By Dr J.S. Chiappalone MD.

This is a very difficult time for everybody on the planet. Those who do not
know what is going on are confused, anxious, depressed, even suicidal. Many
slip into denial because that suits them for the moment. But denial is no
answer, as we all know. Sooner or later we must all face the stresses which
are tearing the world apart. All must do so, inspite of the profuse use of
temporary modes of escapism.

Even those of us who know a little of what is going on, and those who are
awakening to the horror of the path this Earth is following are traumatised
emotionally. That is unavoidable. But, with the right perspective, and with
the realization that this is a temporary suffering in an illusional world
which will soon end, we can bypass the suffering and enjoy the thought of a
peaceful, soon-to-be-realized, Evil-free state.

We are all involved in this Final War of Essences which will result in the
eradication of all Evil, all it has spawned, including many consciousnesses
who deny Evil, and all of the physical structures in this doomed
counterfeit reality. Every unit of consciousness on Earth, and elsewhere, is involved,
whether it wants to be involved or not, whether it realises it or not.
Those who are viable, and are to continue after resolution of this Final
War of Essences, will see a result well worth the pain and suffering they have
to endure in this phase of Correction. As I have written before, the
changes and Correction are occurring on many levels simultaneously:
On the Physical Level - Changes are occurring via the wars, fragmentation
of countries, failure of crops, climatic madness,, excessive dangerous solar
radiation,,diseases galore such as the purposely introduced genocidal
diseases such as AIDS, Gulf War Syndrome, Mad Cow Disease, Ebola - yes
Ebola - anthrax, and many as yet unclassified new diseases, etc. The
biosphere is damaged beyond repair. The death of the Seas will become
acutely overt very shortly. The Sun is dying and the other planets of this
Solar System are fragmenting too.

On the Emotional Level - This is occurring via the stresses, anxieties,
fears, depression, hysteria and paranoia which are fragmenting unprotected
minds. Exaggerated and inappropriate emotional responses by individuals,
governments, nations, races, and even animals will mark this unprecedented
time as unique.

On the Mental Level - This is obvious from the confusion affecting Archons
who are pursuing unclear agendas, from the overt stupid mistakes leaders of
nations and industry are making, and the corruption of mental processes
which lead to grand hoaxes like the New York World Trade Centre catastrophe
of September 11, 2001. More so, in coming days, this mental deterioration
will be seen in senseless and exaggerated responses by individuals and
military personnel in their duties, responses which will often oppose the
agenda prescribed for them. This then, is the Road to Anarchy!

On the Spiritual Level - Although no tangible proof can possibly be
available on the Physical Level of what is occurring on the Spiritual
Level, some hints can be gained from the following:

i There is a definite demarcation of individuals into 2 camps - those who
yearn for Peace, Godliness and a Day of Justice, and those who are
hell-bent on self-destruction by any means. Look at all those fools clammering for
vicious war to be waged mercilessly, calling for assassinations, murders,
blood-curdling retaliation, and calling for "nuking them before they nuke
us", etc. These are not men and women of Peace, Love and Justice; they are
not of any Godliness. They are self-destructive demons from Hell, and
robots whom they have programmed to be sycophantic supporters.

ii A shortage of "good energy" is becoming abundantly clear to those who
are awakening to the sensitivity and sensibility of ethereal realities. I have
explained previously that this shortage is due to the Evacuation of
Theomorphs and Viables - the ones who have "good energy" - out of this

iii A foreboding sense of Finality and, for some, Doom, is affecting minds
everywhere on the planet and this explains the unprecedented degree of
fear, anxiety and depression in all populations. The sense of abject hopelessness
and helplessness, the sense of an Apocalyptic End, and of Finality when the
USA's self-inflicted horror of the "event" of September 11 in New York was
witnessed cannot be exaggerated. And although this self-inflicted attack,
this dishonest affliction, was a well choreographed trigger to allow the
beginning of a course of World Domination by one of the Alien Clans hidden
in this world, many felt the rise of End-of-the-World fears from deep
within them. These feeling are valid, for that is exactly what they represent.
Those Archons bent on self-destruction have programmed themselves to blot
out this possibility from their psyche, but it will not do them any good.
They are as doomed as this planet. (I discuss these Alien Clans and their
wars in detail in my next book.)

iv The information I have published since 1984 has been accurate in
describing the changes in this world. I have given the why, when, and how
of what is developing. To any thinking person this must mean that there IS a
Plan of Correction, that the Plan is known, at least by me and others such
This then leads to the conclusion that - if such is the case - for it is
too much of a long shot to think I have simply made it all up - then there is
an undeniable validity to the information I have published. That being the
case, then the scenario for what is to come henceforth that I have painted
is valid too. Those who know, know that they know.

Thus, the Plan of Correction that I have published, will be eventually
accepted by all, regardless of the degree of reluctance, for it is the only
valid Plan that explains all that is occurring.

The reason I am explaining it thus is so that those who accept its validity
can develop confidence and Joy by actively accepting the outcome - that
those who deserve to continue to exist will do so in changed circumstances.
Those who have been judged non viable will perish.

There will be no argument about this point. It is a matter of fact. And
like everything I write, you are free to accept it or dismiss it.
The assertion then is that all have been judged, that all has been
forecast, that we are following a Plan of Correction which is unstoppable, and that
we have to see it through to the end. Thus, in these next few years, states of
minds will be one of two:

a. Hell on Earth for those who have no understanding and no Joy in their
hearts. These things - understanding and joy - arise from a
non-coincidental acceptance of the Truth which is evolving uninterruptedly on the plane.

b. Inner Serenity at a time of transition for those who "see the Light"; but
also a time of pain, suffering and misery, which they can easily dismiss
with the thoughts of a righteous outcome; a time of seeking peace of mind -
which they will achieve - in the midst of all-encompassing global Terminal
Madness. They will be spared the hopelessness, the despair, the sense of
doom, which will afflict many others.

The most important thing now is to understand the Process of Correction and
to remain sane. To this end it may assist you to learn to cope, not with
just all the fears of the physical discomfort and peril, but with the
Knowledge of Correction, of Judgement, of Finality and of the End to this
Abomination, this affliction, this Cancer on the face of Creation, a cancer
called the Counterfeit Creation.

To assist you further, here I reproduce that which I wrote in Newsletter # 2
on September 1996.

Most, if not all, True Beings are subjected to pain, suffering,
humiliation, ridicule at some time or other, and most are grossly disadvantaged by the
evil system and the evil beings who run it. They may be even treated this
way by fellow True Beings who are unawakened and are used by the evil
system to attack their own kind. Some suffer far more than others. If you see
yourself in this situation, grin and bear it. The suffering or any
disadvantage you undergo may be necessary to expose the evil patterns and
the evil beings further so that not only will they be eventually destroyed,
but also so that in the process perhaps other beings of Light can be spared
a similar fate to some extent. Understanding this, we would all be willing
to help out, would we not? We would all be willing to carry our burden as
we fight evil in the myriad of ways that life presents itself on this level.

This does not mean that we passively accept all that is thrown at us by the
evil system. We fight back as vigorously and as courageously as we can
whenever we can. It simply means that when it appears we apparently cannot
win under the prevailing circumstances, we simply accept the pain,
suffering, ridicule, humiliation or whatever of the situation and accept
that it must be a necessary price to pay for ultimate victory. Besides, the
advantage of evil over True Beings is apparent only. It may well be that in
your interactions with the evil system and its evil beings, their energy
patterns were interfered sufficiently to allow more rapid deterioration and
hasten the eventual collapse of evil. From this perspective therefore, your
apparent defeat by the evil system and its evil beings is in fact a
precious victory for you and all other True Beings. When viewed in this way it can
be seen that all suffering on this level by True Beings inflicted on them in their struggle
against evil is worthwhile. Besides, suffering in any war is unavoidable.
Even the highest ranking officer who is nowhere near the front and danger
is subjected to the suffering of separation from home, the anguish of losing
battles, the death of troops, the possible harsh judgement of peers, etc.
As this War of Essences is a war to end all wars, one can readily understand
that the degree of suffering may be maximal. The most important thing you
can do in your life is to play your role in the War of Essences.

Hence, you should do everything possible to cleanse, protect and discipline
in order to connect with your Higher Consciousness, to acquire the
knowledge you need to perform your role and the strength to carry it out.
All other activities are secondary and many of them are not only totally
unnecessary but also may be traps to waste time and to deter you from your
role. The information given by the Annwn Publications and the function of
the Centre and all those associated with it is, among other things, to:
awaken the True Beings,

ii. assist them to realigning in the best way for them,

iii. assist in the identification of evil programming, pollution and

iv. assist in the identification of traps,

v. expose and break various evil energy patterns, thus hastening and
assisting the eventual rectification,

vi. neutralize various evil beings around the globe,

vii. set up centres around the globe to disseminate this information,
appears no need for these at this late stage.)

viii. collect the True Beings together on the energy levels and on the
physical where required, (this process is all but completed.)

ix. prepare the True Beings for evacuation,

x. provide a focus for the encircling spacecrafts,

xi. ground energy to disable evil energy grids, and evil magnetic fields.

  Not all the functions are easily understood by readers at this level.
Realize that this fact should not be of any concern. After all, you do not
have to know and understand all the functions of the military high command
to be a good soldier or citizen, do you? All the help is so you will cope
better in the days ahead.