DOBBS: My next guest tonight is make some remarkable assertions about the causes of our recent violent weather. He says we face the manmade threat of terrorist hurricanes. He says Katrina, for example, was created by the Japanese mafia using Russian-made technology. I'm joined now by former TV weatherman and operators of Scott Stevens.

Scott, by any standard, this is about as outlandish an assertion as I've heard made recently. What has been the reaction?

SCOTT STEVENS, WEATHERWARS.INFO: Reaction has certainly been mixed. Some people have been familiar with the man's work that I referenced, which is Lieutenant Colonel Tom Bearden's (ph) material who was in the know through the 70s, and 80s, and 90s when this technology was first made aware to those in power. But the problem with this technology -- Scalar waves, is we don't really know who is doing it. One thing we do know is that it is being done. DOBBS: Well, you say we do know that. What evidence do we have of any part of these assertions you're making?

STEVENS: OK. What we're looking at is a quote by Defense Secretary Cohen back in 1997 where he specifically stated that others, terrorists, were engaging in a type of ecoterrorism where they could alter the climate, set off earthquakes and volcanoes. So, that technology has been developed. The question we've all wondered was it deployed. And the Russians boasted they had in the past.

And what got my attention was viewing satellite imagery where the clouds and storm behavior was simply not natural.

DOBBS: In putting forward your theories, which are remarkable, what -- is there anything about Katrina, for example, any part of that storm that is a clue to what you're saying?

STEVENS: Well, getting a category 5 in any location is an incredible achievement. And then to have back-to-back inside of a month is just astounding. But there was geometry, and once you learn that this technology is at work and study the signatures that result in the cloud cover, these hurricanes are replete with these odd signatures, these geometries. And they become more pronounced as they approached category 4 and 5 status.

DOBBS: Let me ask you, we talked with NOAA, we've talked with Goddard Space Center and weather people, none of whom would talk to us on the record about you. Has any professional meteorologist, any group, assessed what you've done and said this makes sense or you're just as crazy as you can be?

STEVENS: No. I get encouragement. Actually there's both. There's those that assume straight up that it can't happen, and in scientific method you can't go into any discussion assuming that it's an impossibility. The only thing keeping us from doing it is our intention to do it.

DOBBS: Scott Stevens,, we thank you for being here. Intriguing assertion. Thank you, Scott.