Subj: FW: (no subject)
Date: 4/4/00 9:38:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent and Deac.....Thought you would like to have this one, which was forwarded to me.
I cannot give the names/addresses for obvious reasons. It is okay though to post if you
wish, I did get permission for that

> Please send this letter to all
> I am getting severe pain in my head right now
> I think my prep is upset that I found this site.
> They use this equipment with a lie detector device
> to torture you.
> Implants can only be found using floroscopy
> Doctors do not usually use this extreme method of radiology
> They (perps) use some method of fibre optics I suppose for implants
> So, I would use the excuse to your Dr. that you are taking
> a radiology course and for extra credit, you would like to
> have a picture (xray) of your head, whatever or wherever your
> implants are,
> for extra credit for your class.
> Otherwise they will not allow you to get a floroscopy exam.
> Most perps are stationed at radio stations/TV stations
> where they can monitor you 24 hours a day
> most radio disc jockies work a 5 hour shift on the air,
> then they work another 4-5 hour shift monitoring
> people they have "onscan /online" for this government experimentation
> They get alot of government money for this operation.
> They use this equipment and tape/monitor you using this technology
> using what they call "little black communication boxes"
> (look up communications on the web for more info) to tape your
> thoughts
> The thought-reading process is a form of digital sampling (as on a
> CD). It
> literally does "take a picture" of your brain's electromagnetic
> pattern.
> They save this to disc on a computer.
> This is where the "voices" and "delusions" come from.
> They use the same graphics that they use for the weather prediction
> process
> for "delusions and nightmares/strange dreams." Then they manipulate
> your own
> imagery.
> I suggest you all read "The White Mountains" I am not sure of the
> author.
> The Communist Russians started this operation along time ago
> Look up HAARP ELF waves mind control on the web
> now the KGB is using this in conjunction with the CIA and FBI in
> America.