Subj: IUFO: Subject: More About The GC (Grand Canyon Temple). Apr. 2, 2000.
Date: 4/2/00 4:12:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Here are some more bits of information about the temple inside of
The Grand Canyon.


To: M P
Subject: An inquiry
Dear M:
On Sat, 4 Mar 2000, M P wrote:
Dear John Winston,

Dee Rohe recommended that I write you because you might well know some
information I am looking for. Inasmuch as Dee didn't give your e-mail
address, my search led me to SpiritWeb, where I found your name as a
contributor of information from several people/books I have edited--
namely, Lyssa Royal and Joshua David Stone. And that Web site also
posts channels who contribute to the Sedona Journal, of which I am
senior editor.

Which introduces the subject at hand. I am now completing the edits
for volume 2 of Drunvalo's The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.
In a late chapter he tells the story of a man from Sedona who came
to Florida to show him a 1926 book, which led him to a 1925 six-page
newspaper article in the Arizona Gazette whose many photos, which he
showed to Drunvalo, included some labeled "Egyptian mummies." When
Dru moved to Sedona in 1994, the man saw him on the street and
chatted. He wanted to fund a second expedition (details of his story
are in Dru's account), and D. agreed to meet him, presumably after
his second trip to this so-called Isis Temple in the Grand Canyon.
Although his first trip was accompanied by a fellow mountain climber
(they let themselves down 100 feet from the North Rim to a ledge
that extended around the mesa and contained 32 doorways; this was
800 feet up from the canyon), this young man (about 28 at the time)
and his wife/girlfriend accompanied him the second time. He later
told Dru that they walked through a doorway and went into an altered
state. He dropped the whole thing after that, apparently quite
frightened by the experience.
He had said also that the government had a dig one mile west of there,
and had armed guards to protect the site.

What we want to do is simply get the date of the newspaper article
and cite the book in order to validate Dru's story. The search for
the man in Sedona is at a dead end at the moment, in spite of the
friends I have contacted to look for him--and D. doesn't remember
his name, the title or name of the book or the date of the newspaper,
beyond the year. We are continuing to search the microfiches at
ASU in Tempe this weekend. We do, however, have a copy of a 1909
article of a similar place in the Grand Canyon posted April 5 in the
Arizona Gazette, but no pictures. The details are quite different,
so there is probably more than one such place in the Grand Canyon.
Dee Rohe has been kind enough to do searches that turned up 5 copies
of this article (though the Sedona Journal had printed it in 1994)
as well as several other helpful references. But not the sort that
have yielded the specific information we need right now. Dru's first
volume is now all over the world and is translated into several
languages, and the publishers in various places are pressing for our
volume 2 files so they can begin translations. Our hoped-for date of
publication is the end of this month.
But this search is truly important. I hope your wide knowledge of
sources can help us.

Thanks for your attention.


JW I am aware of the great work being done by your magazine. I'm not
aware of the person you seek. I will send this e-mail of yours to
a person who has been in the temple in the last 10 years. This person
may write you back if this person so desires.


From: W M
Subject: Confirmation of GC Temple
Several professional inquiries into this matter ten years ago made it
clear that to Smithsonian authorities, this was indeed a hoax, and
that the fact there is no record of any Professor S. A. Jordan ever
existing, or ever being associated with the Smithsonian. That was
enough to shut my researchers up for a while, UNTIL we discovered a
bona fide mention of S. A. Jordan in a rare limited edition of the
Smithsonian Scientific Series from around that era. The only
difference was the spelling, S. A. Jordon, with an 'o'. What is of
consequence is Jordon was known as an esteemed European field
archeologist, and that after the 1906 Gazette disclosure incident,
his name was suppressed from further mention, since his real
existence was a smoking gun to the revelations of the Gazette
My friend who discovered the "S.A. Jordon" reference in the
Smithsonian Scientific Series is still around, and with some time
I can get you the exact SSS series number, year and page where he
was credited as an esteemed archeologist brought in from Europe to
do contract Smithsonian work.
Obviously he was shipped back to Europe after the problematic
disclosure before the clamps were put on! Remember there was strong
desire to debunk ANY precolumbian contact with the new world by
Europeans or Semitic, Phoenician, Egyptian parties, as THAT could
lead to the Indian natives of the US having more rights as possible
descendents of pre-columbian contact and influence, that is, we can
decimate them if they have civilized blood in their veins.
Therefore in our view the truth of the incredible find was confirmed.
Additional Roman artifacts from Texas and Mogollon rim (near
Springervile) vaulted cave mummies and a spiral staircase carved in
rock, found in 1993 in New Mexico by a contract archeologist working
for the city (the latter of which formed the inspiration for the
entirely fictitious "" so called discovery web site,
as the true discovery was reported in Newsweek, and then later a
full article appeared in the Smithsonian magazine and other places.
The real article identified an underground cavern the size of a
football field with vaulted passageways, and mummies leaned up against
slanted walls, just like the Gazette article suggests. Of source the
Smithsonian before than time always said to us "NO mummies ever found
in North America!". Oops, just a few years later the Mogollon rim
necropolis discovery nixed that statement. I can get references for
all the articles mentioned, but that involves making calls and going
through my own dusty research archives.
Then we discovered through our somewhat deep contacts in part of
the GC ranger community, that the principal reason for the off limits
areas in the Toval Crystal Canyon tract (now renamed to something
else), was not the first excuse we got of Indian mining rights or
sacred land, but was because of the existence of many unstable
caves. ... Temple = caves? By the by, even tourist and ranger
over-flights into this area are prohibited for the cover reason of
Indian rights again. However, the Indians we talked to disclaimed
this particular area as being in their pervue, and that they too
were not allowed to go there.
The GC temple place was, we now believe, cleaned out and sealed
shut since about 1908. No one has been in there since. We have also
testimony from a older ex-GC ranger involved in treks out to that
specific area of the GC, of him having seen old worn steps
apparently carved into solid stone starting halfway up a 1500 foot
cliff in the area.
Since the area is dangerous with a lot of "unstable deep caves",
and since the chance still exists the temple may still have some
artifacts remaining behind the 'natural looking' (but now off color)
seal to the temple opening, we feel it could be irresponsible to
reveal the exact location where we believe the temple is to the
public at this time. (We have no plans to go there either).
Feel free to share this note, but remove my email address and
identity, as I do not wish to field calls on this from strangers.
However, I thought you Feel free to share this note, but remove my
email address and identity, as I-----

John Winston