EDITOR: Here's what I've seen in since the 7th

1. The Pacific rings.


2. In one swoop the Feds put the clamps on the Indians and shut down the USGS quake reports: Ruling comes in Indian case alleging lax security. Earthquake data are among items affected.


3. We then see a wild flurry of quakes, reported through citizen-watch on the internet, including quakes under sensitive areas including we think area 51--then Feds turn USGS back on after a few days.

Quake list at:


4. Groom Lake, Area 51, guards go out on strike, a really, really brave if not desperate move. Area 51 is still not supposed to exist!


[these guards on strike work for EG&G which is owned by the sinister Carlyle Group, Daddy Bush's, James Baker's, Rumsfield's goosteppers]

5. Bush begs off out of the Nuke treaties, uh-oh.



Date: 12/9/01 9:34:02 AM Pacific Standard Time


It's quite a stumper to find any named location for the center of this ripple in question. No known point I can find is named in this area.

No placed named by the US. No airport, no radio station. I'll keep checking.

When I just eyeball the center of the main ripple for this anomaly, it appears to be centered around 38N by 140W. The closest object I can find to the source of the wave in the Pacific on 2001-12-07 at 1900Z is SE Papa Buoy 46006. There doesn't appear to be any underwater volcanoes in that area of the ripple 'cause I checked the whole database for them.

Perhaps looking at the weather in the area might help? Maybe there's a clue in here somewhere.

Weather for SE Papa Buoy 46006 located at 40.84N 137.49W (40°50'33"N 137°29'10"W):


SE Papa buoy 46006 should look like this:


MAP on 2001-12-07 1900Z shows buoy 46006 data:


View maps for more days and times at


ONLY Real-time temperature for buoy 46006:


Archive of data for buoy 46006 is here:



Look at the spectral data for 2001-12-07 for buoy 46006:


There may be some anomalous readings here. If anyone knows how to interpret atmospheric buoy data, please tell us what the weather was like on 12/07/2001 for buoy 46006.

Date: 12/11/01 9:11:10 PM Pacific Standard Time


I took a look at all the large atlases showing the Pacific Ocean. Using The National Geographic Atlas of the World, 7th edition, there's a pullout showing the bathymetry of the Pacific Ocean. After careful studying of the ripple photo, I still think 38 degrees North is the proper latitude for the center of that ripple, because 38 degrees lines up with the bend in California too. The anomaly should've happened somewhere between the Mendocino Fracture Zone and the Tufts Abyssal Plain.

This TUFTS Abyssal Plain is just north of the Mendocino area. The curious thing about Abyssal Plains is they're VERY DEEP, and very FLAT. Meaning: good enough to put Pyramids down to last a long time. GOES images will look interesting if ALL earthly pyramids are activated and get running 24 hours a day!

This may be a small clue to prove that this is the beginning of the end for all this terrorism, because these pyramids are powerful things. I wish I had more time to study this anomaly, but the proper location to scan nautical charts should be 38N by 140W.

Keep in mind: this "New Carissa" ship was sunk in the area of Tufts Abyssal Plain:


See? This Abyssal Plains must be used as a personal garbage can. Wonder what else is at the bottom in this area.


FRIEND: re: the patterns in the radar.....do you know anything about holographic theory?
FRIEND: Reminds me of it applied.  Where the wave forms connect.  I will try to find more information on that for you if you like.  I'm not quite awake yet.  I'm not able to access the details on it as of now.  Its been bugging me, and I finally realized what that image connects to in my brain.
BARDSQUILL: moire effect
BARDSQUILL:  an independent usu. shimmering pattern seen when two geometrically regular patterns (as two sets of parallel lines or two halftone screens) are superimposed esp. at an acute angle
FRIEND: Ah.    
BARDSQUILL: in this case teo wave transmissions intersecting
BARDSQUILL: scalar energy
FRIEND: http://www.magicpubs.com/reviews/books/holoUniverse.shtml

FRIEND: The thing that worries me is this.  Within standard conjuring, you have to have the object seen from three directions before it will manifest.  Basically three wave forms intersecting.  At the point of all three intersecting reality changes.  It worries me.  
FRIEND: The Holographic model for the Universe comes close to reality, but it still has a ways to go.    
FRIEND: Information regarding ramifications of quantum information processing:
FRIEND: http://www.bcs.org.uk/siggroup/cyber/cmg_wid.htm

BARDSQUILL: you've seen the info in denial of the higgs particle?
BARDSQUILL: http://news.bbc.co.uk/low/english/sci/tech/newsid_1695000/1695390.stm
FRIEND: Yes.    
FRIEND: I've never understood the idea of tearing things apart in an attempt to understand them.
FRIEND: A friend of mine had a great analogy to supercolliders that I thought you might find amusing.  His comment was that using a supercollider to figure out physics is comparable to throwing someone off of a roof and examining the splatter to understand anatomy.
BARDSQUILL: like that, thing is just by running it through preconcept mental screen we might screw up the real data
BARDSQUILL: sorry I'm slow, phone, other stuff here.
BARDSQUILL: http://math.hws.edu/xJava/other/Moire1.html
FRIEND: The universe is highly accomodating.  Physics is beginning to accept that there is no such creature as removing the observer from the experiment, and that is a wonderful thing.
BARDSQUILL: intersecting waves, SCALAR PHYSICS!
FRIEND: What is the thing behind scalar?  I keep seeing references, but I've been hunting other bits of data as of late.
BARDSQUILL: Maxwell, Tesla others perceived that when two similar forces intersect, such as intersecting waves, they might at one level appear to cancel each other out, but in reality the force is still there only zaps out through another vector, what medium it travels through is the big bad argument in current physics.
FRIEND: Ah. :-)  Thank you.
BARDSQUILL: If we were to say it travels through hyperspace everybody has a big fit.
FRIEND: I don't know why people are so addicted to the idea of the mechanic-apparent universe idea.   
FRIEND: Singular at that.
BARDSQUILL: interesting that this would appear to the second 60 years after pearl harbor, hyperspace-time-element, etc.
FRIEND: Are you familiar with the alternate view on the nuclear problems in Sumer?
BARDSQUILL: but we need caution here as this image was sent to me in email and so far I have not validated it from radar archives, but I have not been able to locate them yet. Could be disinfo.
FRIEND: Who sent it?  Have they sent you items in the past which have bourne out?
BARDSQUILL: If it ain't disinfo it is awesome
BARDSQUILL: Sadly I don't know if emailer has contacted me before, I cleared my AOL email files a few days ago, drat it.  My hard drive is getting glutted.
BARDSQUILL: I can bring them back up I think, but would be a pain in the butt.
BARDSQUILL: been looking at radar archives though, best way, nothing yet.
BARDSQUILL: sometimes these files won't show up in archive at all, or they will take a few days.
FRIEND: http://rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov/goesg/earth/Weather/html/main.html

BARDSQUILL: Asked others what they think though. No definite replies back, Charlie, Bearden others
BARDSQUILL: NASA links to data busted
BARDSQUILL: The page cannot be displayed

BARDSQUILL: FEDS are pulling data right and left, even pulled seismo data
FRIEND: My butt the BLM data was sitting on the same server as USGS.
BARDSQUILL: ridiculous
FRIEND: found the source
FRIEND: http://kauai.nrlmry.navy.mil/sat-bin/epac_westcoast.cgi

BARDSQUILL: almost like the book-burning days in Germany, 1941
BARDSQUILL: damn it's there all right
FRIEND: fuck.  it is legit.   Did you find the precise link or do you need it?
BARDSQUILL:  Naval Research Laboratory Satellite Photos  
FRIEND: close up
FRIEND: http://kauai.nrlmry.navy.mil/sat-bin/display10?PHOT=yes&AREA=/pacific/eastern/pacific_northwest&PROD=vis&NAV=epac_westcoast&CGI=epac_westcoast.cgi&ARCHIVE=Prev&MOSAIC_SCALE=15&CURRENT=20011207.1900.goes-10.vis.x.pnw.x.jpg&CGI=epac_westcoast.cgi BARDSQUILL: looks pretty weird, dunno how to interpret closeup
FRIEND: Would you like the animation?
BARDSQUILL: yea, synch, was thinking this
FRIEND: If you go to the EPAC vis link, click on animate....it allows you to run an animation of up to 16 images.
BARDSQUILL: think I did so, tiny though
BARDSQUILL: not sure I got correct frames
FRIEND: are you running windows?
FRIEND: (gif version, saveable, takes awhile to load)
FRIEND: http://kauai.nrlmry.navy.mil/sat-bin/display10?STYLE=table&AREA=pacific/eastern/pacus&PROD=vis&TYPE=ssmi&CURRENT=20011207.1900.goes-10.vis.x.pacus.x.jpg&ACTION=Previous_Photos&ARCHIVE=Animation&PHOT=yes&NAV=epac_westcoast&CGI=epac_westcoast.cgi&MOSAIC_SCALE=15 FRIEND: If you are, right click and select zoom in.
BARDSQUILL: got it, see if I did it right
BARDSQUILL: ok anomaly occurs on two frames
FRIEND: Here is the link to a huge version.  Warning, it takes a bit of time to load.
BARDSQUILL: 18:30 and 19:00
FRIEND: Actually, it is the same image you have.
BARDSQUILL: before/after normal
FRIEND: I don't think it was a sat blip.
FRIEND: I wonder what else was going on in that time.
Naval Research Laboratory Satellite Photos

Naval Research Laboratory Satellite Photos  
FRIEND: I wonder if there was any odd data off of elfrad at 1830-1900.
BARDSQUILL: I'll follow up
BARDSQUILL: now that we have actual source more enticing
BARDSQUILL: going to animate the two anomalous frames
FRIEND: looks like rain hitting a pond
BARDSQUILL: loading animation, wild, just sec
BARDSQUILL: damn, now thinking that somebody from inside the loop sent this, only two frames of thousands, had to be watching really close
FRIEND: Yes.  Possibly one of the people on that tea?
FRIEND: team rather.  
BARDSQUILL: need to find more maps, sea floor etc
BARDSQUILL: off and running now, here we go again.
FRIEND: Good.  Have you read American Gods by Gaiman?
FRIEND: Items that occurred on Dec 7 other than Pearl Harbor:
FRIEND: In Dover, Delaware, the U.S. Constitution is unanimously ratified by all 30 delegates to the Delaware Constitutional Convention, making Delaware the first state of the modern United States.http://www.historychannel.com/tdih/

FRIEND: http://www.scopesys.com/cgi/today2.cgi

FRIEND: 1971 Nikita Khrushchev dies of a heart attack at 77 - Sept 11

FRIEND: http://www.scopesys.com/cgi/today2.cgi

FRIEND: Sept 11 - 1609 Henry Hudson discovers Manhattan island

FRIEND2: yo...what's up with that satellite pic???
BARDSQUILL: damn pyramids under the center ring
FRIEND2: looks like giza...
FRIEND2: what is creating the goes image???
BARDSQUILL: I think scalar beams
FRIEND2: emanating from those pyramids???
FRIEND2: garsh
FRIEND2: sure looks like it...
BARDSQUILL: 60 years to the second from pearl harbor
FRIEND2: amazing
BARDSQUILL: me trying to grok the implications
FRIEND2: perhaps related to the recent cuba discoveries...???
BARDSQUILL: lessee if the pyramids have a crystal, ummmm.....
FRIEND2: global issue...
BARDSQUILL: maybe crystal stores powerful scalar energy, the mind is
FRIEND2: uh huh
BARDSQUILL: then it fires a signal-discharge through some kind of time
FRIEND2: go on
BARDSQUILL: hyperspace vector
FRIEND2: to what end???
BARDSQUILL: scalar physics seems to imply 4d vectors
FRIEND2: yes...i am familiar with bearden's theories...
BARDSQUILL: what end, dunno, maybe just the way time works, or.......
FRIEND2: incredibly strange...whatever the reason...
FRIEND2: definitely must be time/space related....
BARDSQUILL: a more ominous wildass idea would be that the crystal is
BARDSQUILL: or a relay device for reality-making
BARDSQUILL: matrix web spinner
FRIEND2: by manipulating the schroedinger equation...it is possible
to alter reality itself....
FRIEND2: milk hill
FRIEND2: spinner
FRIEND2: so maybe we in for the beginnings of a new reality...
FRIEND2: maybe that's what all the fuss about lately...
BARDSQUILL: might as well dream, the damn GOES rings and the
corresponding pyramids be the stuff o' dreams.
FRIEND2: no kidding...
BARDSQUILL: holographic universe, moire patterns
FRIEND2: read holographic universe by michael talbot...
BARDSQUILL: precisely what a scalar transmission might look like
BARDSQUILL: : wave intersections, some kind of wave ram
BARDSQUILL: hey, maybe the crystal compresses somehow
BARDSQUILL: compressed crystals emanate weird effects

FRIEND2:very powerful...
BARDSQUILL: long duration too, seen on two frames 30 mins apart, so
coulda lasted from 30-130 mins
FRIEND2: yes
BARDSQUILL: 30-90 mins
FRIEND2: phikent/chakra2.html
BARDSQUILL: signed off at 3:54:39 PM.
BARDSQUILL: signed on at 3:55:53 PM.
BARDSQUILL:  damn, punted, maybe out to save the IM, got it?
FRIEND2:i have it...you need???
BARDSQUILL:  yea send email, ideas was a bubblin up
FRIEND2:: no prob...here comes...

FRIEND2: has there been any other past reports of a pulse like this???
BARDSQUILL: somewhat
BARDSQUILL: seen ripples coming off of Flash's radar rings
FRIEND2: aha
FRIEND2: but this seems much more profound...
BARDSQUILL: saw that somewhere this morn
BARDSQUILL: profound yup, this one POWERFUL
BARDSQUILL: broadcast whole north pacific and all the way across north america
BARDSQUILL: both americas
FRIEND2: but could also be direct at the pyramids, right???  instead of emanating from them???
FRIEND2: directed...
BARDSQUILL: yup, crystals a receivers as well as storage elements
FRIEND2: wow
FRIEND2: this a good one...
BARDSQUILL: had a crystal set as a kid
BARDSQUILL: coil and a whisker wire and a crystal, heard radio
FRIEND2: hey...just for kicks, do a google search on bush and enron...then ask yourself when a special prosecutor will be appointed...hehe
FRIEND2: yea...crystal radios...me too...
FRIEND2: i thought it was magic
FRIEND2: maybe was right...
BARDSQUILL: Anunnaki tech

FRIEND: pacific rings still got me blown away...what the hell is going on???
BARDSQUILL: they dropped USGS right away shortly after, back now though, seems like a clue
FRIEND: it is the strangest thing...and the time/space implications are really bizarre...
BARDSQUILL: how it even got to me bizarre, freakin raft of data.
FRIEND: i read the conversation you were having with a friend when you discovered...amazing...
FRIEND: dragrantzx.htm

BARDSQUILL: yea these rants important
BARDSQUILL: for the hysterical record
FRIEND: no doubt...i have some old ones with you now that when i go back, they absolutely blow my mind...
FRIEND: it's almost like they change over time...
FRIEND: hmmm...
BARDSQUILL: well our best hope, we face so manny challenges, is to bare bones it all to some extent, the inner record vital.
FRIEND: agree...
FRIEND: talking with ANON on another i.m....still researching carlyle/bioport...
BARDSQUILL: Halliburton Cheney's gang needs research
FRIEND: i'm on it tonight...
BARDSQUILL: gawd it is so tangled, the Octopus
FRIEND: i know...
BARDSQUILL: they all do smoke and mirrors, wizard of Oz
FRIEND: vapors...
FRIEND: hey, do you know what a phosphene or phosphane is???
FRIEND: i had a weird sync last night with the pacific rings...
FRIEND: reading a book by william henry...
FRIEND: the healing sun code...
FRIEND: anyway, he talks about phosphenes...
FRIEND: these are archetypal images that appear in the brain...that are not generated from vision...they accur when the eyes are closed...
FRIEND: there are about 20 or so that show up no matter what era or culture...
FRIEND: they are symbols...
FRIEND: like petroglyphs...
FRIEND: phosphene - A sensation of light caused by excitation of the retina by mechanical or electric means rather than by light, as when the eyeballs are rubbed through closed lids.
FRIEND: well, one of these archetypal symbols is rings within rings...
FRIEND: like in the pacific...
FRIEND: another looks just like milk hill...
BARDSQUILL: keep going. Implications?
FRIEND: not sure yet, but related to the galactic core...
FRIEND: i think...
BARDSQUILL: think ye onto something
BARDSQUILL: beyond the matrix
FRIEND: will keep following the thread...and keep you informed...
FRIEND: everything is dreamscape now...
FRIEND: trippy...
BARDSQUILL: if it's dreamtime, we might have a chance to rewrite
FRIEND: yesss...better be real careful how we think and act, i think......
BARDSQUILL: aww jeeez
BARDSQUILL: damn discrimination factor
FRIEND: i know...everythings evil to someone...
BARDSQUILL: you redream it, I'm jaded
FRIEND: oh, so now my only responsibility is to reshape human destiny...sure...no prob...
BARDSQUILL: lousy job, somebody gotta do it
BARDSQUILL: my inner chirpings actually do say that it ain't a committee action needed here, just one or two dreammakers.
BARDSQUILL: as opposed to the EVERYBODY WAKE UP QUICK theory
BARDSQUILL: which ain't gonna happen in the next hour or two
FRIEND: we better hope that's the case...
FRIEND: need some serious 100thmonkey-morphogenetic action soon!!!

BARDSQUILL: nobody seems to get my latest kentoon, guess I'm losing it, first one was a fluke.
BARDSQUILL: kent_kartoon.html
FRIEND: i get it!!!
FRIEND: it's the best one yet!!!
FRIEND: imho...
FRIEND: classic dumbya...and the s&b reference...he just don't get it!!!
BARDSQUILL: yea, kinda an inside joke I admit
FRIEND: hell...we got our own secret society workin...
FRIEND: hehe
BARDSQUILL: sopposedly the Yale skulls have the freakin skull of Geronimo
FRIEND: yes i know...
FRIEND: i think prescott bush stole it...
BARDSQUILL: Some sort of Neanderthal brain-eating left-over
FRIEND: that's the gist of your toon, right???
BARDSQUILL: eat the brains of the fallen enemy
FRIEND: those guys sickos
BARDSQUILL: yup, the gist
BARDSQUILL: but was thinkin....
FRIEND: oh no....
BARDSQUILL: Wonder if they have a crystal skull?
FRIEND: holy sht...
FRIEND: you just rang my bell...
FRIEND: the crystal skulls!!!
FRIEND: been reading about them on and off for years...
FRIEND: all this stuff ties in together...
BARDSQUILL: well I remote-thunk the Pacific pyramid see and...we were yakking about crystals and....
BARDSQUILL: remote-thunk a crystal skull
FRIEND: i follow...crystals possibly powersource behind pyramids, etc...
FRIEND: and what did you come up with???
BARDSQUILL: And awhile back whilst remote-thunking I saw that the skulls might contain DNA codes.
BARDSQUILL: or even beyond, matrix-making codes.
BARDSQUILL: maybe related
FRIEND: yes...you onto something...
BARDSQUILL: DNA=matrix connection
FRIEND: something sticking in my head from long past research on crystal skulls...need to try to find when i get home...
FRIEND: dna also a thread that keeps showing up, too...
FRIEND: dna is one of the keys, i think...
BARDSQUILL: yea because it is in the DNA that the factor exists that...hard to put...perceives what's happnin
FRIEND: dna emits light...
FRIEND: is light...
BARDSQUILL: so when light gloops into 3D it makes a DNA plop?
BARDSQUILL: Had a close friend named, Jimmy, a genius, was my student, went on into microbiology and kicked ass, world renown now...head of Dept of microbiology, [CA university]
BARDSQUILL: we used to get plastered and rant all night...
BARDSQUILL: one night after he had already traveled the world becoming a micro-guru....
BARDSQUILL: we were at a party, Jimmy was there....in mid-party we lost Jimmy, found him in the backyard on the lawn, laying there in a weird state...
BARDSQUILL: Jimmy says, "we have discovered the secret of life..."
FRIEND: uh huh...
FRIEND: on edge of seat...
BARDSQUILL: "Can't tell you", says him, "classified."
BARDSQUILL: drat, that was that.
FRIEND: unreal...

FRIEND: ok...we've come full circle...

FRIEND: dna is light...

FRIEND: and can be affected by light...

FRIEND: changed...

FRIEND: that's where the sun, stars, et al come in...

FRIEND: they all sending angles (angels) of light to earth...some have positive effect...some negative... but now for the kicker...a galactic core explosion...if all of these other sources of light energy can affect dna...imagine what a core explosion would do???

FRIEND: maybe change us for the better...maybe destroy us... depends on how we handle the light!!!

FRIEND: alchemists strived to be transformed into a light body...

BARDSQUILL: change=destruction, rewrite, only real constant that I can see goin on.

BARDSQUILL: hey, maybe pyramids be angel-traps, poetically-speaking

Date: 12/11/01 11:50:55 AM Pacific Standard Time

OK, I've read your rant notes and I have this to offer. I think you guys are on to the right track. Have you read Dr. Jose Arguelles's book "The Mayan Factor"? In it he talks about how the center of our galaxy sends out these waves of intelligence/energy that cascade like brain waves throughout the entire organism that is our galaxy. And these here waves take some time to move out to our area and when the Sun and our Earth move through the waves our entire life force is occillated in sympathetic harmonic movements, depending on the notes from the source. So, I was thinking that maybe the moiree waves were a spot deep under the earth, sort of like a receiving dish, and as the earth receives a wave this dish or transponder or transceiver starts to vibrate and it sends out sympathetic vibrations across the skin of the earth. This skin happens to be at the bottom of the ocean and can probably only be seen from the sky in orbit. That's all I can conjure in my mind. On the other hand I can add that that area out in the Pacific might be a prime location for a former "third eye" receiver station when it was part of Lemuria. Just a thought. Imagine that eh? A third eye receiving dish. The thought never occurred to me until I started this note, then I just saw it in my mind.

This is good, a very good thing that we've discovered. I think that the galactic core has sent out a wave to push us out of Kali Yuga just before we toast the planet with our arrogant materialism. We just might have been saved from extinction.

FRIEND: ok..we keep following that thread...this stuff i am reading is amazing...
FRIEND: ever heard of william henry???
BARDSQUILL: refresh me
FRIEND: well...i don't know much about him but i heard him being interviewed by strieber a month or two ago...
FRIEND: only listened for a few minutes, but was compelled to buy two of his books...
FRIEND: one called 'the healing sun code'...the other 'the crystal halls of christ's court'...
FRIEND: you know laviolette, right???
FRIEND: paul laviolette...
FRIEND: my brain is whirring right now...
FRIEND: i will get back to you...
FRIEND: ok...
FRIEND: don't want to lose this train of thought...
BARDSQUILL: keep going
FRIEND: john major jenkins...mckenna...arguelles...weidner...henry...laviolette...
FRIEND: they all keyed in on the galactic core...
FRIEND: where they differ is in the result...
FRIEND: everyone for the most part agrees that every so often the core goes boom...
FRIEND: you can find it in the old alchemical texts...
FRIEND: and in the cathedrals...
FRIEND: the language of the birds
FRIEND: and the pyramids, etc...
FRIEND: most of these guys figure that a galactic core explosion would be really bad...
FRIEND: but william henry says it can be beneficial...
FRIEND: the healing sun...
FRIEND: not our sun...but the sun of the galaxy...the core...
FRIEND: like we were talking about...light is simply radiant energy...any wavelength...
FRIEND: and it can effect dna...
FRIEND: certain radiation exposures can create defects in human dna...
FRIEND: we have sure proven that...
BARDSQUILL: yes, find more and more DNA tweak articles
FRIEND: but in this world of ours...i think that most things are dual...
FRIEND: black/white...
FRIEND: so light is probably also what can improve our dna...
FRIEND: fix us right up, maybe...
FRIEND: but...ya gotta be in tune...that's the key...
FRIEND: ok...back...this makin any sense???
FRIEND: ok...so the getting in tune part is the trick...
FRIEND: that's where it gets all mystical...
FRIEND: alchemy...
FRIEND: qabballa...
FRIEND: tree of life...
FRIEND: cube of space...
BARDSQUILL: keep going it's beaming in
FRIEND: all the old secret school stuff...don't matter which one...
FRIEND: middle of europe, 13th century...or middle of the freakin jungle...
FRIEND: everyone's ancestors knew the trick at some point i think...
FRIEND: maybe this is what we being steered away from...
BARDSQUILL: some keen folk wrote me a one-line email
FRIEND: what's it say???
BARDSQUILL: wizzed past it, but it hit me later
BARDSQUILL: well, without looking it up, said that thinks the milk hill spinner dealy...
BARDSQUILL: is the cross section of a DNA strand
FRIEND: i have had that impression while watching it!!!!
BARDSQUILL: sort of like cutting a fiber optic rope and looking into the cut.
FRIEND: if you defocus your eyes...it begins to blend together and i have seen helixes!!!
BARDSQUILL: hit me after the fact
FRIEND: god damn...that reminds me of jeremy narby!!!
FRIEND: the cosmic serpent!!!!
FRIEND: dna!!!!
FRIEND: ayahuasca trips!!!
FRIEND: all this stuff ties together...even the friggin crop formations!!!
FRIEND: i'll be god damned
FRIEND: and get this...i'm suppposed to take my wife to our company christmas party in 45 minutes....
FRIEND: that'll sure be a reality check...
FRIEND: after this conversation...
FRIEND: sorry if i got a little out of control there, kento...
FRIEND: gotta run now...will try to catch up later if you online...
BARDSQUILL: good remote-thinking
BARDSQUILL: excellent, saving  

FRIEND3: just have to consider..
BARDSQUILL: it is most likely scalar
FRIEND3: I told Marciniak about the solar torpedos...
BARDSQUILL: see scalar physics more than ORC weapons
FRIEND3: she said: "are you surprised?"
BARDSQUILL: consciousnous seems to be scalar
FRIEND3: Said Sun a BIG communications device....of course would happen...
FRIEND3: hmmmmm
BARDSQUILL: have a theory
BARDSQUILL: cosmical
FRIEND3: as usual
BARDSQUILL: see scalar id produced by clashing forces
FRIEND3: ID..as in freud..kinda deal?
BARDSQUILL: well if life ain't a clashing force you've fooled Kenty
FRIEND3: hmmm...
FRIEND3: so...clashing consciousnesses?
BARDSQUILL: more cosmical even
you take free spirit and jam it into hamburgerland
BARDSQUILL: creating sentiency
FRIEND3: hmmm..
FRIEND3: well reminds me of this story:

FRIEND3: http://www.usatoday.com/life/cyber/2001/12/06/net-interest.htm#more  

BARDSQUILL: sheesh, yea
FRIEND3: see.....now..follow me here...
FRIEND3: conciousness...
FRIEND3: thought creates reality
FRIEND3: Marciniak says.....what the new world order is trying to do
FRIEND3: Is to thru mind control.....
FRIEND3: to get US to create ONE probable world FOR THEM
BARDSQUILL: yea, sorcerers trying to intervene, but see, now here comes the boss-spirit from the galactic core WHUMP.  might even rewrite DNA so powerful.
FRIEND3: well...see ..sorcerers...can create the atmosphere for such..BUT
FRIEND3: they cannot control the OUTCOME
BARDSQUILL: Milk Hill was the clue that whump-ness was about to set in.  Think the NWO-ers freaked out over Milk Hill.

Date: 12/11/01 2:29:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Looking at the possible pyramids on the ocean floor off the West Coast reminded me of this website from a gentleman who has explored an area in Washington State - in the tri-cities area (Pasco/Richland - home of Kennewick Man, by the way). Also an hour away from Yakima where there is some pre-Amerindian culture in evidence.


It takes a while to read his very interesting story, and on page 2 he starts with photos and narratives of the pyramids (bottom of page take a look at these pyramids!).


It's worth the read - lost civilizations, hidden caves, golden artifacts, break-throughs into cavern systems - all kinds of good stuff. James Keeting seems interesting himself - modern day reviver of the Bowie knife.

Anyway, I'm thinking the Washington State pyramids might be land pyramids from the same era. Don't have time to check now but I'll bet they are very close in latitude. My Dad lives in Richland and when I go to visit in Jan/Feb I'll look up Mr. Keeting and see if he'll talk to me or take me out to the area.

Bet there's all kinds of stuff like this right under our noses!

Date: 12/12/01 7:23:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

I think I will break in at this point with your permission. Pauline was looking for what she found, namely an ancient City. She told Cuba, as we and our team and the Spaniards told all parties that that we were looking for underwater oil reserves off The Azores. If you say Atlantis or similar, you cannot get permits. There are actually 4-8 Ziggarets down there (A truncated Pyramid with a flat top or alter. Off The Azores, The Main Temple is a Dome. My private Guess is that the Cuba Find is a colony of the main Islands as the make-up suggests Inca, Maya, or Toltec Indian influences. Pauline is having the same trouble getting pics out that we are having. Good pics equal no Spanish Galleons, No Oil Reserves, and NO PERMITS for further work in those areas. It is all about $$$$, the academics want to run us off so they can make the finds (a sure thing), spin them their own way, and get the honorariums for the next 20 yrs to pay for more work and big homes and Fame. All Pauline and our teams care about is the knowledge, that is not in vogue without the $$$. That is about all I can say at this time, I probably have said too much already. Oh well, it is all conjecture anyway since the Gov will not allow release of the Pics. Perhaps folk's pressure can change that some time although I seriously doubt it.

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