Subj: Major "spook"-iness in Southern California
Date: 3/11/00 6:34:19 PM Pacific Standard Time


There's a truly bizarre story developing in Southern California that I
thought your readers would be interested in.

Most the local news is covering it. The gist is this:

A wealthy, exclusive neighborhood has been evacuated in Orange County,
because one of the residents committed suicide this week. His name was Larry
Ford, and we was co-partner of a bio-genetics firm called BioFem.

Thing is, after Ford's suicide, the police received an anonymous tip that
claimed the dead scientist had buried AIDS-related biomedical research in his

Hence, the evacuation of the neighborhood (nearly 200 people, it looks like a
"hot zone" lockdown) -- because it turns out, Ford DID bury a whole cache of
things underneath his house, including bombs and firearms. He has a family, a
wife, and they are all shocked by it.

The "spooky" part - allegations are being made that he worked for the CIA.
Even his own wife did not know this.

Quoting from a Los Angeles Times article now:

"...two former South African military science researchers said Friday that at
one point, Ford hosted a seminar in lacing everyday items with biological
agents. The researchers asked not to be identified in part because they have
been called as witnesses in a criminal trial and are under court orders not
to discuss the case."

"Dr. Neil Knobel, former military surgeon general who held administrative
responsibility for the weapons program, described Ford as a 'brilliant
scientist' who was knowledgeable about a wide range of fields, including
biochemical warfare...During the Persian Gulf War, Knobel said he asked Ford
for informal advice on protecting South African forces based in Tel Aviv,
Israel, from biochemical weapons.
     "He even arranged for antitoxins to be delivered to our personnel in Tel
Aviv," Knobel said, "so he clearly had influence somewhere."

And Kent, it doesn't end there!

Even weirder -- his co-partner in the company, James Patrick Riley, was
almost killed a few days earlier on March 2 in a separate murder attempt! He
survived, and it was three days later that Ford then committed suicide.

This *screams* spook activity! Like somebody's trying to knock off the top
executives at this BioFem company for something they must know.

And what the hell is a brilliant scientist doing with buried caches of
weapons in his backyard?!

Murder! Suicide! Whispers of biological agents, neighbors evacuated,
connections to intelligence get the picture.

The link to the L.A. Times article is:

Love to know if any of your readers have heard more?



Subj: BioFerm and South Africa----I wonder
Date: 3/11/00 8:36:44 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (granddam)

There are those of us who believe there is the possibility that the
HCV virus is the result of BW attempts in the making. 40% to 60% of
those infected with HCV show the hepatitis B core antigen. Look where
the greatest rates of aids, HCV, and HBV are in the world today.
Largely in poor African countries where there has been vaccine
testing, especially hepatitis B vaccine testing. Check out the WHO
epidemiology maps.
In this article, once more see where the highest prevalence of the
hepatitis C and the HBV core antigen is. Hmmmm.......