Subj: Angels
Date: 4/3/00 2:08:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent :)

On your website, You asked Metatron if He wanted to speak. Read on.

Note, you are also welcome, if you choose to, to post this e on your site as
an alternative view to some of the material that has been given about the
Angelic community.


3hawks: Metatron?"

"I AM Metatron. How may I serve you?"

3hawks: Would you like to speak to this topic?"


"I AM Metatron, the being you would call the "Chief ArchAngel within This
Cosmic Day."

"I am responsible to guide the overall evolution, for Source's purpose, of
This Cosmic Day, and I report to and receive instructions from the Source of
This Cosmic Day."

"I do have a few comments to make, although you must realize that there is
much more understanding than I can give in this short discourse, so I will
discuss a few general concepts that are basic understandings that are needed
by humans on this planet at this time."

"The important idea here is that there are NO "Fallen Angels." Angels
(Deva's, formbuilders, etc. are a part of the Angelic community) CANNOT
"FALL" because they DO NOT HAVE FREE WILL! Even I, Metatron, do not have
free will. We Angelics are a direct expression from Source (The Source of
This Cosmic Day), so when you meet an Angel or ArchAngel or a member of the
Devic community, you are essentially meeting with Source. SOURCE DID NOT

"Now, each member of the Angelic and Devic communities are programmed with
understandings that relate to their particular function. For example, you
would not want to ask the overlighting Deva, of say "carrots," about
"onions." The same is true with the Angels and the ArchAngels as well. Each
of us has an area of responsibility and we perform our duties and fulfill
our responsibilities without question. In the case of ArchAngels, we are
truly Cosmic Beings that are available to all, if individuated free choosing
expressions (humans) could only understand and accept that fact, and then
made the effort to contact the Angelic Community, we could provide much
additional help."

"Also, in many cases, members of the Angelic and Devic communities appear in
a manner that is easy for the person to relate to based on that person's
ingrained belief system (elves, sprites, etc), but if you can see our true
form, we are essentially "spheres of Light" or in some cases "Columns of
light," and more. All of creation is simply an expression of conscious and
loving energy (light)."

"Now, each Angel and Deva has a different job, (we prefer the word
"function" to the word "job") , and NONE of us has free will. We ArchAngels
do have a lot of latitude to interpret the best way to continue and expand
the implementation of "The Divine Plan," which is pretty open ended as far
as positive, constructive, and creative, expression that is requested by
those who DO have the freedom to choose what their experience will be."

"Those free choosing, individuated aware consciousness' are YOU! who are
reading this material"

"Now, I know that this understanding is NOT in line with most of the common
understandings on this planet concerning the Angelic community. So be it."

"The Angelic and Devic community are really your great support system.
That's our function. The Devic community holds form at all levels of
multidimensionality for all of you (including what you are commonly
referring to as the third dimension, although the planet has shifted into
fourth dimensional function mode now, but most humans are not aware of it,
YET). It helps here to understand that the YOU that is YOU is essentially a
spark or "point of focus" of "The Infinite Aware Presence." The Aware
Presence of the ALL-THAT-IS. We are also "points of focus" of the Aware
Presence. You have the freedom to choose your experience, we do not. Our
role or function is to support YOU."

"Here is another an important point as well: The "Space Brothers (ET and his
companions)are also free choosing beings like you are. Think about some of
the ramifications of that statement!"

"Now, do you know anyone on this planet that can create even an ant? You can
modify DNA and modify living form, but you cannot even create an ant. The
Devics hold form for and express all of Creation, including your personal
multidimensional body systems."

"YOU, individuated, free will, free choosing sparks or "focuses of Awareness
of the All-That-Is" get to choose your reality and your experience. That's
your job. That's what you, as a "point of focued awareness" of "The Infinite
Aware Presence", have chosen to do, and as I said, you are completely
supported in that experience by the Angelic and Devic Community."

"Go pick up a rock and move it from one place to another. You are changing
the order of the Devic expression in that area. You are commanding the Devic
expressions in that area. But wait, how are you moving the rock? Your body
is doing the moving, but who is holding the expressed form in motion that
you are calling your body? The answer is that the Angelic and most
specifically the Devic community is doing that FOR YOU. That's their
function, to support the individuated, free choosing awareness that is the
real you as you choose to express and create your individual experiences."

"Now, as I said a few paragraphs above, this understanding of the Angelic
and Devic community is NOT in line with most of the common understandings
about the Angelic community. So be it! But here is a short understanding of

"WHY and HOW did this "fallen angel" concept get into the mass

"To put it bluntly, most humans today, if suddenly opening to
multidimensional vision and experiencing an other dimensional being of light
that says it is an Angel, essentially have little if any frame of reference
to know whether or not that being is telling the truth. Most humans do not
realize that you have to see from your loving and open heart and experience
the love and consciousness and awareness that is present when you
communicate with the Angelic Kingdom. Also, you need to experience the
intent and the specifics and the ramifications of those specific
communications as well. Instead, most folks are caught up in fear, the good
and evil duality, and in the mass consciousness' incorrect understandings
about the Angelic and Devic Kingdoms. That means that those humans have had
a difficult time telling the difference between an Angelic or Devic being
and an "other dimensional free choosing being", whether or not that other
dimensional free choosing being is from Planet Earth, or is ET coming to
visit for whatever purpose."

"Now, suppose you wanted to dominate and control folks, as some on this
planet and other places have wanted to do. Those beings that want to
dominate are ALSO free will, free choosing individuated consciousness
beings, just like you, BUT, in the domination and control business, it is a
useful idea to CUT OFF all "Spiritual" support from the beings you are
trying to dominate and control." Now, you CANNOT cut off that support, BUT
you can influence a free choosing being to believe that their support is cut
off, or that the support structure is not to be trusted."

"So, here's a scenario for you to consider. Some free choosing being decides
to dominate some other less aware freechoosing beings. One of those "desire
to dominate" beings shows up or appears as as a being of light, says it is
an Angel, or better yet, says it is God, or Spirit, or whatever, then begins
to give "Revelations" about all the fallen angels that you have to watch out
for. The unaware person getting that revelation, say thousands of years ago,
or even today, essentially didn't (or doesn't) have much experience as far
as discernment is concerned, and took (takes) the information at face value.
Also, and later, other humans on the planet modified and enhanced the fallen
angel theme because they too wanted to dominate other humans, and the
"fallen angel" theme helps them to do that."

"So, what the "desire to dominate being" has created then, is a subtle, and
not so subtle idea implanted in the mass consciousness that humans cannot
trust the Angelic Kingdom. "You humans must watch out for the fallen
angels," is the basic idea here. It is just so much old domination and
control mythology that needs to be cleared because it has NO value NOW! What
a person needs to be aware of, and be able to discern is the difference
between a member of the Angelic or Devic community and other dimensional
free choosing beings, and also humans on this planet who have chosen to
attempt to dominate and control other humans on this planet. That awareness
comes with your expansion of your understanding, and with your experience of
who YOU really are, and with your ability to live in and see with your
loving heart, a heart that reflects the Loving Heart of the Cosmos, The
"Cosmic Heart!"

"The result of all this old "domination mythology" is that it is ingrained
in the human mass consciousness, that at SOME level, you CANNOT TRUST THE
ANGELIC KINGDOM. This essentially means that for most folks, they are unsure
about the nature and intent of the being they are communicating with, and as
a result, one of their main recourses for help and support is no longer
available to them because they cannot tell either the difference between,
or the intent of the various other dimensional beings. They have "learned"
not to trust themselves and their own capabilites to discern. Their choice
then is usually to simply ignore much of their support system."

"That is changing now as some on this planet are becoming more aware, and
are working with the recent infusion of Source level consciousness and
energy into and on this planet. There is also a great effort from Source's
point of view to clear the disempowering mythologies of the past."

Do you have any questions?

3hawks: No, thank you my friend,"

"Then we are finished for now.?

3hawks: Yes, thank you Metatron.

"You are most welcome!"


Anyway, the above is some information about the the Angelic and Devic
communities from Metatron's point of view.

Golden Light Love & Joy this day!

3hawks (MAHATMA, Metatron, and Melchizedek)