Subj: RE: Angels
Date: 4/4/00 12:25:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent :)

Metatron asked me to say thank you for posting His comments on your site. He
also asked me to add: "Kent, know that you are loved beyond measure and
supported in every way."

I, 3hawks/sam have a few comments about the content of the material that you
mentioned in your e and referenced with the comment: "Getting kinda scary

First, I want to make very clear that I am in no way criticizing the folks
who channeled the material we are referencing here. We all are doing the
best we can here, and there is NO BLAME, and I have, and intend NO NEGATIVE

It is my opinion, however, that it is appropriate to analyze the content of
channeled material, just as it is appropriate to analyze all the input a
person receives, whether from a friend, or a passer by on the street, or for
that matter, a television or radio program, or even a book. From this point
of view, I am almost stating the obvious. Oh well. With that said:

I think that your "scary" statement above says it all from one point of
view, and I will explain a bit. I suspect this will be a little disjointed,
so bear with me a bit.

Your statement above, as I see it, is a very good indicator as to how much
credibility to place in those types of "channeled messages." Did you get the
sense of disempowerment and victimhood that they invoke? The subtle message
is that we in human form have no real power, that we don't create our own
reality, and that we, and humans in general, are both pawns and victims and
have no real control over our lives.

The end result can be a very disempowering experience, and tend to develop
the worldview that says to us: "It's a jungle out there and survival is
difficult. Someone with a lot of power is trying to destroy us." This result
essentially renforces what can be for some folks, what seems like an endless
downward spiraling loop of living in fear.

The question then to ask might be: "Well, since I AM the creator of my own
reality and my own experience, is this the kind of reality and experience I
want to create for myself?"

We all channel, so, from one point of view, it is more of a question of who
and what we are channeling. The idea here is how clear is the channel and
where is the consciousness coming from? What is the purpose and intent of
the communication? What kind of mental and emotional experience does the
material bring up in a person when they read or hear it? Can they sense the
Love and Joy that are always present when the "channel" is stimulated and
inspired from either more expanded ("higher") aspects of himself or herself,
or from incarnated as well as other dimensional beings who are working with
and supporting us in every way they can? Or, does that person sense the low
self worth, fear based guilt and victimhood issues, and belief structures
that are being expressed through the channel's own energy patterns that
resonate with those structures.

So, it is important to consider the person who is "receiving" the
channeling. Channeling can be viewed generally as the bringing in and
slowing down of conscious energy from other dimensional realities. The
channel brings that energy through his or her own multidimensional body
systems. Whether the consciousness source for those energies is the
channel's own multidimensional aspects, or another being from a "different
lightstream," there is one similarity to consider.

The energy and information DOES interact with the channel, AND the channel's
energy patterns expressed as worldviews, beliefs, understandings, fears,
etc. DO "color" the information. For example, if a person who channels isn't
very clear in the sense that they have deep personal issues about their own
perceived victimhood, disempowerment, and also guilt and self worth issues
as well "the sinful fallen human syndrome," and also has beliefs about
their particular "god" being a wrathful, judgmental, and punishing being,
then those energy patterns influence the information they "receive." I
stated this in a slightly different way in the paragraphs preceding the one

The above paragraphs are, in a subtle way, saying that, in a very real
sense, the person doing the "channeling" is creating his or her own reality
and experience based on his or her belief structures. That, "for better or
worse," is what free choosing individuated beings do.

BUT, when another person reads that persons "channeled" material, their
question then might be, "Do I want that person creating MY reality as well,
in the sense of: Do I want to buy into their fearful and limiting belief
structures and the disempowerment that is associated with them? Do I have
some old patterns buried within that need to be cleared because those
patterns are causing me to resonate with some or all of this limiting and
fear based material?

Now, in a very real way, we are all Divine Equals here, and in the end it is
all, in a sense, a learning process and an exploration of Self, and THERE IS
NO BLAME. You might say that if a being chooses to create a "less than
joyous and wonderful" reality for himself or herself to experience, than
that experience at some point will lead to some internal questioning that
could be simply expressed as: "Is there a better way?" "Is it possible
that I can get some help here? I am kinda stuck in this experience that is
not bringing me the Joyful life experiences that I desire. HELP!"

In that sense you might say we all got stuck here. Stuck in that sense means
focusing almost exclusively on outer, five physical sense based experience.
Again, there is no blame, it is just that to really create the joyous
experiences and expansions that we desire, we need to be reminded about, or
remember who we really are, and then reconnect with, live as, and express
who we really are.

Help is always available, although there are many stories that are told as
humorous ones about help arriving and not being recognized for what it is.
Eventually, if a person is serious about wanting help to change, the help
will be recognized.

This is where a different set of issues comes into play. Help, in this
context can mean a number of different things, but the idea that a person
creates their own reality based on their conscious and subconscious belief
structures is a good place to start.

If it becomes apparent to a person who is asking for help, that the
"problems" they are experiencing just might have to do with their belief
structures and how those structures influence their reality, then that can
be considered a kind of breakthrough, and then it becomes "just" a matter of
recognizing and reconnecting with who they really are, and then clearing the
old belief structures and their disempowering energy patterns, healing, and
replacing those old belief structures with new understandings that support
and help expand their recognition and connection with who they really are,
and also support and facilitate the expression of their real inner desire to
create in harmony and joy.

Clearing old patterns can seem to be quite a task, and for many it takes
some time, but it is doable. There is always the idea that the old and
familiar, miserable though it may be, is better than the unknown. Fear of
the unknown is another pattern that needs to be cleared.

Anyway, with the energies and consciousness' that are available here and
now (the expanded support from the Source of This Cosmic Day is another way
to say that), these types of clearings and the reconnection with who each
of us really are, is much easier to accomplish than it was, say, even ten or
twenty years ago. Also, there is sort of a " rolling snowball effect" in
that many folks here on this planet are doing, in their own unique and
individual way, exactly that, and the expanded energies that they are
"grounding" and expressing makes it even easier for the next person who
comes along and decides to do it as well. It is simply a matter of the
individual recognizing the opportunities that are available here and now,
and then choosing to take advantage of those opportunities, and then make
the effort required to succeed.

A final comment:

For what it is worth, my role here has to do with both holding the energetic
focus for these types of evolutionary experiences for humanity to occur, and
also to provide a "relatively simple" understanding or worldview that will
provide a basis for those experiences to occur. That latter reason is why I
was inspired to publish the material (and more on the way) in my website.

Anyway, just a few thoughts regarding your "getting scary" comment. :)

Oh, I am responding here to your private e to me, but of you wish, you are
welcome to post this material on your site if you want to. :)

Golden Light Love & Joy this day!!!