Subj: Labyrinthine Meanderings e-Letter - May 5 celestial a
Date: 4/10/00 6:44:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time

"The Grand Alignment" of May 5, 2000
by Kathy Doore

The Galactic Alignments of 1999 and 2000 are
believed by many to facilitate Earth through the
transition from "3rd dimensional density to 5th
dimensional density" ushering in the Golden Age,
creating heaven on earth. From a spiritual viewpoint
this is one of the most auspicious moments in
human history.

On May 5, 2000, a planetary alignment of the Earth,
Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn
will occur. This same conjunction has been compared to
the 2 BC conjunction of planets identified
as the 'Christmas Star' in the book of Matthew.

For nearly two months, five planets will disappear
below the horizon. After passing Mars on May 5
the moon leaves the sun and planets behind. The five
planets continue to converge, though not
visible from Earth. The last conjunction takes place
on May 17 when the moon is in alignment 21
hours before full. Finally, on May 18 the full moon
heralds the time of planetary initiation known as
Wesak, considered by many the holiest day of the year.

This profound celestial alignment mirrors the shamanic
journey of "death and rebirth." A rare
opportunity for shedding our old worn out paradigm to
make way for the values heralded by the
Golden Age -- renewal, nurturance, forgiveness and

"Love is the great healer and brings permanent
resolution. When Divine Love meets the
darkest fear, fear dissolves and transmutes."


The Shamballa Council of 2000 -- The Aries, Taurus,
and Gemini "Full Moon Festivals"
by Errol Weiner, Transpersonal Astrologer

The Aries, Taurus and Gemini full Sun-Moon cycles and
Festivals of 2000 will be of immense
significance and importance for humanity and the
global Network of Light because the new
Shamballa Council occurs in the year 2000. Thus the
start of the new Century, Millennium and
Astrological Age will be synchronised with the new
Shamballa Council and visa versa.

The Shamballa Council occurs every twenty-five years -
the last one took place in l975 and
unfolded until 2000. Thousands of new planetary
impulses began in 1975 which had a direct
pioneering effect upon human evolution. For example
Cluny Hill College (the educational centre of
the Findhorn Foundation), CNN (Ted Turners global news
network) and Gorbachevs move to Moscow
(as a member of the Politiburo) all started in 1975.

The Shamballa Council takes place in Shamballa the Crown
Chakra of the planet, where the Will of God is known. The
'Lord of the World' or Sanat Kumara (the 'Ancient of Day's as
He is called in the Bible who is a cosmic Initiate having
taken nine initiations, and is thus a Logos of a non-sacred
planet, the Earth; the Logos
of a sacred planet like Venus has taken eleven
initiations and is a cosmic Master). The etheric incarnation
of the Logos of our Planetary system holds Council with the
spiritual hierarchy or inner Government of the
Earth in Shamballa. We might say that all those great
Beings who form the inner (spiritual)
Government of our planet gather together every
twenty-five years to plan ahead for the next
twenty-five years of planetary evolution. The next
phase of this Plan will be seeded in the year
2000, and will unfold until 2025.

The major members of this inner Government, the
so-called Masters, Chohans and Lords (who
have taken the fifth, sixth and seventh initiations),
and the Lord of the World know which
Cosmic and Solar energies are and willl be entering
the Earth, and they are thus able to plan ahead
for the forseeable future. Once the Shamballa Council
has clarified these Plans the Masters of the
Wisdom and the fifth kingdom of Souls (the so called
Solar Angels or Higher Selves of humanity
and each human personality) start to transmit them to
human consciousness, via the faculty of
intuition, inspiration, meditation, dreams and/or
synchronistic circumstances. These plans will be
received, consciously or unconsciously, by world
leaders and pioneering individuals in every sphere
of human activity, who in turn communicate them to
their governments, organisations and groups.
Aspects of these plans will be telepathically
communicated to human consciousness around the
planet simultaneously because the divine Plan has a
collective and group focus - individuals cannot
claim these Plans for themselves.

These inspirational Plans enter human consciousness as
pioneering Ideas, some of them via the well
known flash Ideas (which are associated astrologically
with the planet Uranus and its transits;
Uranus is now transitting through Aquarius, which
rules group-world consciousness). A flash Idea is
like a seed which carries within itself the flower of
its future unfoldment. These Ideas represent the
seed vision(s) of the future, and they need to be
anchored into the present. These visions "need to
be held" in our consciousness (thus the keynote "Hold
the Vision"). The year 2000 is the time for
the initial seeding of these visions, and May is
especially significant in this regard because:

* Between May 3rd and 5th, the Sun, Moon, Mercury,
Vulcan, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn make a
grand alignment in Taurus (see article above).

* On May 28 (at 16.O5 GMT) the planets Saturn and
Jupiter make their exact conjunction in
Taurus. This Saturn Jupiter conjunction occurs every
20 years. The last one occured end December
1980 in Libra, the sign of peace, balance (between the
opposites) and partnership. John Lennon
(Sun in Libra) and Yoko Ono were the archetypes of
this conjunction and their song "All we are saying is give
peace a chance" was directly aligned to this cycle. John was
assassinated at the time of this conjunction; John Kennedy was
assassinated at the time of the 1962 conjunction in Capricorn.
These cycles are well known for the assassination of a
figurehead who represents the (Spiritual) Archetype of the
Sign in question.

* May l8th - WESAK "Buddha Moon" (at 7.36a.m. GMT)
will be the time of the Taurus Full Moon, the most powerful
and illuminating full Moon energy cycle of the astrological
year. The Taurus full Moon cycle (between May 15 and May 21,
and unfolding through to end May and into June) will be the
focal point for
the imprint of Shamballa energy and the revelation of
the new phase of the Plan

The Three Major Spiritual Festivals and the Shamballa
Council -

The Shamballa energy will start entering human
consciousness on the Aries Full Moon cycle , the
first seeding cycle/sign of the astrological year. It
will be focussed and streamlined over the Taurus
Full Moon, the second cycle/sign, and will be spread
and expanded around the world on the Gemini
Full Moon cycle, the third cycle/sign of the
asttrological year. These are the three major Full Moon
cycles and astro-psychological festivals of the
astrological year. According to the esoteric Teachings
(for the New Age) transmitted by the spiritual
Hierarchy these full Moon cycles will become (and
are becoming) the Festivals of the Aquarian Age and of
the new World Religion. The dates and
times of these cycles are:

* The Aries Full Moon cycle, called the "Festival of
Rebirth and Re-Construction." This year there
will be two Aries full Moons, a very auspicious
seeding event. The first will be on March 20th (4.45
a.m. GMT). This is actually a combined Pisces and
Aries Full Moon because it occurs at the very
end of Pisces and the very beginning of Aries (the
Signs do not have fixed divisions - the end of one
sign and the beginning of the next interface). The
second will be on April l8th (at 17.43 GMT).
Keynote: I Come Forth and from the Plane of Mind I

* The Taurus Full Moon, called the "Wesak Festival,
the Festival of the Buddha, or the Festival of
Enlightenment" (note: "The Goddess Gathering" at
Machupicchu, Peru and other groups globally will honor this
festival of light). According to the esoteric teachings the
Buddha blesses humanity over this full Moon
(the Buddha resides in Shamballa). The full Moon will
occur on May l8 (7.36 a.m. GMT). Keynote:
I See, and when the Eye is Open, all is Illuminated.

* The Gemini Full Moon cycle, called the Festival of
Humanity, the Festival of Goodwill, or the
Festival of the Living Christ. According to the
esoteric teachings the Christ or Lord Maitreya, the
head of the spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth, blesses
humanity directly on this full moon. The 5th
kingdom of Souls makes a more direct contact with the
4th human kingdom over this cycle
(individually, at a group level, and collectively).
This occurs on June 16th (22.28 GMT). Keynote: I
Recognise the other self, and in the waning of that
self I Grow and Glow.

* The Cancer full Moon will also be very important
this year because there will be a total eclipse of
the Moon over this cycle. Mass consciousness is
directly influenced over the Cancerian cycle. This
will occur on July 16th (at 13.56 GMT). Kenote: I
Build Myself a Lighted House and therein Dwell.

Pioneering Ideas initially enter human consciousness
over the Aries Full Moon cycle; these Ideas
seek initial material manifestation over the Taurus
cycle, and expand via communication and
educational activities over the Gemini cycle;.they
penetrate mass consciousness over the Cancer
Full Moon cycle, and are also rooted into
material-practical, structural formation during this cycle.
Conscious awareness, full Moon meditations and their
corresponding educational and celebratory
activities (astro-psychological education, rituals,
dance, drama, communication),
networking-educational events and practical planning
and organisation should be undertaken by
groups and the planetary light network to facilitate
the above processes. This is co-operating with
the spiritual Kingdom and co-creating the Plan.

The seeding energies of these four Full Moon Cycles
and Festivals will unfold over the rest of the
astrological full moon cycles - Leo, Virgo, Libra,
Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and
Pisces (the so-called astrological year and its twelve
monthly cycles), and similar activity should be
undertaken over these Cycles too. For example in the
Leo cycle individualisation of the Plan will
occur; in the Libra cycle balance between the
opposites will occur; in Scorpio major
transformations will take place, and so on.

The Taurus Cycle and Its Great Significance -

The Taurus cycle - both the month itself (especially
beginning May to the completion of the Taurus
full Moon cycle on May 21, and continueing through the
entire Gemini and Cancer cycles), and
especially the entire seven day full Moon cycle, will
be of immense significance to humanity and the
pioneers of the new humanity.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac governing at
the transpersonal (soul) level the intensive
illumination of the Mind and the opening of the third
Eye (Siddhartha the Buddha was enlightened
on Taurus full Moon) and the eightfold Path of Right
Living - the Middle Way between the extremes
(the Path which the Buddha discovered and revealed to
humanity). The second (esoteric) Labour of
Hercules and the mythological story of Theseus,
Princess Ariadne and the Minotaur also reveal the
Taurus Way.

Taurus brings the divine Plan down-to-earth - Taurus
thus brings both illumination (soul) and the
material activities and structures that manifest the
Plan physically. Taurus is concerned with values (a
soul quality) and with the material, economic,
financial, vocational aspects of life that manifest these
values. In other words the new economic values (and
valuation system), and the corresponding new
economic agenda and system will be revealed (=
revelation) over this coming Taurus cycle.

Taurus brings in the first Ray of destruction (of the
old) and construction (of the new) because Its
transpersonal ruling planet is Vulcan, the most
powerful planet in our solar system which is governed
by Ray 1 (power/will). Mythologically Vulcan is the
forger of metals - He (the Lord of the first Ray)
who hammers the metal of matter into a beautiful
forged instrument of the Spirit and the divine Plan.
Material forms (which include the human material form)
thus come under Vulcans forging
(transforming-beautifying) process during the Taurus
cycle. Thus the old system of economics shall
receive a forging and hammering (and sparks shall
fly), and the new economic system and its
corresponding values, activities, forms and structures
(and work patterns and so on) shall be
revealed and implemented.

Living simply on the Earth and balancing Spirit and
Matter (the Middle Way) are keynotes of this
system and its values. Food production and
manufacturing will be one major transformation. The
arts and the sacred arts are also influenced by Taurus
so we will see new illumination in this field,
including new highly-refined instruments and new
revelations in colour, painting, music, dance,
theatre, healing, etc. Beauty as a soul quality will
be one of the essential revelations as Taurus is
ruled by the 4th Ray of Harmony and Beauty - through

The Jupiter (Ray 2 planet governing Consciousness and
Revelation) and Saturn (Ray 3 planet
governing Creative Intelligence and Activity) exact
conjunction in Taurus on May 28 is especially
significant in the above regard, although it will take
twenty years for the energy of this conjunction to
fully manifest, just as it took twenty years for the
past Libra conjunction (1980/81 to 2000) to
manifest its Spirit of Balance and Peace (between the
opposites). Its is interesting to note that Libra
and Taurus are both ruled (at the objective level) by
Venus, the planet of intelligent love, harmony,
balance and peace. Libra (air sign) creates the
balance on the mental planes, while Taurus (earth
sign) brings this down to the physical plane.

Over the Libra cycle a far greater balance between
masculine-feminine energies (and thus
men-women) took place, and the Cold War between the
opposite superpowers ended, as did the
war between black-white in S Africa, Arab-Israeli,
North-South Korea and so on. This is a great
achievement in twenty years. Taurus, like Libra, also
governs partnerships (Venus rules both signs),
and so a new phase of (more) balanced, loving,
intelligent, co-working, co-serving partnership will
begin in this cycle. The balance that has been
achieved on the mental plane (Libra) has to now
demonstrate on the physical plane (Taurus). Actions
speak louder than words.

Whether a figurehead in the (Taurus) field of
economics or the arts will be assassinated at the end of
May (or so) as John Lennon was in 1980 is still to be
seen - these people seem to be the human
representatives of the (Spiritual) Archetypes of the
Sign, and their so-called death (departure of
their physical body) creates a vacuum, re the opening
of the heart (Jupiter) and mind (Saturn)
Chakras (remember the Kennedy and Lennon
assassinations and their aftermath of sorrow,
communication, meditation), which allows the Archetype
and the 5th kingdom of Souls to pour
Their energies into human consciousness, and seed
Their purpose and plans. Thus group
meditations should be held over all these Taurus
alignments in May.

The alignment of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Vulcan and
Venus (which rule Taurus), Jupiter and
Saturn in Taurus between May 3-5 will begin the focus
of these Taurus energies into the Earth and
humanity. Various predictions have been made (by
astrologers) re the potential physical Earth
changes during this time but these are insignificant.
Consciousness (Sun), instinct-emotions (Moon),
thinking-communication (Mercury), purpose (Vulcan),
relationships (Venus), intuition-future
revelation (Jupiter) and forms-structures and
practical activities (Saturn) will all be under the
influence of the Spirit of Taurus and Its
transformative effects. This is what is important.

There will be highly intensive forced transformations
in the field of economics and work but these
are all for the greater good; for example many
old-type farmers are going bankrupt and will be
forced to move back to small-scale farming and/or
organic farming and to the local market-stall
system (which still exists in Italy, France, Russia,
etc). They can thus learn to live more simply and
more meaningfully. Localised economic systems will
begin to counterbalance so-called globalisation.
Small-scale and medium-scale land-based (Taurus)
communities will spring up in many places, and
networking support systems (human and material) will
come into natural (and forced) manifestation.

The Laws of Manifestation will need to be learned and
taught as an integral part of this new
economics because these Laws are, in fact, based on
right relationship between spirit and matter
and soul and personality (and between the 4th human
and 5th superhuman kingdoms), and between
supply-demand and giving-receiving (As we give so
shall we receive).

Nevertheless it is human beings, and especially
conscious and responsible men-women, who need
to pioneer these initiatives, because human beings are
the Mind and arms and legs of God and the
5th kingdom of Souls. The divine Plan is a
co-operative and co-creative process between the
spiritual and human kingsdoms, and service of the Plan
is automatically service of God and
humanity. Every individual and group (existant or
potential) has a unique role to play in this Plan,
and each new revelation of the Plan calls on disciples
to expand their consciousness, contacts,
relationships and activities in serving the unfoldment
of the Plan.

It is obvious that the new Shamballa Council and Its
coming revelations of the new phase of the
divine Plan and the Taurus alignments are directly
interconnected. This is what individuals, couples,
families, groups, communities and the Light Network
should be preparing for.