Subj: Re: Sun......
Date: 3/31/00 9:49:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Robert Trebor)

-Barbara...woops pressed the wrong button..LOL! I also "blew-up" the
missile geometry and they actually looked like an OLD Pioneer's hull
with a LARGE rounded top, but with a truncated Missile head on top.
There were also propulsion engines on the bases. Each, in comparison
to the SUN were as large or larger than Venus...or nearly the size of
EARTH. The HUGE Spacecraft that delivered them was a Sphere with a
"stabalization" ring around it. It "SPLIT" right after firing the
missiles at the apex of "delivery-Trajectory" curve. The entire
GIF-SET was pretty complex, but really GOOD! (Thanks to our friend Kent)

As for ships actually going THRU the SUN...They would HAVE to be
"DRONES" as No humanoid could ever stand the heat! If they ARE
"probing" the interior, it's because they are still using Cosmic
triggers to convert the SUN as thoroughly as possible. That would
also explain one of the recent "SPURTS" of Flame that looked almost
exactly like the two originals. Remember, we're working with an
Homogenous MASS of "SPENT" Helium that MUST be converted in order to
support the Nuclear chemistry" needed to keep the SUN active and near
normal for the next 1045 years when ALL the Helium conversion will
have been expended. The NOVA, at least will be delayed till then and
TIME bought for relocations to begin. (Again, "protocols" for same
will begin on May 28th.)

If there are NO MORE interruptions from the Draconian nitwits from
this or other Galaxies save the ONE YET to happen where the
Sacarrians will be kept as far away as possible from this Galactic about 500 Lt.Yrs or so. That's CLOSE enough. A SPECIAL
FLEET has already been built (and still in formation) in the vicinity
of the Five Plejaren Groups. It's a HUGE undertaking as the
"Assassins" are the greatest threat. Dr Dian Curran (Astro Physicist)
and I visited the sight and it WAS awsome. We met and talked to many
of the Technicians doing the work. They are BEETLE-OIDS that are
"efficient" and used everywhere including in the Eridanean area where
their ships are "CASTE" in ONE piece. Now THAT takes REAL
"technology"!! LOL!!

My take is pretty pragmatic and in touch with "reality"...I don't
like to GUESS about anything but will attempt to find the real
scenarios as they happen. It saves "explanations" later on... and
YES, NASA's goofy announcement about the two comets was ludicrous.
LOL!! Ob1

> Robert.. what is your idea about the SUN and ships that go can
> travel thru it.... what do you know? also i remember well those
> BOMBS> BOnnie and i blew them up in AAdobe.... and also saw them as
> ships ( but we were not sure) .... too..... however i knew the
> DRACS were messing with the SUN... to cause trouble as
> usual.......and they HAVE NOT STOPPED........ however i never did
> accept the COMET THEORY>> that was a laugh....snip