Subj: Egypt 7 Chakra trip
Date: 4/10/00 7:25:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Ltlredhawk


To bring the appropriate LightWorkers, during the High Energy period of the May 5, 2000 Planetary Alignment, through the in/external portals of the 7 Chakra Temples of Ancient/Modern Egypt. To align the energies of the 7 open and balanced Chakras, with the 7 open Sacred Seals, and the 7 Planets aligning in the Heavens; just as they did at the time of the birth of the Christ. To work in harmony with our highest aspects of our selves. As we open the portals of Higher Conscious, and memory of being Multi-Dimensoinal Beings. Human Beings. May we remember who we are, why we are here now, so that we may complete that which we have come here to do. May we allow through Unconditional Love and Wisdom. A-Ho!

The High Energy time period of the Planetary Alignment, is a 14-day window of opportunity, which occurs prior to the event (Saturday, April 22)and ending on Friday, May 5.

Fee: $777 without airfare. (Includes 13-day journey through Egypt's 7 Chakra Temples, hotels, transportation, entry fees to temples, and food) Fee due one week prior to departure by check or money order (payable to Jason Griffith) or in cash at arrival in Egypt.

Note on airfare: has round trip tickets to Egypt, leaving from/returning to Chicago from 4/22/00 to 5/6/00 or 5/13/00 for about $975. (Flight #'s are 224, 48, 8583 to Cairo) I have found that it is generally cheaper to fly on Saturdays.

This trip will be guided by Jason, Little Red Hawk. Jason has 10 years study/experience in Ceremonial Magick (Hermetics & Qabalah), Wicca, Native American Indian symbolism, Flower of Life-MerKaBa LightWorker, BALANCE (With the Heart and Mind United in a single, perfect Sphere). You may contact me at for any other details.