the
plutocratic elite. It is no accident and serves to confuse many who are
unaware of the modus operandi of those who seek to destroy most of us and
those they allow to remain alive to serve as their slaves.

Best Regards,