Subj: Re: Solar-storm
Date: 4/9/00 10:46:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: hilarion99

Beloved Ones:
LIGHT and LOVE to you in abundance!
I like to remind you that between April 13th
and April 19th there will be a GREAT light in the
"sky" as a sign ("advertencia") for that what is
coming from May 5th on.

The light is a symbol for the great / high energies
arriving around May 5th and the shift which will be
possible then. If YOU personally make this
shift into a higher vibration depends on your
determination (= decree that / what you want to

happen for you !)
and your LOVE (= love what you want to happen

for you !)

When the GREAT light appears in the "sky" do NOT
look at it directly, it could cause damage to your
eyes, look at it from photos from the internet etc.
Tell your friends and neighbours that it is only a
sign for the shift to come, it is only intense light
and as most of us are not used to look into
the higher light yet, one should not
steer at it directly.

Know that the light and the love is there for YOU!

You are IN the light and you ARE loved!
So there be LIGHT and LOVE to you in abundance!
Selamat Ja!
Love simply is

Light in the "sky" (more to come):

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> writes:
> << > I think there are some that might actually know
> how
> > to protect earth from the
> > more harmful effects of radiation incoming:
> > See SHOO:
> >
> * Thank you for your help to read this, because on
> your site are so many things, it is good to have
> some
> explaining words from you.
> How do you see possible impact of these / those?
> > >>
> What I've been seeing is primarily a wild ride on
> the magnetometer. Earth's
> magnetic field becomes compressed like jumping on a
> waterbed.
> Magnetometer readings seem to go off the chart.
> AOL/orbit/Mag0127d.gif
> Kent