FRIEND2: disconnected from time be ye
Phikent: no, was wrasslin with angels
Phikent: Jesus stayed 3 days in
hell to the LORD a day is 1000 years. So I finally get out and have to come
back to where I can be killed again, but that’s all nonsense-- at this time the
whole is more important than me. So tell all your wise men that the beast
with seven heads has warned you himself and not all thing are as men think.

FRIEND2: been with the angels all weekend??
Phikent: Also I have broken my own ordinance and warned you. They will try to assassinate me Easter week this is when they always did it in the past. If it wasn’t for your site I would have never known they were in my tomb in Egypt. if need be I would die for you all again, in fact I probably will.
Phikent: If it wasn’t for your site I would have never known they were in my tomb in Egypt.
Phikent: SHEESH
FRIEND2: double sheesh
Phikent: knew they moved him
Phikent: Dulce!
Phikent: nuther story about that...talked to Air Force guard once who accompanied the "package: from Germany to America.
Phikent: flown blindfolded into an underground base
Phikent: stood guard over a bundle shaped like the Ark of the Covenant
Phikent: said the sound was unbearable coming from that crate
FRIEND2: energy source...??
Phikent: Broke his orders and went to inspect, his superior officer showed up IMMEDIATELY, camera-monitored.
FRIEND2: transmitter??
FRIEND2: what was it
Phikent: said that in that crate was a force, an Entity, that could change the world if unleashed.
Phikent: theory...
Phikent: think the Arks were angel traps
Phikent: somehow contained them, it is after all a capacitor
FRIEND2: don't know what a capacitor is
Phikent: EM field
FRIEND2: everything has em field
Phikent: dunno made one an Ark
FRIEND2: hmmmm
FRIEND2: sounds like is not an earthy EM field if is that strong
Phikent: lil one based on Bible proportions
Phikent: aetheric field methinks
Phikent: blew out my Sanyo TV no kiddin.
Phikent: Anyway after all this time there is a connection, that guard and his bundle was deposited in a special bunker at Dulce.
Phikent: He never said what state it was in.
Phikent: was underground though.
Phikent: Anyways, CAMAEL insists that there is a prison, where entities are contained at Dulce...
Phikent: sokay
Phikent: lookin for his part about Dulce

Phikent: here
FRIEND2: Where is Dulce?
Phikent: Dulce is where I was imprisioned. The Pyramids at Egypt are a weapon. Why do
you think they are sneaking around. I am the only one who can fire it. If
the Box on that plane was a part of it. the weapon can't be fired unless
there is a replacement part
FRIEND2: Where is Dulce??
FRIEND2: is here in US, but where