Milk Hill, Universal Donuts, Scary Scalars, and Physicists...


4/7/02 10:16:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Heya Kent,

First of all, a big thanks to you for all your hard
work.  Your site's been one of the highlights of my
day for quite awhile now.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a familiar graphic and
associated name come up recently:  Marko Rodin.  Right
next to a discussion about physicists.   And also crop
circles.  And dimensional portals.  And scalar wars
and EM.  And Thomas Bearden.

Yep, I thought, God has definitely a sense of humor.
And he's laughing at me too much, for me to ignore the

Should we also add now the Grand Unified Theory and
potential for mass destruction?  An 8000% increase in
communication range for a radio antenna in field
tests, using ideas similar to Rodin's?  Quotes like "a
map of all existence" and "vortical energy will make
the nuclear bomb seem like a firecracker in

Please bear with me on this trip, Kent.  I know it's
longish--you've barely scratched the surface on this
guy.  He's talking about the basic nature of reality
here, the Face of God if you will--it covers so many
aspects I simply cannot do it justice in one mere
letter.  I'll just cover a few highlights of my
experience, put in a few interesting tie-ins to your
work, and then point you to a few other sources as

Probably the best resource to start from Marko Rodin's
own site.  The main page for Marko is at:

If you want a copy of  Marko's out-of-print notes and
accumulated research (350+ pages), let me know, I'll
happily snail mail you a copy.

On to my own story--

--A Physicist ˜Holy Grail': Like Minds Attract?--

I have been a fan of Marko's work for quite awhile.  I
first learned of his ideas back about four or five
years ago, when I was a working for a software company
that is owned and managed by a world-famous physicist.

A famous physicist who thinks a lot like Marko, but
who operates in a much different environment.

Which famous physicist, you may ask?  Does the name
Stephen Wolfram ring a bell?  :) He's the fellow who
opened the door of cellular automata theory.  A genius
from childhood.  Wolfram used computers starting in
the 70's, to demonstrate that simple formulas or
patterns could be repeated over and over in programs,
in order to create larger more complex structures. 

A clip from a Wolfram interview (about his book, ˜New
Kind of Science'):

"One might have thought--if a (computer) program was
simple, it should only do simple things. But amazingly
enough, that isn't even close to correct. --In fact,
what I've discovered is that some of the very simplest
imaginable computer programs can do things as complex
as anything in our whole universe."

"It's this point that seems to be the secret that's
used all over nature, (simplicity) to produce the
complex and intricate things we see. --Understanding
this point seems to be the key to a whole new way of
thinking about a lot of very fundamental questions in
science and elsewhere. And that's what I develop in A
New Kind of Science."

The basic ideas mentioned here are not unlike those of
Einstein or Bucky Fuller...  Wolfram seeks simple
equations and functions that can do complex appearing
things, over iterations.  

But, what then is the absolute simplest formula that
lies at the base of all creation?  The one true
formula that ties it all together?  Is there even such
a thing?

That, my friend, is the Holy Grail of physics.  The
Grand Unified Theory.  I call it the face of God.

Rumors actually abound on Wolfram's current work,
which is very secretive.  He hasn't published any of
his ongoing research for over ten years now. 

I suspect, like many, that Wolfram is still on that
ongoing quest for the ephemeral ˜grail' “ the Grand
Unified Theory, or its close kin--and he won't publish
any results until he's satisfied he's tried his
best--it would certainly fit in with the nature of
Wolfram's other work. 

But the ˜universal theory' grail may already have been
found.  By Marko Rodin.

Marko's grail is indeed a simplistic, very rational
base system, underlying the appearance of chaos in
nature and the universe.  He sees a center point for
all creation that can be described mathematically, a
basic numeric and geometric pattern that defines the
reality of all we see and don't see.  A key to the
cosmos, if you will.

The key lies in a twisted torus, defined further by
three basic number patterns that repeat in sequence,
on the surface gridwork.  (Trinities are usually holy,
aren't they?)

Rodin called me back then because he was hoping that a
physicist's high-end software could model the torus
effectively.  In motion and color, which is a critical
aspect to the design.

An interesting sidenote--when viewed in 3D cutaway from
the side, the center part of Marko's model even looks
a lot like a grail shape.  ;)  This further relates to
a pair of crop circles from 2000; more on this later.

If you are curious on Wolfram, here are a few web
sites: first a link mentioned on your site in the
past, then one for Stephen's home page, and then the
one about his controversial new upcoming book, "New
Kind of Science"- ten years so far in the making:


--The Universe is a What, Marko?--

Now you know where I was working when that first call
came in from Marko.  Seldom did I talk to anyone about
our software who had less than a PhD, and almost never
to anyone who spoke words containing fewer than 5
syllables.  ;) 

Yet I picked up the phone that one day, a call from
Hawaii, and there was this very different voice on the
line.  Very laid back, happy, down-to-earth.  I was
worried that he was a jokester at first.  I gave him
the overview of our mathematical software and then
asked him what he was trying to do.

He paused and said, "First, let me ask you a question.
If you could picture the universe, what would it look

I shrugged to myself, a bit intrigued “ and said that
I didn't really know.

"What would you say if I told you it was shaped like a
big donut?"

"I've been working on a new theory in mathematics and
physics.  See, I've found these key patterns
throughout nature and the universe that can be
described in the shape of a certain torus.  From atoms
to blood cells to galaxies.  The model looks basically
like a donut shape, that slopes down in the middle. 
[SEE: Fermilab E872 a.k.a. DONUT 2]

Very similar to the head of a sunflower.  One of my
names for it actually.  "The Inestimable Sunflower
Hologram Toroid Map."


"Yeah.  The universe, for example, doesn't work on a
straight square grid model, like you see in a lot of
college books.  It's not like that at all. It's really
a self-contained vortex, where the energy and matter
flows along in specific diagonal patterns.  Vortices
are where all the power is in nature."

I puzzled on this a moment and said, "That's weird.
For a minute there it sounded like some theories I've
read on black holes."

"You've got the right idea.  Donut's got two sides,
right?  So does this vortex.  Matter and energy go in
on one side and back out on the other.  Everything is
compressed as it moves closer and closer to the center
of the torus, until reaching a critical point; then
reverses.  It gradually expands again as it moves
farther away from the center, until it hits the far
rim.  Then everything shifts again at the far edge,
and gets pulled over towards the opposite side again.
So, a black hole and a white hole are always paired."

"Oh, I think I see some of what your saying--in the
black hole theories I was reading about, they
mentioned creating a static reference reality point,
which would be necessary to base time travel on.
Creating that one point is the key.  From it, you can
travel to a number of possible pasts and a number of
possible futures, and the lines of reality go out in a
cone shape each way.  Are you saying your torus is
something like that?"

"In a way.  But there's a lot more to my theory than
that, and there are a lot of differences in my ideas
from those theories.  My model goes right down to the
nature of numbers themselves.  And I don't ignore the
nature of the center like a lot of others do.  It's
critical.  The center of the torus is where the
highest compression occurs, where everything is
reduced to a single point, to the smallest possible
level. Unity.  It can't get any smaller.  I call it
the Primal Point of Unity, or the God Point."


"Yes.  All creation emanates from this point."

And so my long strange trip to the world of Marko
Rodin began.  It truly was only the beginning of the
scope of his theories.  We talked almost three hours
that day.   So long, in fact, I got reprimanded by my
supervisor for breaking company policy.  But it was
worth it. 

Marko's theories tapped upon: free/alternative energy
discussions, fusion coils, time and dimensional
travel, weapons, numerology, faith, dna coil
structures, healing techniques, the mysterious ˜Pi',
the nature of reality, the face of God, the future of
Mankind, and so on and so on.  Believe me, it's all in
there somewhere.

He later sent me a copy of his book, a solid 350 pages
of articles, testimonials, diagrams, tests, and even
just plain stream of consciousness.  A wild ride, I
must say “ I've had the book for 4+ years now, and
still learn something completely new, every time I
pick it up the darn thing up to read.

And a lot has developed in the world since then.

Issues:  Marko's Torus “ Godly or Deadly Power?

So what happens if you find a basic way to describe
the nature of the cosmos?  Harness a ˜God Point?"  Say
that every atom contains "a miniature contracting
black hole and expanding white hole, with the
electrons orbital pathway tunneling through the
nucleus as they travel along the perpetual motion
bifilar Doubling Circuits conduit pathway?"   

A black hole, a white hole, a fixed time axis, and
known invisible pathways (shears) for sending
electrons of various charges along in predictable
motion, on a reproducible schema?  What might that

Many positive applications could result, on one hand.
Energy, for example “ you could probably create almost
frictionless ways to generate and transfer
electricity.  A virtually unlimited source of power
with little impact on the environment.  Very good for

But, on the other hand, with this technology we could
easily destroy ourselves with it too.  We are talking
about paired space/time phenomena here, and a
fundamental universal code-- I mentioned the risk to
Marko, and learned I wasn't the first to say so:

R. Rivera wrote to Marko in 1994:

"This will be the core of my scripts assumption:

*    that vortical energy (energy derived from atoms
grinded in a super vortex) is the ultimate form of
energy and will replace nuclear energy as our world's
future power source--
*    that along with the unlimited electrical power,
vortical energy can also cause mass destruction.  At
the very least as a weapon, the atoms of the vortex
can draw in atoms from surrounding atmosphere and
create a super tornado--but vortical energy also has
the potential of creating super hot atoms around its
vortex; hot enough to form a miniature sun, which
would incinerate anything within miles of its core.
The deadly power of vortical energy will make the
nuclear bomb seem like a firecracker in comparison.
*    Vortical energy is the blueprint of the universe.
The vortical form influences matter everywhere, from
the configuration of the atom to the shape of the
universe itself."

See a copy of the letter at:

More examples?  See below.

--On the Bearden Tie-ins to Marko, Radar Rings, and

The big buzzwords nowadays, of "Scalar wars", "Radar
rings" and "EM weapons" were unknown to me a few years
ago.  But there was one name was mentioned by Marko
back then, well associated with the research in
electromagnetic fields, which I still see a lot of

Col. Thomas Bearden.

Did you know Bearden wrote an article about Marko's
concepts, for the Alternative Energy Research
publication, back in 1996?  See the link below:

Few of the quotes from it, and my thoughts between:

"--magnetic vector potential ˜A' is ˜defined' by the
equation B = (curl operator) * A.  If you choke off or
kill the curl operator--then this leaves the curl-free
A potential to move out on its own, without being tied
to a magnetic force it almost always
otherwise is."

Basically, you want to eliminate resistance in
electromagnetics, to maximize a magnetic vector
potential.  Marko's design does that very well, in

""What he (Rodin) is really doing is attempting to
separate the A potential (magnetic vector potential A)
from the B field, and use the curl-free A potential as
an independent field of nature in the central
'crossover' region.'" 

So the center point of the design is the real key, as
mentioned by Marko.  The energy focal point.

Also, you find that the shears are critical to
achieving this result effectively - the "spaces' in
Marko's coil/torus designs.  (It's the last of the
three different number sequence used on Marko's model,
the 3-9-6 sequence).  These spaces are paths for the
aetheron flux as Marko calls it, that bend matter into
a certain pattern and result in predictable motion of
things like electrons.

"One of the most interesting (field coil antenna)
variants he built was quite similar to Ramsay's
buildup of the Rodin coil--.That coil antenna exhibited
about what Ramsey and Rodin are reporting, and
dramatically extended the communication range of a
small CB radio from, say, its nominal 1/4 mile to 20
miles or more."

Interesting--so Marko's basic geometry, when used in a
coil antenna design even years ago, massively expanded
the range of communication possible--an 8000% increase
in range for a CB radio-- any wonder that we see the
"daisy wave" pattern reflected all the time on radar,
nowadays?  Wonder who's talking.

"With some difficulty, one can even assemble a curl
free A“potential from the two multifrequency
transmitter arrays that transmit two harmonic series
of wavepairs--Each of the arrays transmits one of the
scalar fields (Scalar waves) that together comprise
the curl-free A-potential."

A lot of thoughts here?  Sounds like you can emulate
the enhancing effect of the torus design not just with
a single physical device, but using waves themselves
in pairs. HAARP?   Joint radar anomalies?  EM weapons?
Military applications, for the most part, I would

--ET Phone Home--Calling Marko--Crop Circles 2000

Funny that you should mention crop circles and Marko
Rodin on the same page.  I was at the Star Knowledge
Conference back in March 2001, where I attended a
presentation by James Gilliland (the fellow who lives
up your way over by Mt. Adams, a place that is home to
an interesting dimensional vortex as well, I think.) 

I was born and raised in eastern WA state, and I used
to live not too far from there, so I just had to see
James' presentation.

As the slide show went on, my jaw nearly dropped when
I saw a particular British crop circle photo from
2000, that was almost a dead ringer for Marko's
design.  See:

I had the Marko's book with me at the conference, and
got a bit of a chuckle after the talk from Mr.
Gilliland, when I showed him just where I'd seen that
picture before.  As I recall, James already knew of
the physics implications of the design, from a
different physics researcher he knows, with a lot of
the same basic ideas. 

Later, after the conference, I found out about another
crop circle that had actually preceded this one, also
formed in Wiltshire.  It is a bit different than
Marko's design, and looks almost like a torus in the
process of being formed, before it is complete.  If
you could pinch it all the way to the middle, and
create the uniform center point, then you'd have
Marko's standard torus from a side view:

A predecessor to the Grail cutaway, too, in a way.


--Conclusion for now--the last weirdness--a Tibetan

There is a lot more to Marko's ideas than what I
mention, so please go visit Marko's site--and dig
around.  Be sure to see the articles stored in this
specific web directory, if you have time.  This writer
has a lot more information on the numerology and
spiritual tie-ins, including Tibetan Buddhism among
other things:

Though not on the web, I also have a copy of a
separate 15 page "Q&A" interview a person did with
Marko (by a different author), which is from the book
itself.  If I have time, I'll scan it and send a copy
as a pdf file to you, contains some very digestable
information to grasp the bigger scope of the ideas

To add a last gasp of weirdness to the whole thing:

A traditional Tibetan healing sand mandala just got
finished here at UIUC on Saturday.  It's a very rare
semi-permanent installation, which I have been
watching the progress of, while being made, for the
last two weeks.  They just performed the closing and
thanksgiving ceremony on Saturday, and I got to see it
all in person.  Very cool. 

Of course, Tibetan mandalas, like Marko's design, can
be thought of as representations of a larger scope of
dimensional reality with very specific designs
inherit, though appearing to be a circular grid
pattern.  Even in ancient art forms, 2D pictures may
reflect up to 4D dimensionality--

To see our local healing mandala in the midst of the
general discussion of weirdness, visit:

Well, guess I better sign off now.  Hope that you have
fun on the Marko Rodin mental trip, it's certainly
always been fun for me.


Lady Annor