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DORIAN: NWO Gravity Field Supression Invisibility Suits--FOR REAL! UAVs/UCAVs The Gravity Connection! [NWO Technology]


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<It looks like the US Army is using an advanced electronic invisibility suit for its soldiers now.>


Dorian's response:

This is not an "antigravity" effect suit, but would be best referred to as gravity field/inertial field "suppression" suit.

Those interested in the technology of these suits might begin their investigations by studying the well documented (but primitive) "Biefield-Brown" field effect toruses. However, don't be fooled by the similarity of "Biefield-Brown" toruses to the advanced tech in these suits. Neither Brown or Biefield understood anything about the nature of harmonics of the aether. Their experiments were like so many others, stabs into the dark of a non-illuminated science, their discoveries largely accidents; the result of dumb luck, and clever guesses and rough beginnings. However, although not perfected, it is clear that similar technologies are at work here. A true breakthrough could be based in dumb luck, but if it is based in a correct understanding of aetheric science, the advances might seem astounding.

Biefield-Brown link:

If you want to see where these ideas for gravity-field suppression come from, you need to go back quite a few years. Even the Germans knew more than Brown and Biefield by 1947...and so—by extension and the NAZI technology grabs under "project paperclip"—did the United States!

Project Paperclip links:

One can never fall up by almost neutralizing gravity, but could become VERY light. By their nature such a coil-based system would never reach 100% efficiency, just as no earthly electromagnet can. Hysteresis losses would prevent 100% efficiency, even if the body could be totally surrounded by coils, which it can't.

Naturally, this sort of mechanism, designed as it is for human beings that need to walk and shoot, cannot cover the whole body. Therefore it could not lighten the whole body's mass. And this is good because how would one move if not by friction between the feet and the ground? Man may be smart, but he has no wings...yet.

In order to cover the entire human body such a suit would have to be surrounded by a spherical arrangement of such coils. From what I have gathered (theoretically only, nothing practical in the lab) the nature of the reaction between fields at specific angles is diminished if one continues to add fields generated by other coils in any configuration other than stacked coils (in other words 90º degree vectors, as opposed to at odd angles). Ideally the coils would be aligned one over the other, and as such there would always be some gravity effect "leakage," if you will, between each torus. In the suit shown, arms and legs and the head itself protrude from the visible coil system (what to the untrained eye looks like ammunition belts horizontally arranged around the subject's torso).

The effect of the system illustrated would be to neutralize much of the wearer's body mass, effectively lightening his body weight considerably. Hence the ad's copy stating that "he" can run up mountains or over desert sand. The running up a mountain is rather obvious, but perhaps the sand concept is missed by some of my readers. Any animal designed to walk on sand needs splayed feet to spread their weight over more square inches of foot area—the same principle as snow shoes—in order to not sink too far into the sand. Water spiders use a similar principle, utilizing the natural cohesive surface tension and specially designed feet, to stand on top of water thereby surface area/weight ratio. The other trick, the best of all, would simply be to become lighter. Not so easy for the dumber mammals, but it seems the smarter tool-using mammal man, now has the option!

As I have pointed out in many posts, the other way you affect gravity fields is with another field produced artificially with the help of a gravity field generator. Place it above you and you simply fall up. How can this work? Well, you need to first throw out the incorrect Newtonian idea of what gravity is first; namely, the idea that gravity is a property of mass. Understand that matter simply manifests a MASS EFFECT!

Neither technology can be understood unless one has a correct understanding of the gravity field effect as an aether gradient. Obviously, in the traditional Newtonian concept of gravity placing a larger gravity field above you would certainly cause you to fall up, as in the planetary "La Grange Point" example, but what would keep the two gravity-producing objects (traditionally only mass is thought to do this) from being attracted to each other and inevitably flattening the "floater" like so much pizza? The way planets are thought to do stay apart is due to their centrifugal forces working against the common center of gravity, or the "barry center." If there was not enough inertial energy opposing one another and the two masses would eventually collide. Rather dramatic if you're an observer a safe distance away, but not so good for our "La Grange Point" floater. Also, the masses necessary to counteract a planetary gravity field would be impractical if one tried to lift it over one's head in the first place!

But his idea is NOT correct, the Newtonian model is simply wrong. One can make gravity electrically, and therefore, by a mass located below the field so generated, falls up. But this requires the placement of a gravity field above a mass that a passenger then rides upon. And gravity field generators have a small drawback, a health hazard. The emission spectra of gravity fields is microwave radiation. The emission is in the opposite direction of the lift. Hence, if you place a field generator over a person, you also cook them. Now, it may not take much intelligence to shoot human beings and blow up villages, but it does require that a soldier's brains are not so much Jell-O. How do gravity discs work then ("flying saucers"), I'll keep that a secret for now. : )

A gravity field is an EFFECT, and NOT a property of a mass body, and it can be crated without mass, electrically/magnetically. This is what ALL truly massive stars like the Pulsars do. Pulsars are not MASSIVE, they simply create mass effect on a grand scale, magnetically! The gravity "effect" should be correctly referred to as a mechanical gradient in a 3D aether. Matter is actually PUSHED into it's center! This is the correct understanding of what Einstein called "curved space-time." But is isn't "space time" warping, but a 3-dimensional compression of the aether "fabric." Think of compressing a 3-dimensional window screen material. Imagine if you will a material more like an infinite piece of foam rubber made up of small cubes instead of bubbles, and as you create a squeezed middle, this is the center of the gradient. All matter is pushed into its center by the mechanical effect of the geometric-dynamic of the atom-aether relationship, working on all di-electronic atoms (all atoms with 2 electrons in their inner orbital). So, if you could flatten out the squeezed gradient, then gravity in that flattened area is attenuated.

As such the "Biefield-Brown" type of torus field coils do precisely this, as does a "super conducting magnet" levitation system like that first documented by Finnish scientists. Experiments in 1992 in Finland seemed to show that the Earth's gravity could be shielded with a superconductor configured in a certain manner. This experiment, by Eugene Podkletnov, at Finland's Tampere University of Technology, apparently created a reduction in the weight of objects placed above a levitating, rotating superconducting disk. Notice that these discs were rotating. Does anyone remember that inventor Bruce DePalma and his Teslian N-Pole generator?

This is what the EARTH and all planets and suns do. And (as a rule) the more slowly they rotate, the less gravity they manifest—mass differentials taken into consideration. Ever wonder why the more slowly rotating planets (and even our moon) do not capture moons of their own? There's a mystery.

Levitation/Superconductor links:

Tom Bearden has said that he along with Mr. Sparky Sweet have produced 'antigravity' from a lab-bench test setup. The power-to-weight-ratio was said to be approximately 500 watts of electrical power per pound of lift at 100 Hertz.

Tom Bearden link:

Notice that the frequency used was low. This is a mistake

A frequency perhaps 9 times as big would have yielded better results (hint), and not just because it produces more inductive magnetism. But the frequency doesn't need to just be fast, but it must be a harmonic frequency resonant with the fundamental aether frequency. To this date, outside of the evil mad scientists operating under the auspices of official "Black-ops" projects, no one seems to get this...the AETHER IS IN HARMONIC MOTION...it is DYNAMIC. By effectively flattening out the gravity/inertial field gradient (flattening space-time for all you prisoners of Einsteinian relativistic thinking) gravity field effects can be suppressed. This is why the first NAZI flying wing-type UFOs used this the effect to reduce the affect of g-forces on Horten "flying wing" pilots. Such a field suppression torus created inertial dampening by literally reducing mass effect (i.e., making the pilot LIGHTER)!

For those who remain skeptical, even NASA is looking into so-called Antigravity:

NASA Project report link:

The first use of gravity suppression I ever identified was a system surrounding the cockpit of jet propelled Horten brother's flying "boomerang-shaped" wing. This was a NAZI experimental aircraft. The Horten Brothers built them from 1937, until the allies grabbed the special inertially dampened craft in 1947. A fight of captured Horten "Flying Wings" apparently triggered the most famous modern American UFO sighting over Mt. Rainier in 1947.

HO IX/HO XVIII-The First Flying Saucers?
Ultimate Horten Flying Wing link:

The first official 20th century UFO sighting was made by pilot Kenneth Arnold who, while flying over Mt. Rainier Washington State, USA, in 1947, spotted an unusual flight of unidentified craft. From a debunker's page, attempting to discredit this sighting as a flock of geese (geese traveling at 1200 mph), we read:

<< Not only was this later remark misconstrued by the media and responsible for the
mythology of 'saucer shaped' objects, as opposed to the 'bat-like' shape Arnold actually
described, there's also been a misunderstanding that this simile related to each individual object.

..."I was fascinated by this formation of aircraft. They didn't fly like any aircraft I had ever
seen before. In the first place, their echelon formation was backward from that practiced
by our Air Force. The elevation of the first craft was greater than that of the last.
They flew in a definite formation, but erratically. As I described them at the time, their flight
was like speed boats on rough water or similar to the tail of a Chinese kite that I once saw
blowing in the wind. Or maybe it would be best to describe their flight characteristics as very
similar to a formation of geese, in a rather diagonal chain-like line, as if they were linked
together. As I put it to newsmen in Pendleton, Oregon, they flew like a saucer would if you
skipped it across the water".


Kenneth Arnold's rendering of the object(s) he saw.

It is pretty clear, in retrospect, that Kenneth Arnold actually saw was a formation of recently U.S.-acquired Horten flying wings, designs that lay somewhere between models HO IX and HO XVIII. This specially equipped flight of Horten "boomerang-shaped" ships was described as like a "saucer skipping over the water." From this description the term "flying saucer" was coined. And this is ironic, as these ships were NOT the traditional "saucer" shape at all. The erratic (non-conventional) movement would've been induced by the gravity-field suppression coils surrounding the pilot's cockpit enclosures. Subsequent flying wing designs tended to crash a lot because the center of gravity in flying wings needs to be far forward to be stabile. Perhaps the lightening of the front end of these ships by the effect of these coils made them rather unstable in turbulent air. However, at 1200 mph these ships outstripped anything that the United States or it's allies had conceived of, let alone built.

Certainly no American civilian had ever seen anything so fast. Hence, Ken and a lot of other uninformed Americans latched onto the next best theory....ships from "outer space." And the government let them go on believing it, this was a perfect way to cover-up the truth. This "alien" cover-up proved to be so successful that it became the next best ploy; the best after the weather balloon and meteor and Venus excuses, that is. This is NOT to say that there are not extraterrestrial craft, but that's another story.

NWO Technology "Leaks" On The Rise
One of my greatest fears has been focused on the day that the New World Order factions—those military groups that represent the real power in this country, the so-called "Shadow Government"—would feel confident enough to "come out" in all their dark glory. As this inevitable day D-day (Darkness Day) approaches, beware, for only after these people are so confident that they believe there is no way they can loose, will they present their "gifts" of technology to the world. When this UFO tech is completely revealed (if it ever is), you will know that "resistance is futile."

I hold September 11th (October surprise, #1) as a landmark in the history of the Military Industrial Complex so feared by President Eisenhower. It is really a coming out for the New World Order in all the important respects. It was bold. It was ruthless, and it was determined to move the whole world forward into socialism in order to keep some time schedule that we can only guess. Personally, I believe that this clearly points to next year as the next bold step, the date of a "prearranged" earth-comet (meteor) collision. So we should NOT be surprised that we are now seeing some of their older technology being released to the public.

In fact, while I am on the topic of secret aircraft, it seems appropriate to wax a little prognosticative at this point. It seems inescapably clear to me that this massive 200 billion military deal with the Lockheed-Martin company marks the beginning of a program of accelerated mass production of "triangle ships" for the NWO's "NATO" air force. I know of several other people who've had visions akin to my own, wherein they saw these Tier III UAV triangles participating in surveillance, and directing the elimination of resistance, on the streets of America to NWO domination. It is also quite clear, even though the evidence is only patchy, that L-M built many of our government's first "gravity-field" propelled triangle ships. There were many variations and body designs manufactured and tested by other companies, including Boeing of WA. It was these "gravity-field" propelled ships were the ones captured in that now infamous footage obtained from a mountaintop near Area-51.

For years now both types of ships have been tested. Many fuselage body types can be tested with conventional lift, and so are. This eliminates a lot of potential information leaks, apparently. Sometimes modified versions of REAL G-F ships are displayed just to convince the public that there's not any real gravity technology out there. This strategy has worked for almost 60 years now...so why quit when deceit has worked so well? But the old days of hiding these technologies seem to be coming to a close.

Original Triangle-Ship design, the (conventional thrust/lift) A-12

One can only imagine that before the BIG announcement of gravity control is revealed, it would certainly be advantageous if some earth-shattering revelation of a dire world calamity should become manifest. If the economies of the world suddenly collapsed, an announcement of a new technology and energy source couldn't hurt, and would only help things. As they say, timing is...everything. During drastic periods of paradigm shifts acceptance of new ideas would be rapid, and the heroes of the New World Order come to the rescue of mankind both as saviors, and as purveyors of new and wonderful toys. Suddenly a grateful world would agree that all those years of secrecy were justified.

Meanwhile, the disinformation, decoys and technological deception seems to just roll on, and on. Such is the case with the now famous "Dark Star" UAV. Even a casual glance at Dark Star reveals that these ships are nothing short of a saucer with a wing slapped onto the aft section of their fuselages. These are un- flying saucers! Burt wait. Look closely? Gravity-field generators are round capacitor-shaped devices. What do we see in the middle of the disc (slightly forward of center)? Could that be a circular hatch? Hmmmm, what is it covering up?

Boeing's "Dark Star UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

In my frightening vision of UAV/UCAV nuclear resistance elimination (received in 1971), I saw the lower elevation triangle craft (Tier III UAVs) used to seek out resistance on the streets of America. Then, from higher up, bombs were dropped. The Tier III UAVs were locating resistance with technologies I now recognize as through-the-wall Infrared and SAR (synthetic aperture radar). Apparently, by rapidly comparing the IR signatures with satellite data uplinked to geosynchronous satellites and back to computers at command centers, identified an enemy (no subdermal tracking chip signatures corresponding to the persons at these locations) and the bombs would fall shortly thereafter. Depending upon who it was, and how many had gathered, personnel would sometimes arrive instead to mop up.

In either case, this entire identification process was accomplished in a matter of seconds, and in the case of exterminations, some other aerial vehicles would deliver the warheads. I did not see these, but knew they were up there, somewhere. I sensed that they were controlled from somewhere else entirely...which I did not understand. Ahhhh...the wonders of science. Look a this operational diagram below. These UAVs will largely be operated by submarines several hundreds of miles away from ground zero, their operators safely hidden under the ocean in command posts on submarines. Nice and neat, and safe...for someone.

Navy's UAV Evolving Deployment Strategies

Those bombs I foresaw were nothing less and neutron bomb technology—a technology I could hardly have imagined as a 16 year-old boy growing up in the early 70s. To the best of my knowledge today, this technology was not yet even on the drawing boards of Los Alamos scientists at that time, and the smaller triangular UAVs were only in their early test stages at bases in Utah and Nevada, and were kept under Top Secret-Ultra and Q clearance security.

The Age of the Sky Dragons: UCAVs
Just two weeks ago or so (the end of October, 2001) the military announced their plans to arm the higher elevation Tier II "Predator" UAVs with guided missiles. These will now be classed as UCAVs, or unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles, and a new age of warfare is dawning. Boeing also announced it's new  DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Phase II UCAV. These ships can carry a shocking arsenal of weaponry (including atomics).

Artist rendition of a Boeing DARPA "stage II" UCAV


DARPA Tier II Predator-Converted To UCAV

A "Joint Strike" Air Force for a World Order
The dust from September 11th had barely begun to settle over New York and already the opportunists/manipulators of the New World Order were setting into motion the machinery of global war. Along with the "Patriot/USA" bills and a new Homeland Security Agency with sweeping new levels of secrecy and power, the new money for war toys was wet and just off the presses. Suddenly the new American President made billions magically precipitate out of a crippled economy in the form of federal funding for America's latest war...on terrorism

"The announcement last week (First of November) the Pentagon awarded Lockheed-Martin (think "Skunkworks") a staggering sum—more than $280 billion—to manufacture fleets of two new stealth fighters, the F-22 and the Joint Strike Fighter (the latter to be used by the Navy, Air Force, and Marines, as well as Great Britain)."


Already "rumor" has it that this well touted "Joint Strike Fighter" (displayed to the public with lots of fanfare I might add) is NOT the final design slated for production. So, what is it going to be? The reader need not strain their brains on this question. If what I have reported on for a decade now is true, they can only be building these UAVs and UCAVs that I and others have seen. Those of you who may doubt this had better be right, because what some of us has seen will make the German Holocaust look like the botch job of rank amateurs. These new toys will make genocide a push-button pastime for the draftees of the New World Order's video-game soldier generation.

The reader should look carefully at the statement above...and ask themselves, WHAT is a JOINT STRIKE air force? Well, is no one surprised that America is suddenly supplying Britain with aircraft? This is NOT the same as selling a few planes to England, it is OUTFITTING A FOREIGN AIR FORCE? Can anyone spell sovereignty any more? Probably not, but I'll bet that most of my readers can spell "narrow nationalism" or "isolationism," and can pronounce "global village" and "NATO." One thing that will greatly affect the nature of military vehicles in the near future are the many advantages offered by the new breed of UAV (unmanned, or Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles) known now as UCAVs (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles). It will not be long before manned aerial combat will largely a thing of the past. And, as operations in the Gulf War (stage I) showed us, when a pilot or operator of a weapon is no longer looking at a target first hand, but a display far removed from the emotion of war and battle, pushing the button is as easy as doing so in an arcade game. The main difference is that this button kills people, perhaps by the tens of thousands, and no one's hands need get dirty. Such warfare removes the human element, until warfare is about as emotional as setting an ant trap, or perhaps even less.

Take a listen to leading pundits explain how innovative Boeing's new UCAV is. It certainly looks cool..and DEADLY.
(RealAudio link) <http://www.boeing.com/news/releases/2000/news_release_000927n.htm>

Boeing's new model UCAV on display

Those who see nothing unusual in this probably did not notice the historic event of the end of October as Bush gave his tacit approval to the inclusion of a few dozen AWACS planes in joint military defense operations over American airspace. WHY is this a big deal? Hmmm... Well, perhaps it is because this was the FIRST TIME IN U.S. HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES THAT A FOREIGN MILITARY, UNDER FOREIGN LEADERSHIP, HAS OPERATED AUTONOMOUSLY ON/OVER U.S. SOVEREIGN SOIL? And WHO were these "buddies?" Well, well, it is the GERMANS. Anything seem a bit obfuscated here?

Vertical Takeoff, or Gravity Lift?
It is this researcher's opinion that gravity field lift and flight have been perfected over the last two decades. Both discs and triangles of many types have been sighted flying regularly down Air Force and Naval Air Base corridors. Thousands of verified sightings means a lots of ships. Since NATO began to get their contingent of ships in the early '90s, sightings in Great Britain and in Europe have increased dramatically. Who how knows how many models the USAF and US Navy have built and now employ for reconnaissance and tactical first-strike and electronic jamming missions. From the Lockheed-Martin web site:


<<Three versions of the JSF are planned. The conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) variant will be built in the highest quantities, and is designed for the U.S. Air Force...
The short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) version is equipped with a unique shaft-driven lift fan propulsion system that enables the aircraft to take off from a very short runway or small aircraft carrier and land vertically. The U.S. Marine Corps will employ the STOVL JSF, which will be the first operational STOVL aircraft capable of sustained supersonic flight. The United Kingdom is evaluating both the STOVL and CV variants.>>

Pay special attention to this blurb:

<<All variants will be supersonic and stealthy (radar-evading), and equipped with cutting-edge avionics designed to enhance the pilot's situational awareness.>>

Perhaps we might mention the inclusion of brainwave-direct machine control pioneered at Wright Patterson? This is the same sort of technology found in early crashed UFO discs. The human versions were pioneered at Wright Patterson. A recent public disclosure showed that the military had been using "biofeedback" mechanisms to pilot aircraft (According to our 25 year-lag thesis) as early as 1970. One wonders how far they've come in this area of technology.

Continuing the "Joint Strike Force" story:
<<Range and payload will be markedly greater than those of current fighter aircraft. JSF is designed to require significantly less maintenance and support than fighters currently in service, cutting long-term ownership costs by half.>>

Gravity field generators are inherently less expensive and far less mechanical than fans and turbine jets. Their efficiency allows for far greater payloads because lift is not limited to lift-to-weight air speed to payload ratios and limitations. Just pour more electrical energy into the field-generator, and you simply get more lift. Speed of the aircraft and wing surface limitations are no an obstacle. This statement certainly tells an interesting tale if we take a skeptical/cynical look a bit behind the headlines. For those who think such conclusions seem a bit far-fetched, remember, a gravity-attenuating, invisibility, 360º night-vision suit might have seemed a bit outlandish to most of you only one week ago! In fact, if the Army itself hadn't posted this little teaser, how many of you would have believed me?

Conspiracy? Mystery Object: Drudge Report
In my opinion, one of the most important stories to come out of the September 11th disaster was the sighting of a couple of unidentified craft during the twin towers attacks. Caught live in several frames of footage as plane number two slammed into the South Tower, was an anomalous object that passed behind the North Tower only seconds behind the collisions itself. This was NO video anomaly. It was an intelligently piloted UAV, of this there can be little doubt in my mind.

At speeds I calculated between 900-1200 mph (minimum) this vehicle was caught pacing the second plane off it's port wing-tip, and apparently followed the American Airlines flight in until it struck the South Tower. We see it descend from above the backside and top of the North Tower, and veer towards the camera, passing around the building to the North and then over head and to the right of camera. Beyond our view is must have steering a course between the buildings to the right of camera. This incredible maneuverability must be made possible by automated anti-collision technology (pioneered by Boeing to my knowledge) and implemented in these advanced UAVS. Only by additionally employing a direct brain wave-to-machine control linkage technology, could this sort of flying be possible. Such a technology would eliminating the nearly 1/2 second+ lag better operator thoughts, and the control surfaces/gravity-field vector reactions necessary to fly like that. I can find nothing else that can explain such maneuvering capability...can any of you?

Matt Drudge approximates the path the object took in the sixth frame of the following sequence. This series of frame grabs is not complete. Sadly this was only available to me as a RealAudio stream, If anyone has the footage as MPEG or better, please feel free to drop me a line at <saturn7777@aol.com>. Put UFO Footage in the topic sentence, please. The original news article and footage is now gone from the FOX news web site.

Matt represents an approximate path for the object as indicated by the red line in frame 6. Closer analysis, however, shows this to be incorrect. I corrected the misalignments of this series of frames and show you the path in green in frame 5. This almost looks like a fish swimming through the water? In a stunning series of video sequences that were broadcast in June of 1994 by "Hard Copy," just such motion was displayed by UFOs (U.S. government ships) being tested in the clear blue desert skies over Roswell, New Mexico (of all places).

Matt Drudge's "Mystery Obkject" link:

Matt Drudge "Mystery Object" Frames: Sequence of  UFO footage, from Sept. 11th, 2001

I will provide a more in-depth write up on my web site. For the diehard skeptics out there, I can assure that it is NOT a piece of any aircraft, as it is not on the same trajectory, nor does it travel at the same speed. It comes from left and above the North Tower, and it is under intelligent control. Although it is moving so fast that in each individual frame (at 30 fps) it is blurred, you can tell it is not too large, certainly no larger than a small private aircraft. Additional footage from another vantage point shows another anomalous object hovering in the sky, and overlooking the scene during the second aircraft's attack on South Tower. It remains in several frames and is virtually motionless. It is NOT a helicopter either.

Trickle Down Technology
So, the reader might be tempted to ask, how did all this high-tech equipment get developed without the average lay person knowing about it? Ad anyone familiar with "black-ops" technology can tell you, most of the stuff the average person on the street gets to see is at least 25 years old. There are many well informed individuals who could not help but notice that some leaps in technology seem to have come out of the clear blue, as if military engineers jumped decades ahead in a few years, from time to time. As the story goes, much of our modern tech has come from extraterrestrial spacecraft back-engineering programs. Certain artifacts were given to companies that originally assisted the government at Wright-Patterson, as well as at other facilities. These engineering/manufacturiung firms were allowed to play with it, produce commercially viable products with it, and share in the profits. Needless to say these same companies would have the first shot at lucrative military contracts involved in implementing these same technologies...or at least the NEXT GENERATION versions of our household technologies based on the same principles. So the claim goes for the remarkable breakthroughs like the microchip, optical fiber and even the capacitor.

This new ARMY suit may well prove to be the result of the downsizing and perfecting of technology that was back-engineered by the Third Reich's scientist/engineers from the wreckage of a UFO that crashed in Turkey in 1943. This would make the first generation of this ex-Nazi technology over 55 years old now. So today it suddenly appears as the next greatest toy to entice a new era of little NAZIS to join the elite club of faithful defending the "fatherland." A sobering thought indeed, isn't it?

These new technologies are the incentives being resented to potential treaties countries friendly to the New World Order's socialist ideology, euphemistically referred today as "globalism." How did Bush and Tony Blair both put it recently.... "You are either for us, or against us" (or something to that effect)? From now on we can expect a lot of new toys to come out of the proverbial technology closet.

Apparently the New World Order's soldiers can now use the same technology that the Germans first played with prior to 1947, to make themselves lighter, invisible, stealthy and...invincible? How does this ad read to you?

< What you see is a Soldier system that gives me 360º vision in pitch black. Makes me invisible to the naked eye. Lets me walk up a mountainside. And run in a desert. You've never seen anything like me. But don't worry. They haven't either. I AM AN ARMY OF ONE. And you can see my strength.>

What we see is a beautiful rendition of Gestapo black—always very fashionable among elite killing forces. In addition these suits borrow something more from the UFO technology we've been pioneering for the last half a century. Hey. If you're going to kill people for a living, do it with style, I say! One might get a little rush up the spine if one was to contemplate the thought that perhaps the definition of "THEY" might someday grow to incude...."anti-government dissidents," seditionists," "domestic terrorists," "millennial cultists," "white supremacists" and who knows who else? And we sixties hippies thought we could make human slaughter unfashionable!? Boy, were we ever naive.

Apparently these suits use the same light scattering/duplicating invisibility technology pioneered at Area-51 in the 1970s for triangle ship hull materials. Now, it can be built into the new uniform fabrics and stuffed with Kevlar too. First pioneered under the auspices of "Project Galileo" at Area 51 and at S-4, this invisibility technology was developed to camouflage the fuselages of gravity field triangles (triangular UFOs). It is now the latest fashion craze in the world of hi-tech homicidal dissident suppression—ooops, I mean "Homeland Defense."

Not only can the wearer of these suits (if we can believe the U.S. Army) remain invisible to the "naked eye," and see a 360º heads up IR-lit Night Vision display (eat your heart our Cadillac). Stylish, fashionable in their bullet-holstered look, these gravity-suppression coil-enhanced superheros are sure to be a big hit at the next Homeland Security raid. Now our new heroes in black are empowered to "leap over tall buildings in a single bound," or something close to it! One wonders what other surprises they might be hiding under those cape...cape...capers?

Now, if only they were fighting for TRUTH, or JUSTICE, or even the AMERICAN (Constitutional) Way?



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It looks like the US Army is using an advanced electronic invisibility suit for its soldiers now. There is a picture at:   http://www.usarec.army.mil/launchkit/print/ad_5.html

It may have somewhat of an antigravity effect too. They are saying it lets soldiers "walk up a mountainside" and "run through a desert." It is usually hard to do those things with a full field battle pack, especially running through a desert's shifting sand. The recruiting ad reads: SGT Joseph Patterson. Enlisted Liaison Operational Forces Interface Group. AN ARMY OF ONE. In the United States Army.

What you see is a Soldier system that gives me 360º vision in pitch black. Makes me invisible to the naked eye. Lets me walk up a mountainside. And run in a desert. You've never seen anything like me. But don't worry. They haven't either. I AM AN ARMY OF ONE. And you can see my strength.

Looks like back-engineering alien equipment really paid off. [yeah...thrills]

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