Subj: Prepare now - It's very close
Date: 4/11/00 8:40:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Greetings Everyone,

The first thing I'd like to mention is why IAM writing this today. Those
of you who know me or have been on my subscription list for years, know
that IAM not into scaring people, crying wolf, or playing "chicken
little." That said, I feel strongly compelled to urge everyone to
contemplate what may [or may not] be approaching us now. Last night,
despite being quite physically exhausted, I was unable to sleep and my
head was filled with the desire to attempt to communicate the following
thoughts to you all.


When I started studying prophecy and other metaphysical topics nine
years ago, it was due to a profound personal experience - an "awakening"
so to speak. I had studied metaphysical phenomenon a lot as a child and
teen but like everyone, became enveloped in the "veil" of the real world
[education, money, career etc.] and kind of lost touch with interest in
it until 1991. This change lead me to study prophecy from various
cultures around the world. The more I studied and researched these
glimpses into the possible future of mankind, the more I realized that
something was indeed there. I began having visions, some of which I have
discussed privately with some of you - others which I have divulged to
no one except my closest friends and loved ones. Though I have never
decoded it's deeper meaning, I began to experience the 11:11 phenomenon
and still do to this day.


My background is science. When I was very young [11] I tested very high
on IQ tests and I was considered a "gifted" child, and I was then placed
in enhanced learning programs. I was a science nut in grade school and
high school, chemistry and physics lab assistants, etc. In college I
studied Meteorology and Climatology and worked in an student internship
program at the National Climate Data Center in Asheville NC.

IAM a true skeptic by nature - meaning that I do not believe things just
offhand and need to prove to myself the Truth [or lack thereof] of any
extraordinary claim. IAM the first person to admit if there is a
conventional explanation for seemingly paranormal or non conventional


I don't wish to try to convince anyone of anything. Everyone has to find
their own Truth. That being said, I would mention that I have had
psychic experiences that at times are as seemingly impossible as those
portrayed in fiction. I have had visions that absolutely came true, have
been able to tell things about people that I could not have possibly
have deduced in any conventional method, and I have seen blatant
manifestation of "ghosts" or nonphysical intelligences on several
occasions. When in college I was part of a parapsychology study at the
University of North Carolina, and was rated very high in psychic skills
tests involving ESP symbol cards.


In the Air Force I was in NORAD in a position of an intercept controller
working with computer radar systems in tandem with live interception of
suspect "targets" ... much like is portrayed in the movie "War Games"
... I held a top secret security clearance. Without going into details
which could violate national security oaths, I saw undeniable evidence
of the ET presence here on Earth and in our immediate vicinity within
the Universe. Additionally, a few years ago while watching an
approaching thunderstorm here in Florida, I saw a silver orb dancing in
and out of the roll cloud of the storm - clearly and undeniably real,
and certainly not human in nature.

IMO, some of these ETs are what religious persons would call "demons" -
those that fell off the program of helping develop mankind's potential
and are now concerned with our destruction and are obsessed with some
aspect of our existence, including the use of our genetic material to
attempt to gain [or regain] what they lack. Others are what we might
call "Angels" - non human entities with mankind's best interests in
mind, though not always doing what we would like for them to do.


Upon my "awakening", I began to synthesize a belief system that melds
the metaphysical world [prophecy, psychic phenomenon, etc.] with my love
of science, and quest for knowledge. The more I looked - the more I
found. Within a few years I came to the personal conclusion that much of
the material in the metaphysical world is true, and relates to our
existence in a sense that we cannot measure and define with science -
yet much of it has a possible explanation in theoretical scientific

It is my belief that we are now in what you might call an "end game"
scenario ... a time where science and prophecy merge, and mankind's
destiny [or fate] presents itself vividly - both in the scientific world
and the metaphysical world. I have known [in my own mind] for some time
now that the Sun would play a pivotal role in this scenario as it
unfolds, and that mankind itself would provide much of the "fuel for the

Recent events [past year] have led me to believe that we are rapidly
approaching a huge change in our world and the way in which we live our
lives. Some would call the end of the world, others the end of an age,
still others simply the inevitable finally catching up with us - because
of time marching on and our own unfortunate behavioral patterns as a
species. I believe we stand on the edge of TEOTWAWKI - or "the end of
the world as we know it." No doom and gloom here, just the belief that
we are about to enter a transition that will rock the very foundations
of our existence... more of a new beginning than an end.


This transition involves several key factors:

1) The solar maximum and its effect on the Earth and mankind's

2) An intense period of seismic, volcanic, and meteorological activity

3) An impact from a comet or meteor causing widespread [but not total]

4) A dramatic weakening of the "western" powers allowing a new
multipolar world

5) A massive war with strong religious overtones and revenge aspects

6) A blatant realization that we are not alone - and never have been

7) A humbling lesson to mankind's ego and vanity that the Universe is
all powerful

Solar Maximum - everyone knows I've been researching and formulating
theories about the solar events as they relate to terrestrial events.
The connection between the geomagnetic storming and earthquakes,
volcanoes, and weather is IMO undeniable. Furthermore, the effects have
an extremely detrimental effect on our technology and our infrastructure
- we are surprisingly vulnerable after all. It is my belief that at some
point during this solar cycle, a massive flare/CME event will impact
Earth and cause unprecedented destruction in the regions [day side at
the time] where the phenomenon directly impacts the Earth. This will
take the form of intense heat and radiation causing seas and lakes to
boil [literally] and everything touched by it to be incinerated [melted
is probably a better description.] The magnetic energy associated with
this phenomenon will also cause widespread destruction of our modern
technology [satellites, power grids, etc.] as well as a behavioral
frenzy within our population taking the form of mass violence, wars
started, and psychic phenomenon.

The geomagnetic storming in tandem with normal tectonic stress theory of
plate tension accumulation [quakes being 'overdue'] will produce the
long awaited mega quakes in regions such as California, Japan, and the
Mediterranean. The quakes will be so immense that scarcely a place on
the planet will not feel the violent shaking. Science bears this out as
a real possibility with the accepted knowledge that the series of mega
quakes in the New Madrid region in the 1800s was felt in all of what is
now defined as the United States. Mega quakes on most of the continents
would for all intents and purposes be felt by most of mankind as a
series of seemingly global earthquakes ... with the damage becoming more
immense the closer one is to the epicenters.

The violent geomagnetic shifting may be enough to push our already
unstable magnetic field over the edge, causing a geomagnetic pole shift.
There is no such thing as "up" or "down" in space ... that's a human
concept based on our geometric relationship to the Sun and where our
geomagnetic poles are currently located.

As science has been warning us, and Hollywood preparing us mentally ...
an impact from an asteroid or comet will occur soon. The impact is
likely to occur in the Atlantic basin with enormous tsunamis [tidal
waves] being generated from it. Additionally, the heat from such an
event will cause nearly global super storms beyond anything we can
currently identify with. The amount of water vapor [steam] thrown into
the atmosphere will help cause flooding [through mega precipitation
events] around the world, far removed from the region of the actual
impact. Many countries around the Atlantic basin will be dealt a severe
"body blow" from the effects.

Because the effects from the impact and solar event will affect the
Americas and western Europe most, the Middle East and Asia will remain
much less affected. This will allow for our adversaries [well groomed
for centuries by us] to seize the moment and take revenge on perceived
wrongs perpetrated against them by the West. The manifestation of this
revenge will be what persons like Nostradamus described as the "war of
the antichrist" ... Because most of the aggressive countries during this
period will be Islamic, it will be perceived by some as a religious war
pitting Islam against Christianity. More accurately, it will be an
opportunistic war of revenge by the "have nots" against those whom were
previously the "haves" and in many ways - though painful for the West to
admit - a sort of karmic justice will be delivered.


This war will devastate Europe and the Middle East. IMO, only outside
intervention will stop it, brought in by the powers that be before
mankind utterly destroys itself in the orgy of tit-for-tat mega violence
that will occur.

The intervention [only at the last minute] will finally bring the
blatant realization to all mankind that we are not alone in the
Universe. Whether the forces are considered benevolent or malevolent
will be more a matter of perspective and human mind programming than
reality or basis in Truth. It will be known that some outside forces are
aiding the Islamic forces in their revenge war, and this will reinforce
the religious viewpoint of forces of evil and darkness seeking to help
destroy mankind.

Our world being so nearly destroyed, and only an outside force being
able to stop it before its truly too late to salvage our species will
finally teach us the lesson we cannot seem to learn without such events
- that we are not the most powerful, smartest, and most moralistic
beings in the Universe, far from it. Some will call this a realization
of the existence of God, others will consider it a lesson in false pride
and vanity. All will realize that we were created by the Universe and
can be destroyed by the Universe. The lessons learned - though
incredibly painful - will aid mankind in its next great evolution toward
our truly amazing potential as a species.


I would advise everyone to take stock of their physical lives right now.
How much food and water you have on hand? What would you do without
electricity, infrastructure services, etc? How would you or could you
protect yourself [and family] from civil chaos and such? This, to me, is
a common sense step that everyone should always take. Mega disasters are
a fact of life on this planet and their inevitability can be counted
on... Only the timing on when the next massive event occurs is subject
to debate. Most people simply do not realize how vulnerable they are
until the disaster occurs and of course then its too late. How much of
this material preparation one takes would depend on how much resources
each person has and feels they need. It would be a real shame to have
$5000 in a bank account that becomes nearly worthless, yet starve to
death because you only had two days worth of food or water on hand, or
die from hypothermia because you had no contingency to deal with losing
HVAC services. Sit down and take an inventory of your families' needs
and your ability to be prepared. Most of all - ACT NOW. It could happen
tomorrow or a year from tomorrow.


One of the great tragedies during such events would be the emotional
strain placed upon us from the events. Humans are notoriously bad for
not having their relationships in a state of grace [at peace, content]
at any given point in time. How many times have you heard of people not
reconciling with a loved one and then something happens and the loved
one dies, and that lack of "coming to terms" haunts them forever
afterward? I encourage everyone to clean out their psyche, forgive your
friends and relatives for their weaknesses, seek forgiveness and
reconciliation from them. Ask yourself, if _______ was to die today or
if I never got to communicate with them again, Am I happy with the way
things were left? Are their things I wished I had said or done that
cannot be accomplished now? Live each moment as if it were your last.
And again, ACT NOW ... not next week, next month, or next year.


Again, I do not wish to scare or alarm anyone. Could I [and many others]
be wrong? Of course, and in many ways I hope that IAM wrong. What each
person thinks they should or should not do or change is a personal
decision that no one can help you with. I simply feel it would be a
disservice to you all for me not to tell you my personal beliefs.
Comments are always welcome, but please do not send me argumentative
diatribes or hate email... its a waste of your time and will not
accomplish anything. IAM not trying to convince anyone of anything, and
I have no motivation or agenda other than what I've told you.

Time will tell, and I wish everyone the very best of everything in the
days to come. Many Blessings, Light and Love to you all.