Subj: ark
Date: 3/12/00 11:28:07 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Phikent

FRIEND: still chasing the Arkansas anomaly..crazy wide area 150 feet wide and a mile long, crystal white ashy substance.
FRIEND: I'll fill ya in when I get more.
Phikent: yep, locals havin trouble gettin info
FRIEND: burnt everything to a crisp except a building
Phikent: text/dnew37x.htm
FRIEND: It a total blackout on it Kent. I am trying to get my son inlaw to go out there .
Phikent: need to know what time, and day exactly
FRIEND: yeah I read that
FRIEND: that's what's so conflicting
Phikent: so we can check all the readouts
FRIEND: between 10-12 am..thursday-friday
FRIEND: may be a couple of separate things happening
Phikent: ELFRAD has a pulse at 7:30 eve local on the 10th
Phikent: am or pm?
FRIEND: the report first aired on KATV out of little Rock. between 10 pm and 12 am
Phikent: locals say it was on the evening news
FRIEND: my mom watched it on the early news
FRIEND: and they ran story again..same one
Phikent: any footage anywhere?
FRIEND: then nothing else.. EMA handling it
FRIEND: let me recheck KATV
Phikent: jeez, a mile long
FRIEND: yeah!
FRIEND: KATV Channel 7 Little Rock, Arkansas help me look
Phikent: haven't found zilch on the local news down there
FRIEND: a wreck story has been removed
Phikent: somebody stowed the story
FRIEND: I know the Arkansas Democrat gazette did an article
FRIEND: ANON called me to say that the station was called and a woman told ANON'S friend said they couldn't talk about it
FRIEND: cant pull up any news
Phikent: nope
FRIEND: Arkansas Online, Sunday, March 12, 2000
Phikent: so much for the free press, eh? What they don't realize is that no story is the biggest story of all, the dummies.
FRIEND: here is the paper
FRIEND: yep I think the have been silenced
Phikent: nothing there
FRIEND: looking
FRIEND: not even in the archives so far
Phikent: what about a more precise location?
FRIEND: try allison Loop road
FRIEND: any key word Phikent: which direction from Little Rock?
Phikent: well we got sleuths looking
FRIEND: is was North west...about 12 and a half miles
FRIEND: maybe.
Phikent: Locals ready to 4-wheel out there by gum
FRIEND: well we need people out there
Phikent: any other details? I'll post it to get folks on the trail.
FRIEND: hang on let me call my mom
Phikent: need what was seen, fireball, trajectory, sound, was it a fireball or an object coming in from where? what time. Where it went down, stuff like that-there
FRIEND: taking now
FRIEND: hang on
FRIEND: Pulaski Co EMA responded to the fire just m miles before a few miles south of England
FRIEND: the fire burned parts of Pulaski Lonoke and Jefferson counties FRIEND: Lonoke
FRIEND: hold on... between 10 and ten pm
FRIEND: ..see there is a conflict
FRIEND: Pulaski Co sheriff officer, John Rehrauer ,said he saw something in shy in LR 25 miles NW of england
FRIEND: it was a bright shooting star
FRIEND: no meteor shower
Phikent: LR 25 that exact?
FRIEND: that what the sheriff said
Phikent: who exactly went out there? FEMA, EMA?
FRIEND: ema local fema
Phikent: EMA, forgot what that stands for will look them up
FRIEND: typed in the total of the story and this is what I got

Emergency Management Agency
FRIEND: Results error
Error No. 222
Unable to display the results. The system may be down for maintenance. Please try your query later.
FRIEND: Strange AND Blaze AND Near AND England AND Puzzles AND Police
Phikent: huh? Where?
FRIEND: Strange Blaze Near England Puzzles Police
FRIEND: AP ran it.
FRIEND: checking
Phikent: got url?
FRIEND: not yet looking now
FRIEND: The WIRE - Breaking News from The Associated Press
FRIEND: trying
FRIEND: cant get it to pull up
Phikent: me neither
Phikent: blackout on da news
FRIEND: got eddie on the phone


Arkansas Fire Academy