Subj: Fw: Earth Changes TV/Article - The "Warning" To Take Place This Week

The "Warning" To Take Place This Week...04/09/00
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
This is the week to watch the skies very closely. The information was bestowed upon me regarding the Third Secret Of Fatima states a time between April 8th and 16th is a day the sky will turn red. There is speculation it will be a near miss asteroid or comet. It could also occur as a direct hit from a CME. If this event occurs, I expect people from all around the world to take pause. I believe this is the exact purpose of what is being called the "Warning". It is a time to bring our attention to what "really" matters to each one of us individually and as a whole.

This event I believe to be a blessing. It is something that takes us outside of ourselves and our busy day to day activities. A signal that tells us it is time to "Reflect and Correct". I can assure you, if this event occurs I will be on the phone in a flash to connect with my loved ones. It will indeed change my whole life. I will know it is time to put aside all "noise" and center.

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