4/30/02 9:25:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time

You are free to publish this but please do not reveal my e-mail address. I travel between worlds to bring wisdom to the people, and to assist those who seek knowledge.

I wanted to let you know of an interesting corroboration of what you are reporting. I was up near Prescott Arizona at a Buddhist retreat April 20-28, performing a very elaborate ritual with many great Drikung Kagyu Buddhist monks and a Cherokee Elder. One day at sunset I was up on a hill beside our new Stupa gazing at the sky and saw two strange unfamiliar objects in the western sky. There was one low on the horizon directly to the west, very orb like and shining in the sun, and another off to the northwest slightly higher and appearing much larger looking like a streak in the sky, like a cloud in the blue sky but obviously not a cloud and remaining stationary. When I tried to point these objects out to others they could not see them, but then one of the more accomplished Rinpoches came behind me and looked over my shoulder to see what I was looking at.

He saw what I was seeing and said in English "very good", as if verifying what I was seeing and also congratulating me. I felt something very important was occuring at the time and things were being revealed to me. Then when I returned home from the retreat I went to Kent Steadman's site to see what was up and immediately was led to the Repository revealing exactly what I was looking at. The images you display are the same as what I was seeing, of this I am certain, and so I wanted to give you real time verification from the Lamas who are working so hard to bring the medicine during this time of purification.

There is still a great deal of healing work going on in the four corners region, and I encourage everyone to focus their prayers on our sacred Colorado plateau so that we can send the medicine into to the planet and out to the skies to ensure a peaceful transition for those with open hearts.

Konchog Yeshe Dorje

Date: 5/2/02 10:17:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Thanks for posting my message Kent, but there should be a clarification. In my original message I am referring to the TMG Repository story re: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Phobos. What I believe is that the larger streak I was seeing was Phobos and the smaller orb Deimos. Furthermore, it is my chice to believe that these objects are now orbiting the planet and are part of a greater effort to assist the people and all beings of earth during the time of purification. I suggest to your readers that we make this simple conscious choice: open our hearts with loving kindness and compassion. This will serve to energetically align ourselves with the earth's energy grid and make available our loving kindness energy to assist all beings in the great transition. Choose your thoughts wisely.

Konchog Yeshe Dorje