Subj: [illusions] Fwd: Plenty of Oil, Why The Silence?
Date: 3/14/00 4:50:47 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: (Norm Olson)
Date: 3/12/00 7:34:33 PM CST


Not one of the Presidental candidates has mentioned the
cost of oil. Why?

Not one has said that they'd uncork America's wells and/or
increase the flow from America's rich reserves in Alaska.

Not one has used the obvious winning statement, "Elect
me and I'll guarantee that your gasoline will sell for what
it did in 1999." Why?

Not one has said that NATO's allies, who control the North
Sea's vast reserves would increase production. Why?

Not one union, neither the Teamsters or any other, has
called for a nation-wide strike in protest. Why?

Not one European union has stopped the trucks as they
normally do during such crises. Why?

May I suggest that the government and Union leaders know
that protests would do no good. May I suggest the no
presidential candidate will promise to open our own reserves
because they can't.

Now I may be accused of being a nut, but please go back with
me just six months when forecasters of Y2K related problems
PREDICTED that embedded chips in oil wells, transmission
lines, refineries, and equipment would create a serious drop
in production.

Could it be that there is plenty of oil in Texas, the Gulf, Alaska,
the and North Sea to provide a thousand times more than Americans
would ever need, BUT BECAUSE OF EMBEDDED CHIPS, No one,...
NO ONE! can get the stuff out of the ground, to the refineries, and
through the refineries to the customers?

Getting angry at OPEC is a diversion. There isn't any fix. The
crisis will continue and grow worse.

Remember the old saying, "It's the economy, stupid" well,
today there's another that ought to be considered:
"It's the technology stupid. The #@*&$ embedded chips
don't work!"
This would explain why no politician is promising to open Alaska's
reserves, or uncork the wells here in the lower 48. This would
explain why no strikes are being staged by protesting Teamsters
or Trucking Unions. This would explain why NATO isn't retaliating
against the Arabs by increasing production in the North Sea.

Even the great "Gas Out" next month won't help. I don't believe
this is the fault of greedy Arab curmudgeons at all. The Arabs
need more cash like they need more sand! It isn't a matter of
money at all.

Franklin Frith and Gary North and a host of others warned that
this would happen. They said that entire refineries would have
to be dismantled and rebuilt in order to function. They said that
well drilling rigs would malfunction, creating a shortage. They
said that the wells wouldn't produce because the embedded
chips would cause problems. Maybe they were right...
It seems to easy to blame OPEC when we have enough oil
in Alaska to supply our needs for a thousand years.

What else explains the "shortage" of oil? The truth is that
there is plenty of oil... the problem is how to get it, transport it,
and refine it.

The government says it's OPEC... That alone ought to make
us suspicious. When's the last time the government told
us the truth? (don't hold your breath. . .)

Something stinks and it ain't crude.

Norm Olson